Ratings, Rants and Raves: All Soaps Fall in W18-49; B&B’s Silly Teen Story is Still More Plausible Than Anything on Y&R

Considering Halloween is right around the corner, I guess there's not much irony in the Nielsen soap ratings for the week of Oct. 17-21 being down right frightening. All five daytime soaps fell among the highly coveted women 18-49 demo (Source: Soap Opera Network).

ABC Daytime's General Hospital proved to be the week's biggest loser. GH was in last place in total viewers and in households (tied with Days of Our Lives in the latter). The ABC sudser tied its all-time low among women 18-49 and hit a new record low among women 18-34.

In story, beloved heroine Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) had to sit there and take it while her ex-husband's bastard brother told her what a damaged slut she was. A deranged Lisa (Brianna Brown) drugged Johnny (Brandon Barash) and set off to make trouble for Scrubs. NuMaxie and Old Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) acted out Scooby Doo episodes on Spoon Island and a pisspoor attempt was made to try to set up a triangle between Coleman/NuKate/Sonny. Nope, can't imagine why more people aren't watching GH these days. 

One Life to Live came in No. 3 and was the only soap up year-to-date (by a whopping 239,000). OLTL held steady in households, where it was also up year-to-date by two-tenths of a ratings point. Among women 18-49, OLTL dropped one-tenth of a point, but the soap held steady at No. 2 among women 18-34.

Llanview was once again a hotbed of activity the week in question. Tea (Florencia Lozano) promised Bo (Robert Woods) that Todd (Roger Howarth) would turn himself in the second the charges against him were dropped. John (Michael Easton) informed Brody (Mark Lawson) he was gonna need Natalie (Melissa Archer) to test his piece (I thought she'd already been doing that?).  

Cutter (Josh Kelly) turned on Kim (Amanda Setton) to save his own sculpted hide. Messica (Bree Williamson) came clean to Ford (David Gregory) about Liam's true paternity. Pervy Rick (Austin Peck) blackmailed Starr (Kristen Alderson) and that was only the half of it!  I love how this show manages to pack in so much drama in five days worth of episodes.  Even when there is one or two stories you don't like (*cough" Morasco Fiasco, Part Deux), there are so many more engaging sagas moving at a fast, steady clip.

NBC's Days of Our Lives went up 50,000 total viewers over the previous week for a fourth place finish in total viewers. DAYS also inched up one-tenth of a point in households. The bad news is, DAYS tied its all-time low among women 18-49 for the week in question. The soap also fell among women 18-34.

Storywise, John Black's (Drake Hogestyn) legal woes had everyone on edge. My girl, Marlena (Deidre Hall) decided to take matters into her own hands and paid Stefano (Joe Mascolo) a visit. I squealed like a pig at slaughter time when Stefano greeted his "Queen of the Night."  I was even happier when she knocked the taste of chicken and sun-dried tomato bruschetta right out of his mouth! Marlena vs. Stefano always gives good soap.

 Aunt Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) learned that, although it wasn't Easter, a mysterious bunny had absconded with some of her eggs. Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves) decided she wanted to swap spit with both Dr. Hairy Crotch ( Shawn Christian) and Jack (Matthew Ashford) for the time being. Someone gay-bashed Sonny (Freddie Smith) online and Rafe (Galen Gerring) was fired from the Salem PD and FBI for helping Carrie (Christie Clark) try to save John. It's amazing how much smarter DAYS' stories have become since the stench of Dena Higley was Febrezed out. Now if they can just pick up the pace a little bit, we'll have ourselves a ballgame!   

The Young and the Restless was, surprise, still the top soap in total viewers. Y&R fell one-tenth of a point in households and among women 18-49. Among women 18-34, the sudser held steady.

Y&R continued to be an unwatchable mess the week of Oct. 17-21. Billy Abbott (Billy Miller), son of one of the wealthiest families in town, continued to sneak around, not reuniting with his wife or daughter for fear of whatever Victor (Eric Braeden) is holding over his head. Since when do rich boys have to worry about the law? You mean to tell me Adam (Michael Muhney) has gotten away with murder, stealing babies, blackmail, extortion, etc., but we're supposed to believe that Billy's actions in the Far East are so heinous he must wander aimlessly forever like the biblical Cane? Ri-dic-u-lous.

The omnipotent Victor also managed to get a court order forcing Nick (Joshua Morrow) to take his daughter to see her jailbird mother in court. Say what? Say huh? No court on God's earth would force a father—who has sole custody of his child—to take a baby into a courtroom filled with the dregs of society! This show officially makes no damn sense.

Poor Debbi Morgan tried to make the best of this half-assed Harmony character the brass conjured up for her. Why the former Yolanda changed her name, I'll never know.  But then I haven't understood anything relating to this Kay/Tucker/Devon/Harmony madness from jump.

