Is Jack Still the Man Jennifer Used to Love on Days of Our Lives?

With Jack (Matt Ashford) back in Salem I don’t believe for one second that Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Daniel (Shawn Christian)–no matter how much chemistry they share–have a hope or prayer of lasting. However, will demons from Jack’s past haunt him and hurt his chances with the woman he loves? Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump! 

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    Jamey, if Days is smart they could milk the angst out J&J relationship. I’m completely enjoying this story, Missy Reeves has the chemistry element going on with both of leading men which makes it so enjoyable to watch. Just discover MR and so liking her character. I’m not one of those Daniel haters. I like J&D too. Jack just might need to prove to Abby & Jennifer he’s staying and maybe we will hear JJ coming home to Salem in the new year.

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    Not the New Prez of ABC Daytime

    I’m really torn with this story (which I guess means it’s got me hooked if I’m thinking about it this much) because I really liked J&J back in the day. I understand that they needed to make Jenn single again when she returned to Salem alone, so that she could get involved in the current canvas, but now it seems really unfortunate, because Jack and Abby are so upset about something that happened off screen. So to me, it comes off as something similar to what John Black’s friends are saying about his legal problems. Jack abandoning his family sounds not like the Jack I know.

    BUT… the triangle that’s developed between Jack, Jenn and Daniel is really compelling. Being angry and hurt is not the same thing as not loving them anymore, so the spot Jenn is in emotionally is very honest (even if their ‘arrangement’ is a little out there).

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    Susan Hunter

    Personally, I think what is at the very heart of the Jack and Jennifer story is the fact that Jack has never felt worthy of Jennifer’s love. He thinks Jennifer is too good for him, so he goes overboard with grand gestures and keeping secrets. So this will never stop until Jack treats Jen as his equal or he gets some couch time with Doc. I don’t think it is lost on anyone that Jen always gravitates towards confident, strong, uber masculine men with an edge, when Jack is out of the picture.

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    I love the Jen and Jack dynamic. They both have baggage in their history (Jen’s odd family dynamic where her mother is crazy and her father is a rapist and twotimer and one of her brothers started life as her cousin), Jack with his father issues and his rapist history. I find their yin/yang to be spot on. Plus they have equal parts sex apeal and quirkiness, although Jack could stand a tan or something right now. He seems rather pale. Plus Jack always prefered suits and is hanging around in very casual clothing lately.
    I am glad they are exploring his kidnapping and that it had lasting effects on him. It gets tiresome that people on this show have no residue to the awful things that happen to them. John and Marlena must be made of teflon inside because nothing ever touches them. Not true of Jack and Jen. They have all this baggage between them that is always present. It creates a much more interesting story and couple than Dr Death and his current patient/lover du jour. Just once I would love for him to fall for a perfectly healthy woman.

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    Straying off topic, I really like this new girl Madison. I hope she becomes an important part of Salem. And not everybody has to be part of a core family to be an integral part of the show. Y&R is doing that and failing miserably.

    Back in the eighties, Days had Dr. Neil Curtis and Liz Chandler who weren’t really related to anyone at first, and yet they contributed greatly to fans’ enjoyment of the show.

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    soap armagedon I agree that not everyone has to be related. I think at one point, soaps kinda got off track and there were alot of unattached characters. But the tide swung back the other way and now days everyone is related. Especially on Days ( oh and Y&R now too. even if they spent 30 years alone on the show! now they are related Jill and Lauren!). I agree that they need more characters not tied to a core family. I particularly liked that Nicole was alone in Salem. Yes she had family but they were all somewhere else. She works better as a lone wolf. Now that Madison is in town we have another lone wolf. I like Madison in the fact that she kinda reminds me of when they brought Marlena to the show. They give her a relationship with the core but not part of the core. It will be interesting to see if she soars to that kind of popularity. Of the characters introduced in the last decade, I think she stands the best chance.

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    It’s good to see Days finally explore the fact that Jack was a VICTIM of kidnapping. Jack has received little sympathy for his being held captive for a year. That’s astonishing!

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    [quote=josstheguy]It’s good to see Days finally explore the fact that Jack was a VICTIM of kidnapping. Jack has received little sympathy for his being held captive for a year. That’s astonishing![/quote]

    LOL in Salem, being held captive for a year is pretty normal! So getting sympathy for it is hard to come by. Who hasn’t been held captive? Heck Hope gets held for hostage about once a month on average.

    I think had Jack had some proof of this, he might get a little more sympathy. Right now we have his word that he was hostage. Normally when an American is held hostage in the middle east, there is some publicity about the hostage and the rescue!

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