Will Jacob Young Return to All My Children After “Bold” Stint is Over?

Jacob Young  may have spilled a little bit too much tea, while making an appearance at the first night of the Tribute To Pine Valley, on Oct. 25. Young, along with his All My Children co-stars Cameron Mathison (Ryan), Darrnell Williams (Jesse), Michael E. Knight (Tad), Vincent Irizarry (David) and Walt Willey (Jackson) kicked off the event at Town Hall in New York . According to Soap Opera Digest, Young informed the fans his contract at The Bold and the Beautiful is a short one, and he's cool with returning to Pine Valley, once it starts up at Prospect Park. Young said: 

Let's see what these Prospect Park guys can bring to the table.


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    Guess he saw what a mess B&B is and that they give him nothing to do. He’s been on for a months and they barely use him. He’s just standing there caring for the well-being of his younger sister and talks to his dad about getting late with Stephanie. A Jacob Young shouldn’t have to put with that.

    I was looking forward to a Rick/Amber reunion, but so far not much has happened. It’s a disappointment to him, his fans and the rest of this incredible cast, while the writers spend to much time on the Hope/Liam/Steffy love triangle, which bores me to death.

    So I say go back to AMC, Jacob. There they know what an incredible actor they have with you. I’m just disappointed that Brad Bell apparently didn’t know any better.

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    I hope he comes back to AMC and stays Drunk JR for a long time. He is a great actor and I hope he returns. So far tho, I have no idea how much longer this silence will go on. Does Prospect Park really exist or was this a delusion?? They are frustrating me to a very high degree.

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    JR Chandler was, in my opinion, Jacob’s BEST soap opera role. It allowed him to show how multi-faceted he is as an actor, and from a creative standpoint, I think he’s better off jumping ship and giving Prospect Park a shot. But in terms of stability and security, B&B is the clear winner. As a man with a CHILD and undoubtedly a lot of financial responsibilities, he’d be best to stick with Brad Bell, or try to juggle both if possible.

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    eh, in terms of a steady & secure paycheck, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL is the way to go.

    but so far his character has done squat on the show. it must suck to go from being the main character and being on every goddamn day on ALL MY CHILDREN, to just showing up every other wednesday on B&B.

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    I am sorry but I think he just wants face time on TV that is why he probably didn’t sign with PP and hopped to BB so fast. PP is better off recasting the role.

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    Jacob is just doing what’s best for his family. BB is a steady paycheck now while PP’s AMC is still a mystery.

    I hope to see JY down the line back on AMC because BB is all about a few characters (Ridge, Brook, Taylor, Bill and now the younger generation of Steffy, Liam and Hope). I really don’t see Brad Bell featuring JY’s Rick as anything more than a supporting character.

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    I agree with Carol2… but I think that is why JY *LET* this cat out of the bag, by basically say to “the world” (& Prospect Park) that he is still wanting to be on AMC.

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    [quote=Miry]I agree with Carol2… but I think that is why JY *LET* this cat out of the bag, by basically say to “the world” (& Prospect Park) that he is still wanting to be on AMC.[/quote]
    It might be more of letting BB know that if they don’t offer him a longer contract, JY has other options. Sounds like Brad and JY might be back to playing hardball with each other. LOL

    Whatever JY does, I’ll watch and JR Chandler is my fave character but I’m sick of the JR destruction and JR being used when every useless character or couple needs propping. I’m done with that.

    At this point I prefer it if JY remains on BB….I also how little faith that there will even be an online AMC.

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