I  don't remember the episode of Falcon Crest where Richard Channing's long-lost son by a black crackhead showed up. Come on, Scott Hamner. If you're gonna rip off your dad's old primetime soap, do it right! And while we're on crackheads, really Y&R, this was the best character you could conceive for Debbi MORGAN?! We got a brutha in the White House, but she has to play a coke whore?

It was bad enough that Nathan Hastings couldn't read when he came to town and Paul (Doug Davidson) had to learn him so. Then Dru (Victoria Rowell) also showed up illiterate—even though she grew up in the same household that produced Dr. Olivia (Tonya Williams)—but now Daytime Emmy winner Debbi Morgan is playing somene who used to hit the pipe? Seriously?All I can say is Mighty Moses (the name of Sofia Sofia Sofia's baby). SMDH.

The Bold and the Beautiful went up 78,000 total viewers over the previous week. B&B held steady at No. 2 in households and women 18-34, but like every other soap on the dial, fell among women 18-49.

B&B was a bit wonky the week in question. Bridget (Ashley Jones) returned, following a Hawaii jaunt with her baby daddy Owen (Brandon Beemer),which was arranged by his wife Jackie (Lesley Anne Down). If that wasn't odd enough, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) seemed to be the only adult in Beverly Hills who thinks something strange is going on with Liam's (Scott Clifton) insta-marriage to that tarty Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Unlike Y&R, however, this far-fetched story's saving grace is that everyone involved seems to be truly trying to sell it. While Y&R has a stable of much more seasoned actors, it's obvious they're growing weary of trying to sell schlocky, dimestore detective novellas, whereas B&B's tempestuous post-teens are actually giving this implausible love triangle their all. Who knew there'd ever come a day when I'd be enjoying a story starring Jacque Wood more than anything on Y&R? See you next Ratings! 


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  1. Profile photo of glowery

    Yes what is going on at B&B is really stupid. But the story is not as stupid as the way Ridge looked yesterday with that purple rag tied around his neck trying to be so high and mighty with Thorne. I sat in my living room and laughed out loud at how ridiculous he looked. I am not sure what kind of look they were going for, maybe a Halloween costume? LOL

  2. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great ratings article, Jamey!!!

    I agree, the storylines are great for the most part, but just pick up the pace a bit.

    Love it,storylines are great again for the most part, but it’s fast pace, so don’t blink or you’ll miss someting.

    BORING!!! BORING!! BORING!! That’s all I can say, I mean between Lisa and the snail’s pace of the honeymoon,I am bored out of my mind, no wonder the ratings are down.

  3. Profile photo of BrownBetty

    Umm, I’m sorry Jamey but I’m going to have to disagree with you. The story on B&B is definitely ridiculous and the actors may be trying to sell it but I still ain’t buying it.

    Yes, changing Yolanda’s name to Harmony was another one of MAB’s absurd and unneccessary ideas but I’m still liking the story. For one, MAB and co. are building on it’s history (Devon’s paternity) instead of destroying it. And secondly, Debbi, Stephen, Bryton and Jeanne are making the story entertaining, even if it’s lacking in other areas. They certainly are doing a much better job of selling the story than anyone on B&B. Perhaps because they’re superior actors?

  4. Profile photo of bonobochick

    I think it would help Days if TPTB would stop trying to shove Sami and Rafe into every storyline. That’s really annoying, especially with the actors limitations.

    The pace could use some picking up definitely, and while the show is totally better now than under Higley, I still think it has some issues that the new writers are glossing over like things that happened under Higley that they’re trying to whitewash that the audience hasn’t forgotten.

  5. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    oh Y&R! Here is my feeling. WE are all beating our heads against the wall in complete frustration. It is my belief that no one at CBS/Sony/or the Bell family cares what’s happened to this show. If it were up to the viewers MAB and CO. would have been ousted 2 years ago. The longer she stays in charge the more severe the damage.

    It would appear that they are pleased with the shrinking ratings as no one at camp Y&R is even remotely addressing the problems. Bill Bell was smart in that if he knew a story was not working he dropped it without further incident. NOT these ding dongs! They seem hell bent on putting their agenda on the air despite the negative impact that has come with it. Regardless of who is ultimately to blame for the dissemination of this show one thing seems certain to me. The only ones pleased with this show are MAB and Sheffer. Good taste is clearly subjective.

    I clearly have no control over what’s going on over there but I can control whether or not to watch this show. As much as I hate to say it we all need to stop watching. If they are not going to respect our time and commitment to the show then we should follow suit and not give them our time to waste.

    It’s beyond sad that this once dazzling drama has been brought to it’s knees by none other than a Bell family member. WOW!!

  6. Profile photo of jphelps

    I doubt GH is down because Liz got a talking to from one person. Lets try and be a bit more objective. The direction, pace, and stories on the show are just boring, slow, and repetitive. Add to the fact that their 2 money couples are boring and totally played out also. And this is coming from someone who liked Jason and Sam at one point, Robin and Patrick are just snoozeworthy. But then redoing Skate and putting the focus on characters like Olivia, Steve,Matt, Shawn, AZ who gives a crap about any of these people. This show lacks characters the audience has any emotional investment in. Thats what happens when you kill off half of them.

    Days I am done rah rahing about ths show. The stories are dull and for 2 writers who worked under JER who I know lots of people hated, they have no idea how to build drama and angst. Love or hate JER he could do this. WHat the heck are the stakes in this JOhn Black story? Whats the fallout? None that I have seen at all. Its just all falling flat and boring. I’d rather see floating heads and people locked up in dungeons than this stuff. The mayors story and the Countess W stuff has turned out to be a total disappointment.

    B&B has the potential set to improve now that this Liam/Steffi/Hope nonsense has hopefully played out. The setup for a good corporate story is there. And please more JY and Rick Forrester.

    OLTL has become completely uninteresting aside from Tina’s return and Y&R there is not enough words to say how plain awful this show is.

  7. Profile photo of richalan67

    So you really think the Bell family wants the show to fail? That is asinine. That is their bread and butter. I have to say that my friends and I enjoyed the whole Colin storyline. I do not know what the Scooby Doo references were. He was to be an international crime lord. The last time I checked, Afghanistan is one of the largest producers of the drugs that come into this country. How is that not realistic. Another thing to remember, the ratings are Same day viewing. Quite a few of my friends who watch the show, and other shows, tape them all week and watch over the course of the weekend. Are all sls great? Nope, but guess what. They weren’t under Bill bell either. He has some bad ones too, really ones. The ratings are still up (quite a bit) over the last two weeks. Look at the positives. I still enjoy watching the show after over 25 years.

  8. Profile photo of truthtakestime2000

    I am loving DAYS like I haven’t since Princess Gina. Sarah Brown’s zest as Madison is inspired. I love that she is playing someone who is happy about life and motivated. LOVE Marlena’s relationship with Will. In the midst of all her drama she is choosing to find joy with her family. The stakes are incredibly high for John – he could go to jail for the rest of his life and somehow it is a lot scarier than the idea of Sharon going to jail on Y&R. Not sure why but I think they’re all just playing it better and committing to what the story is.

    Everyone. WATCH DAYS. They could crank it up a notch and you can fast forward through some stuff (and maybe its just because it STANK for the past few years) but it really is much better now. I’d go as far to actually call it enjoyable.

  9. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    [quote=Restless Fan]oh Y&R! Here is my feeling. WE are all beating our heads against the wall in complete frustration. It is my belief that no one at CBS/Sony/or the Bell family cares what’s happened to this show. If it were up to the viewers MAB and CO. would have been ousted 2 years ago. The longer she stays in charge the more severe the damage.

    It would appear that they are pleased with the shrinking ratings as no one at camp Y&R is even remotely addressing the problems. Bill Bell was smart in that if he knew a story was not working he dropped it without further incident. NOT these ding dongs! They seem hell bent on putting their agenda on the air despite the negative impact that has come with it. Regardless of who is ultimately to blame for the dissemination of this show one thing seems certain to me. The only ones pleased with this show are MAB and Sheffer. Good taste is clearly subjective.

    I clearly have no control over what’s going on over there but I can control whether or not to watch this show. As much as I hate to say it we all need to stop watching. If they are not going to respect our time and commitment to the show then we should follow suit and not give them our time to waste.

    It’s beyond sad that this once dazzling drama has been brought to it’s knees by none other than a Bell family member. WOW!![/quote]


  10. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    One Life to Live has been good, as a long time viewer I am pretty happy with what I am watching. Not overly impressed with them killing Victor or with the Gigi/Stacey madness but I can’t have everything.

    General Hospital is breaking my heart! I only care about a few characters right now so I am doing a lot of fast forwarding. I am probably in the minority but I do like NuKate… I am totally over Michael and his whining… send that boy to the Artic for a while so he can cool off.

  11. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Even though there is much about B&B I don’t like, like Taylor once again siding with that egoistic idiot Ridge. Wasn’t this woman used to be a therapist??? She’s making a fool out of herself once again. And in the end, if something doesn’t go her way Brooke’s the one to blame. Come on, give that woman some of her intelligence back.
    What I liked though was the little scenes we’ve got to see between Eric/Jackie and Brooke/Nick. But there was also something I didn’t get … why wasn’t Brooke even asking about Jack???

    DAYS is just a wonderful and beautiful hour of soap. Wow, some writers out there can still write a soap. SHOCKING!

    Y&R keeps being not even a shadow of it’s former self. All has been said – this show is unwatchable.

    As for the two ABC soaps … tried to watch it, found it painful and turned off. Checking back in a few weeks I guess.
    Even though I think with OLTL I’m done trying. Don’t know why people love that show so much. To have just yet another stupid doppelganger storyline on our screens … WTF!?!?!? Can’t believe it.

