Rachael Ray Weighs in on Katie Couric, Ricki Lake and The Chew

Is Rachael Ray worried about competition from Katie Couric and Ricki Lake’s new talk shows next fall or ABC’s The Chew this season? When asked about the topics by Zap2it, Ray responded:

"I'm a huge Katie fan, and I think she's going to kill it. And I love Ricki. There's going to be a lot of great television to watch. I think those are probably both afternoon-type shows, and the afternoon hasn't settled in yet. There isn't another 'Oprah,' and there never will be, but there isn't a lot of smart talk going on in the afternoon."

Find out what Ray had to say about The Chew after the jump.

"Mario [Batali] and Mike [Symon] are dear friends, and Clinton [Kelly] is on our show all the time. It's so weird being over there, because it's like being at my own show. Some of the staff worked for us a few years ago, and some came from 'Good Morning America,' so I pretty much know everybody there.

Read more of Ray’s thoughts on the state of daytime talk shows–including Regis Phiblin’s departure– at Zap2it.

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Rachael Ray, of course, is too bubbly and professional to speak the REAL truth, which is that these shows are all going to be crappy and hopefully their stints will be brief.

Katie Couric is an overrated bore.

Ricki Lake already had a successful TV show in the 90s, so she really should count her blessings and move onto something else b/c the era of the talk show is really fading!!!

Mario Batali is an egotistical windbag!

Clinton Kelly........I really liked him on "What Not To Wear" and I hope he's got a backup plan!!

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At least she's learned to speak well of the current shows without speaking ill of soaps or their fans. Someone's had a PR lesson.

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oh, Katie's going to kill it alright.

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I am sorry but Ms. Ray was better on 30 Minute Meals without the talk show