JR Martinez Lands People Magazine Cover!

Iraq War vet, All My Children star and Dancing With the Stars competitor JR Martinez has earned the latest cover of People magazine.  In the feature, Martinez talks about how the injuries of war have impacted his life.

For its latest cover story, Martinez, 28, tells PEOPLE that he considers himself blessed to have experienced the trauma. If not for the Humvee he was driving hitting a land mine, "My life would not be what it is today: full of joy, happiness and positivity," he says.

Congratulations to JR Martinez!

Photo Credit: People


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14 July 2009
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I follow his tweets, always positive! love him!

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17 March 2010
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I'm so happy for JR and the current success and fame he's enjoying. I think it's funny that he not only thrived on AMC after Beth Ehlers threw shade at him for his lack of acting ability, but now he's the darling of DWTS.

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14 June 2011
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I'm thinking he'll be one of the three finalists when this season comes to an end. No matter where he finishes he's a powerful testament to the endurance of the human spirit. God bless... Innocent

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12 February 2010
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JR Martinez is a TRUE All-American hero who TOTALLY deserves all the positive attention and feedback he's receiving. I do, however, wish he weren't forced to share the cover with that increasingly TIRING media whore, Kim Kardouchian!! Couldn't PEOPLE magazine have taken a WEEK off from kissing her overrated, overexposed, pampered celebunot ass?

Either way, congrats to him. I find DWTS to be mind-numbingly boring and have never been able to watch, but I hope he wins!!

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4 February 2009
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I'm surprised PP hasn't locked him in with all the buzz so he can co-promote AMC. Has JR given any indication whether he would want to continue with AMC?

Where is Beth Ehlers nowadays? Someone needs to find her and just ask for a comment on her former co-star's DWTS ability.

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4 May 2009
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I am thrilled for him and can't wait for this issue to come in the mail!
Love that little guy.

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22 April 2009
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He is a wonderful person and terrific role model. And, he is the best dancer on DWTS and should hopefully win it. He deserves all the best in life. And yes, how ironic that Kim Kardashian is also on the People cover--enough with the insipid, famous for no reason Kardashians.

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23 November 2010
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Love him! I can't wait to see how else his career grows.

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29 December 2009
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Wonderful and congratulations to JR for all the well deserved praise and appreciations. I will purchase the magazine just to show JR continued love and support.

I do not want to take away from JR but WORD Alstonboy regarding that wealthy skank Kim Kardashian. I am hearing all of this stuff how girls wanna be her and women look up to her. Does anybody remember this broad came into the spotlight as a result of a leaked sex tape with D-lister Ray J? Enough with her and her equally insipid sisters. Go jump off a cliff already. Arghhh!

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27 December 2007
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I adore this guy well deserved cover on many levels he's an American hero. Bless him.