  12. Profile photo of Suz4th

    Hopefully I won’t come off as a total Debby Downer, but I find the DAY’s ratings discouraging. I expected the spike with the relaunch to be a bit higher; last week it seems they took a terrible tumble; and this week doesn’t show much improvement (and it’s worse in a key demo). These ratings seem on a par with first week in August and first week in September! And nowhere near what they were back in fall 2009/winter 2010 when they were regularly pulling in 3 million total viewers and even bumped B&B out of 2nd place a couple of times.

    If a soap does just what fans are clamoring for (at least according to some viewers and bloggers!) with stories and bring back fave characters and there’s no sustained increase in viewers, what does that say? I don’t want to think about it! Meanwhile, I do have to agree with those who have felt it’s really lost some of the momentum of the first couple weeks of the reboot. To be expected to some extent, but I’ve been a little bored.

    On a more positive note, patience is important. I don’t think we’ll really know how the reboot is doing until a few months into it. If we’re seeing these same numbers in the spring, then I’ll worry.

  13. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Wow, Y&R is sad, LOL. I’m starting to pity MAB because I really think that lady has no clue on how to save Y&R. I think she keeps on trying to develop these “great” storylines, but they are all flops and stupid. The show has been completely trashed, IMO, and it has nothing to do with MTS being gone.

    OLTL-this Stacy storyline is STUPID.

    B&B-Sorry folks, but is is by far the strongest and best soap in daytime currently. Even this stupid teen love triangle is better than all this other garbage out there. However, Ridge’s purple scarf was the most bizarre fashion statement since Lady Gaga wore the meat dress.

  14. Profile photo of richalan67

    Loving Y and R, especially this week. A commentator on another site has said the same thing. I think if people went in to be entertained instead of deliberately looking for things to criticize, they would enjoy it more. If you want bad writing, read the papers I grade every day!

  15. Profile photo of harlee490

    Hating Y and R for 14 weeks…People are not “deliberately” looking for things to critize because MAB and croonies is causing the problem with her sub-par writing. Fans shouldn’t have to “look” to be entertained…people should be entertained naturally because of the good writing and story being presented to them and it’s not happening on Y and R and ratings are reflecting the diaster.

  16. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=richalan67]Loving Y and R, especially this week. A commentator on another site has said the same thing. I think if people went in to be entertained instead of deliberately looking for things to criticize, they would enjoy it more. If you want bad writing, read the papers I grade every day![/quote]
    Then keep loving this crap while it’s on the air. With viewers running away and ratings dropping … Y&R will be canceled in 2013 if it continues with MAB.

    And what I have seen on Y&R last week … I didn’t have to deliberately look for things to criticize. This show is just bad in my opinion and has become a complete waste.

  17. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey: It is obvious that Maria Hell, Hogan Heffer and Scott Slammer have never picked up a copy Ebony, Jet, Essence or Black Enterprise magazine for that fact. It is easy to see that they get their view of black people off the evening news.

    On the other hand I don’t know what happens to these soap writers that they have full and vivid imagination when it comes to writing for white characters, yet when it comes to African Americans those creative juices seems to have evaporated.

    There are notable exceptions such as how Agnes wrote Angie the product of an Upper Middle Class black family and then brought Jesse on from the other side of the tracks.

    Days also hit the mark by not having Lexie, Celeste or Abe come from the hood.

    And in its early days OLTL Agnes wrote some life altering stories for the Gray’s.

    Finally GL had the Gilly and her Upper-Middle Class and diverse black family.

    Yet something happened in the late 80’s early 90’s. Soaps started toward the 4 black people quota and one always had to be a trouble maker from “da streets” and the other an upstanding moral citizen. And that was the sum of their story.

    We have had Dru/Olivia, Neil/Malcolm, Hank/RJ, Ben/Issac and Micheal/Virgina just to name a few. The problem was with the exception of Y&R the characters were never developed beyond these cliche stories unless they were to swap partners through an affair.

    One of the biggest issues I found as a self-described “black soap historian” is that black characters have been regulated 95% of the time to public service and medical based careers (doctor/lawyer/law enforcement). On the rare occasions were they allowed to enter into the corporate world which seemed to galvanize daytime since the 80’s where Dallas, Falcon Crest and Dynasty ruled the world and changed the soap game.

    And when a soap thought it was going into different territory they would cast a new character as a singer.

    Let me add that Passions was the only long term soap that actually developed its black characters (even though their roles were somewhat stereotypical) beyond the cliche stories. So they can be credited for even giving controversial frontburner storylines to black people that we’d never have a chance at on any other soap.

    With that being said, black characters have generally been short-charged from the moment they were conceived.

    Why couldn’t RJ become the central villain on OLTL? Why did GH kill off Justice who came from a popular 90’s storyline featuring R. Cash? Why did Slammer decided to ruin Daytimes first viable African American contenders for super couple status in Marshall and Jessica since Jessie and Angie? Why did GL stop short of allowing Gilly to control WRSP? Why has Y&R stopped short of allowing Neil to run his own company but a newbie comes in as a billionaire and a tech lackey like Phyllis got to run her own magazine? Where is the justice?

    So if you start looking there then you see the problems.

  18. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Jamey: Now on to Days. Badup ba ba ba i’m loving it. Good show. Current and relevant. Touching on the issues of the day. Ripped straight from the headlines. Now we can sit back and enjoy it without wondering whose got what chip in their brain or if Marlana will turn out to be possessed again causing harm.

    I know it is going to take about 6 months to get it going full steam ahead but I believe NBC is behind them and that Ken Corday works best when he is under pressure. He’s like the underdog. So I’m extremely optimistic and tuning in daily on TV just to help it out.

  19. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    “Beloved heroine” Elizabeth Webber? Guess that depends on your perspective. The only character on daytime I hate more than that self-righteous twit is Cujo Carly, and that’s probably because they’ve both become the same person. Ethan didn’t say a damn thing to Lyin’ Lizzie that she didn’t need to hear and that wasn’t the God’s honest truth, and as much as I also loathe Lisa Niles, the highlight of the week was watching her take out the trash and dump it overboard. On second thought, maybe Ethan was wrong to try and get Liz to leave Lucky alone. The two of them deserve each other.

    Kate and Coleman don’t work without Megan Ward, and Sonny doesn’t work at all. If they either couldn’t get her back because of availability, or because they were too cheap to pay her, then they should have just let the character go. Maybe Sonny could have taken an extended vacation to go away and see her.

    This show still has entirely too much of Carly and her stupidity. Jax should come back in the dead of night and rescue his poor kid from her idiot mother.

  20. Profile photo of liason4real

    “Beloved Heroine” Elizabeth Webber? Heck yes! The negative slant toward Liz must mean that RH’s job is on the chopping block, again!

    OLTL – Ugh. Why couldn’t Gigi stay dead?

    Regarding RJ Gannon, there were rumors that Frons did not like the Gannon’s and sent the entire clan packing which I think was a dumb move. I loved RJ and Lyndsay as a couple when Jamie was a baby.

  21. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @liason4real: Thinking now, the move of ABC soaps from the TV to the web and other platforms will be the best thing for them. Because Brian “Fraud” was going to run them into the ground. So what has happened has been a blessing in disguise. A blessing in disguise.

  22. Profile photo of mafelix86

    I swear, MAB is as bad as JFP, if not worse. She and Hogan Sheffer and Scott Hamner are determined to run Y&R into the ground and I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if it gets canceled in 2013. All three of them NEED TO BE FIRED!!! That is, if the Bells want Y&R to live on.

    OLTL has never been my cup of tea, and I haven’t watched DAYS in years, though now might be a good time since I’ve heard good things about DAYS.

    No comment on GH, other than that it’s doomed.

    I’m a loyal B&B viewer, though I’m not a fan of the Hope/Liam/Steffy storyline. Steffy’s in love with Oliver, then she’s in love with Liam, then Bill and now Liam? She sure does get around. She’s a Brooke wannabe, but no one compares to my beloved Brooke.

    Poor Thorne. He just can’t get a break, can’t he? Ridge is so pompous and arrogant and has bad taste in clothes (those scarves!)I wish Thorne would just beat the s**t out of him. At least it would give Winsor Harmon something to do; He could use a storyline. As could John McCook and Heather Tom.

    I’m glad that KKL is still front and center and Taylor needs to grow a backbone and find a new man. It’s pathetic how Ridge has her so wrapped around her finger; Give it up, Woman!! Brooke and Ridge are meant to be together. But I only say that cuz they’re my favorite couple. Brooke and Ridge FOREVER!!

  23. Profile photo of glam_queen

    Every single storyline on GH has made me stopped watching. I haven’t watched that show in about a month, and I don’t plan on watching it anytime soon either. I just can’t with that show right now. I just read Perkie’s recaps to catch up.

    I stopped watching OLTL too. That is my favorite soap but i’m just un interested in it at the moment. Hopefully i’ll start watching the show again within the next month.

  24. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I watch OLTL for Todd and Blair. For RH and KDP. For the supercouple I grew up watching. As long as they are on my screen, I will be right there to see them until the end.

    GH. I’m done.

    YR. Over it.

    BB at least makes me laugh.

    And DOOL at least keeps my attention.

    I think this is possibly the shortest comment I’ve ever written on a Ratings, Rants & Raves.

  25. Profile photo of snizzle

    I was never a big BB fan but it’s the only one I bother to watch these days. It’s usually good for several laughs and they do a great job with the sets and outside shots. You miss a few shows and Jackie lets Owen go and is macking on Eric, lol. I’m ok with Steffy..she’s like watching a huge trainwreck.

    I also LOL’d at Ridge’s wardrobe this week. Apparently Brad finally relented and let RM wear one of his scarves.

  26. Profile photo of kittyskisses

    I didn’t think I would ever see the day when I didn’t care if I missed Y&R! What a bunch of garbage they have been churning out! Also with GH! For me to give these soaps a miss almost every day this week tells me there is something seriously wrong. Please, please hire some writers worthy of the name!

