Queen Latifah Gets a Daytime Talk Show!

We may have lost Oprah and next fall we'll find out what impact Katie Couric will have, but in 2013 daytime's getting a new Queen. According to DeadlineQueen Latifah will host a daytime talk show produced by her company Flavor Unit, with Will Smith and James Lassiter’s Overbrook Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television. According to the site,

Sony could’ve fast-tracked the talk show for a fall 2012 launch but opted to give it time to develop the way the studio did with The Dr. Oz Show, which has been the No. 1 syndicated daytime talk show in women 25-54 for the past three weeks. Sony TV does not have a contender for fall 2012 as the studio has been very selective with daytime projects, taking its time to find one that it feels it can throw its full support behind.

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    Love Queen, but she had a talk show in 1999/2000 and lasted two season, so what will make this show different from the last one she had. I’m just shocked. I understand everybody can come back for a second round, but thought the Queen was happy making movies.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    The idea of another talk show seems to be blah to me and probably to most here. But since it is the queen and the second time around she has the popularity and name recognition that she didn’t have back in ’99, she could just turn out a show that draws in an audience.

    Her first venture into the talk show world suffered because the show was not her own. It wasn’t the Queen sharing her world with you or making the audience feel like they were invited into her home every day for an hour. