Will Roscoe Born’s Mitch Laurence Bring Terror to Llanview One Last Time on One Life to Live?

Don't be surprised if the dastardly Mitch Laurence pays Victoria Lord (Erika Slezak) and the other denizens of Llanview one last visit before One Life to Live leaves the ABC airwaves. I'm hearing Roscoe Born is in negotiations to reprise the role of the deranged cult leader, who supposedly fathered Viki's beloved daughter Jessica (Bree Williamson) via rape — and much later almost raped Jessy herself!  With Mitch possibly on his way back to Llanview, could his bat poop crazy lady minion Allison Perkins (Barbara Garrick) be far behind?

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    Say it aint so!

    For me, there is no more story to tell with Mitch Lawrence. OLTL tinkers far too much with its past and that’s what Mitch represents: one big retcon of Viki, the Lords, and the Buchacans. If they have to bring back a villain from the past, I’d rather see Carlo Hesser.

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    I agree with SoapArmageddon; I would rather see Carlo come back. There are so many more storyline options with Carlo. You could do a Carlo story involving Tina and Cord. Carlo could be used as the catalyst for bringing Marty, Patrick, and Cole back. I would like to visit those plot threads especially now that RH is Todd again.

    I still have bad taste in my mouth from Mitch’s last visit. We do not need Mess Part II. I am tired of Jessica being put in mentally damaging situations and Tess taking over. What is Mitch going to do this time, dump Charlie’s body on the steps of Llanfair! Though it would be nice if somehow Scott Clifton could put in a return appearance.

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    Ugh. I’m with SoapArmageddon and KatieBug. Mitch does not need to return and only should if he is part of reversing the de-Buching of Jessica. After Jessica was revealed as Mitch Laurence, I took a five-year hiatus from the show because I was so disgusted. Over the years, we have Rex and David’s paternity being discussed ad nauseum for them to only be revealed as Buchanans. Jessica is much more important to the show, so I hope she gets de-Laurenced.

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    Even though I agree that Mitch’s last visit to Llanview was not well written, I will be thrilled to see him again on screen! He has always been one of my favorites since his cult storyline back in the 80s. They need to put him front and center against Tina! Now that is what fans would love to see…the energy and fireworks that those two share is so fun to watch.

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    I agree, I would love to see “Tina” and “Mitch” go at it. Especially since it was “Tina” who brought “Mitch” to Lanview in the first place.

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    This is just stupid rehash going on once again from Ron and only 2 months to go…we are being revisited by Stacy story and now this one with Mitch which at the time of his terror was when OLTL was losing ratings, because of this, Stacy and Fish departure…I have stopped watching the last 2 weeks altogether. I was tuning in here and there but it has gotten to be ridiculous story telling. I for one will not support PP if this is how it will be online. It’s very much like Frons and his handy work and micro-management style…NO THANKS

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    I think the timing is very good for Mitch to make a return appearance. With Todd back after his 8 years in Irene’s lair, Mitch could be interested in getting Todd back in that coffin once again. Tina is trying to find happiness once again with Cord, and Viki is slowly getting there with Clint, so who better to stand in their way than Mitch? Plus there are so many of Llanview’s finest locked in Statesville with Mitch — Lindsay (who is coming back), Cole (long rumored to be returning), Schuyler (his son with Roxy who really should be brought back, even if it’s a recast), Nora’s husband-turned-gay-serial-killer Daniel Colson and so many others. And since they made the boneheaded decision to kill off Irene so quickly, the show needs another villian to shake things up.

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    Count me in the group that wouldn’t mind Mitch back, if it means bringing back Barbara Garrick. Both are great actors, but I cannot turn away when Allison Perkins on the screen, especially when she is mixing it up with Roxy. Her line readings are great.

    Plus, I do want them to reverse the Jessica paternal issue.

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    soapy opie

    Not too concerned either way about Mitch (Carlos is more interesting),
    but would LOVE some more “bat poop crazy” Allison Perkins. Perhaps,
    she could team-up with Carlos!!

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    So I guess making Todd Vicotor’s killer isn’t good enough for Carlaviti he has to bring Mitch Laurence back. Mitch’s character hasn’t worked since the 80’s why bring him back for the umpteenth time? I really wish ABC had fired Carlavati and brought in someone who could write OLTL a decent ending because right now OLTL is crap.

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    [quote=soapbaby]@blake3b – Mathhew killed Eddie Ford not Mitch Laurence. Also, DC broke that Matthew will come out of his coma soon (weeks? months?)[/quote]

    Thanks soapbaby! I was not watching OLTL at the time Eddie Ford and Mitch were on the show, and as I was writing it I was wondering if I was mentioning the wrong person because I knew Matthew killed the Ford brother’s father.
    Thanks for clearing that up!

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    He’s probably back in relation to this two todd’s stuff… the problem is, we only have one Todd and everyone else is talking to a damn tombstone. I’m too through with this fool after he tried to rape his own daughter. No. Thanks.

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    I would love Allison back ahead of either guy – to tell her secret.
    I know there were rumors before the writers strike ended in early 2008, that RC had planned on having Allison provide proof via the DVD that was destroyed that Jessica was Clint and Viki’s biological daughter, but the scab writers changed his story line! Ugh.

    Tina has history with Mitch, Carlos and Allison Perkins!

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    I’d love to see Mit come back! I’d also like to see Allison, if she’ll mix it up with Roxy. Roxy needs more screentime.
    I also agree with Samanthadelayed, Natalie as Mitch’s daughter would be a great twist. ^_~

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