  27. Profile photo of twb6yz

    LOL I saw that purple scarf around that sanctimonious prick’s neck and, for a moment, got happy at the thought that maybe he was headed for Salem! Really, why to two seemingly intelligent women fight over this overindulged, entitled, Mamma’s boy?

  28. Profile photo of ldylkng

    Agree, Total Mama’s boy! Ronn wears scarves all the time, I’ve wondered if he has neck scars, and if he wears the long side burns to cover other “plastic surgery” scars?

  29. Profile photo of ldylkng

    I know, I know , MAB is killing Y&R, but I do chores during B&B. Love Nick and wellllllll I guess that’s about it right now. Sure wish they would bring back Felicia & Kristan. So tired of the kids!
    Miss the old Stephanie, when she’s messing with Brooke. I would also like to see Hope’s Daddy, Deacon come back, especially now that Rick is back. I might sit down and watch again!!

  30. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    The ratings for Days will come eventually. We just need to keep pushing through. People have gotten used to Days improving for a short time then self destructing. This is the Higley way. Well she’s gone. I am thinking of Days as a new show based off of an older show. People will start watching if they continue to hear good things. And for the most part Days is very good.

  31. Profile photo of TheBigBang

    Somebody is definitely trying to run Y&R to the ground. There’s no way in hell this level of destruction isn’t deliberate. I’m shocked MAB and her team of unqualified psycho writers haven’t been FIRED yet. The show is a complete and utter MESS. Far from what it use to be before LML and MAB&Co. got their hands on it. I fear the only way to get rid of this regime would be to wait until Y&R looses it’s #1 spot. Maybe that’s what SONY is waiting for so they’re justified in firing ‘the bosses wife’. They’re waiting to build a solid case against her. IDK. Whatever the reason is, somebody needs to step in and do something FAST before it’s too late.

    While they’re at it, could TIIC also give Eric Braeden and Michelle Stafford a long, looooooooooong ass vacation? Y&R has officially turned into the Michelle and Eric Show. Really, is it necessary to insert them into EVERY storyline? Having Victor and Phyllis featured so heavily on the show (with their OTT writing and acting) hasn’t helped the ratings at all, so, why hasn’t anyone taken notice and BACKBURNED their old butts already? I’m so sick to death of them being EVERYWHERE! Enough! Ugh.

  32. Profile photo of GAgal28

    I love, love, love OLTL! The only thing I don’t love is this Stacy/Gigi story, & those dumb Ford brothers (btw I laughed SO hard when Rick called Nate Buster yesterday); but this isn’t Burger King I can’t have everything my way so I digress….
    The only thing I like on GH is Liz & Matt. They are keeping my interest & I actually like Sonny & Kate too. Other than that zzzzzz…. I mean seriously how many times are JaSam gonna talk about babies, & talk, & talk & talk & talk & talk? But it’s not just them, everyone talks & talks & talks & talks & talks & they talk about the SAME thing over & over & over again. Lord give me strength….
    As for Y&R what is this show? I have no clue anymore. It’s a mess & it’s stupid. Like I told one of my soapy twitter tweeps this show reminds me of Passions. It really does…. I mean Sharon is still on trial for out of state volcano pushing, & Moses has come but he’s sure not leading the show to the Promised Land. Like I’ve said before GH & Y&R have fallen so hard & so bad….

  33. Profile photo of troymcclure

    The only soap I watch now is BB because of Jacob Young (more Rick por favor). The Liam/Hope/Steffy triangle is a mess but it’s not unwatchable and it does lead to some campy fun. (the repeated use of the word “gondola” has turned into to a drinking game of mine LOL) Bring on Hope and Thomas and kill off Liam.

    I sometimes catch the end of Y&R before BB starts and I risk coma from just watching 3 minutes and is it me of has the acting gone way down on that show?

    I wrote about the BB’s triangle from hell not being unwatchable…GH is unwatchable…all of it! Fix it so I can start watching again.

  34. Profile photo of soapfan616

    GH deserves to be in last place. Will this be a wake up call to change the course of this plot-driven, serial-killer heavy, sexist show? Probably not.

    Only on GH can a woman with multiple baby daddies be called out on her s**t, but a serial killer gets to have a long romantic honeymoon with his ever-adoring wife.

    We’re supposed to be accepting of Jason’s profession. After all, it’s just his job. He needs our acceptance. So what if he kills people.

    But Liz. Oh hell NO. She’s a woman who has slept around. Let’s hang her up in the town square for every Tom, Dick and Harry to call a slut.

    It’s a f****d up double standard that speaks to the complete sexism of this show.

    A woman runs this show? Really?

    Jill Farren Phelps, I will celebrate when they fire you. Not because I think anyone at ABC has the balls to hire anyone who might actually do a good job but just because it’s been a long damn time coming. How can she put out this sexist trash?

  35. Profile photo of marybee50

    Jamey,great writing as always.

    As always,OLTL is my show.No,I don’t enjoy the Gigi/Stacey story,but except for Fath,I enjoy the other actors.Only complaint,they made Todd the killer of Victor.Hopefully it is a Manchurian Candidate storyline,just like Dani’s movie.

    I watch Days on soapnet when i get a chance.Still learning the new kids,so give me time.

    Y&R,while is not as good as I would like,I can still watch it without fast-forwarding.

    B&B,I am OK with most of the show.I want to see Thorne really get the better of Ridge,though.

    Now for GH.I just cannot watch this show without fast-forwarding through most.Sorry Perkie that you have to watch to recap it.Anyone who doesn’t believe that this is Frons’ plan is crazy.He will drive the ratings so bad,that the Couric show is an easy sell.He did it with AMC,and is now doing it with GH.

  36. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I also LOL’d at Ridge’s wardrobe this week. Apparently Brad finally relented and let RM wear one of his scarves.


    ROTFLMAO!!!!! Ronn and those damn scarves! I’ve concluded they’re attached to his throat!

  37. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Jphelps as usual you are pretty much dead on. If the ONLY character being destroyed was Liz and all the rest of the storylines worked on all cylinders the ratings would not be in the toilet. Its not the writing for liz, its the writing for ALL of the characters. No story line has a real payoff – nothing that lasts more than a day or two. There’s no joy for more than five minutes and even when there is, the convos are coma inducing. robin you are a great admin blah blah blah oh patrick, I wish I was liked blah blah blah lets go have sex. sam you are a competitive wonder blah blah blah jason look you can laugh blah blah blah lets go have sex…carly you are a handful blah blah blah… sean I need jason, unless of course I could have you blah blah blah oops I need to run off before I kiss you. Its not chemistry, its not acting talent – olivier himself couldnt make story like that work. And not only are the convos duplicative, but the stories themselves are – psycho killer 1, 2, 3… addict 1, 2, 3. I mean, really, how could they think thats good soap? At this point, I wish kelly monaco would get a job on prime time and put GH behind her. Ive seen annie werschling all over prime time and I have never seen her in a role KeMo couldnt have done. Im barely holding on to gh – history, habit and kelly keep me from bailing, but with barely any Q time, barely any cassadine story, and no robert and anna, kelly leaving would help me start to break whats looking to be a bad habit.

    On bold – OMG I cant stand brooke. Shes so sarcastic in everything she says. Ridge is no prize and honestly he and brooke deserve one another. Taylor and thorne SHOULD fall in love and strip the company from both of them. Im guessing though that eventually hope and liam steal forrester out from under steffy and thomas because neither gets a prenup. Why wouldnt it surprise me to see the company end up with the logans AGAIN…sigh.

  38. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    General Hospital in last place I only applaud that they can’t BS many the fans all the time with inveterate storytelling they are just where they belong bottom of the heap; out of five soaps that’s sad; what’s sadder than sad is they don’t care. They are writing to confirm cancellation so maintaining the status quo is more important and that is tragic as a GH loyal viewer for many years who started watching at five. A 1.5 Friday WoW! Even though I rarely watch since I’m not a Nielsen; I still record and/or turn them on when I’m home to support all the shows so they will thrive and survive for others who enjoy them.

    For me, this is a sad sack of a show and I find it difficult to sit through without cringing. Thank goodness for Perks recaps I come here to read them now.


    Again (and again) will someone tell me why Garin Wolf is a good replacement for the most burnt out writer in daytime? I’ve gone through since his writing first started with the exception of teasing at the beginning something would be different exactly what is different here?
    I’m still missing it… many of the actors, Jill, Garin asked me to tune in and I did for weeks only to get kicked in the teeth (again) by rote boring storytellilng..

    but I have a short attention span and a low tolerance for bullshit so I’m not surprised I can’t hang tough.

    Jason is still on his honeymoon? dang…. How long has it been? Its going into November so its in its 2nd month? WoW….! unreal…

    UMmmmm “if so” … agenda much? Poor Sonny/Brenda’s honeymoon got cut…so much for super couples.

    For me EW is a heroine for “many reasons” she gets written in the ground “repeatedly nonstop” but she keeps on ticking. Bravo to Becky Herbst hang in there sister it began w/Ric Lansing now five continual years of it (and still counting).

    BUT jphelps…. I totally agree with your assessment re: Becky’s character against the rest of the storytelling my problem with it its so predictable.

    As for B/B I’m glad they are moving away from HopeLess sex life onto other stories…its a shame as soon as Bridget got back the first thing they hit her with is HopeLess, same said with Rick but again the show is cast heavy where is daisy, Marcus??? Justin???? seems they fell off the face of the Earth; I read Amber is back? I still am not that jazzed by another Steffy triangle with another man attached to the Logan Sisters. I am interested in the Thorne condensing Ridge battle and I’m hoping Thorne wins for a change.

    Y/R and days of our lives; I have to catch up its been awhile. On Y/
    R the last I saw Sharon’s breasts were too visible in her going to court low cut open at the upper chest dress; I just couldn’t get past that I tried but I kept thinking how inappropriate her wardrobe is for a murder trial.


    As for soaps being gone in 5 yrs I think it could be sooner however, its apparent (to me) they refuse to allow them to succeed and are driving viewers away….”see folks they aren’t watchin'” so we got low ratings we gotta cancel them (because we are not writing to save them we are writing to destroy them by not giving the fans/customers anything they want).

    IMO soaps should have changed somewhat from the exact formula of the past….women always wanted “love stories” however “new school” really wants sweeping lovestories against the backdrop of other elements of drama (of course) then comes in the CSI, detective type, ER/hospitable stuff what I’ve read since the invention of soap forums women want some of these things:

    Women driving storylines, multigenerational storytelling, core families, corporate, strong capable able bodied women I look at these soaps they are behind the times they have the golden opportunity to do it but (for the most part) they refuse or they stack the deck with the same characters winning and losing

    Not saying they should be a Danielle Steel romance (many times she writes wimpy women until the light bulb finally comes on) but this is what many of the new school audience (I post with) that they cater to seem to want.

    But they keep telling stories the same ole’ way IMO soaps date themselves and they waste much of their five hrs a week in asinine, pitiful sloppy storytelling.

    One thing that I kept reading was about the Robin/Lisa struggle something about why Robin didn’t just knock her out or something…..

    One thing is true from Nikita to Vampire diaries to True Blood to Gossip Girl to Good Wife and Rookies look at utube and these couple romance fan videos, from ages 15 to 60 create these videos its about “love stories.” And not the kind that make women look subservient that’s old school. But the good ole’ boys run these shows and females Exec Prod & writers are just as misogynistic as these men.

  39. Profile photo of jphelps

    ^^ Cyber

    Well said and I agree with most of it. I am not a Liz Webber fan so I won’t comment on that.

    But I do disagree on one point. You mentioned how years back women were subserviant. Not true. Even going back to Margaret Mitchells great Gone with the Wind, Scarlett was a no prisoners kick ass *itch and vixen who went after what she wanted. Melanie was the “good” one but even she had inner strength.

    Years back women were more equal and stronger. I get so tired of all the slams about LAura SPencer being some humdrum housefrau. DO people realize she was by Luke’s side toting a gun while he was out there saving the world she was RIGHT there with him. Nikki on Y&R was not only VIctors punching bag.She had heart and she had inner strength.

    Shows like Buffy worked why. Sure there was mysogyny but she was also a no prisoners kick *ss woman.

    None of these shows are showcasing women in the way they should be. ANd that includes DAys which went from mysogyny to just boring characters, male and female.

  40. Profile photo of Cyberologist


    Its ok re: EW at least when you are critical your points are fair and make sense some just bash for the sake of hatin’…you’re not just a trolling hater. Which is why I find myself defending her rotten writing I feel put her on a “level” playing field then lets talk give her some of the writing to make her more likable but when the deck is stacked against her….e.g. 10.28.11 via Ethan prior to that Monica; I mean come on people… jeeze

    Excellent point back in the day they did have strong women characters on soaps…(in literature) duh….what was I phrasing when I wrote that

    ***slaps head***

    LoL I’m so use to wimpy (victims)women on soaps now…I can barely remember…

    its not that I think that women should be portrayed to be hard as nails riding roughshod as women exhibit strength in various ways different styles/approaches in whatever storyline but come on…look how they’re writing “most females” on these shows.

  41. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    I am not sure Laura should be included in the list of empowered women. She is the reason women regressed back into the stoneages in soaps. In the 70s women were getting jobs, becoming doctors, dumping their husbands, sexing with younger men, generally becoming strong independent women. Then Luke raped Laura and then took her on the run. Then married her. While she might have been beside him while he saved the world, she should have beat the hell out of him and pressed charges. Now that would be empowerment!
    If you want a list of empowered women, there are quite a number of past soap characters that would be great on that list. Including powerhouse women Liza Colby, Vicki Lord, Rachel Cory, Stephanie Forester, Julia Capwell, Carrie Wheeler(Somerset), Mary Ryan, Alexandra Spalding, Monica Quartermaine, just to name a few. These women did not put up with some man man handling them! AND generally could take care of themselves. If not also save their man occasionally to boot (Rachel saved Mac from the evil clutches of Janice Frame and killed the bitch to boot on Another World. These women didn’t mess around and they didn’t depend on some man to save them from the bad guy.)

  42. Profile photo of AHeart4Fiction

    It’s sad when you the only soap your interested in is the soap that’s going off air. I only watch One Life now, GH is dead as is Y&R and they make it a staple to ruin every character viewers love on the road to cancellation. It’s pathetic and but I think that’s ABC’s plan anyway.

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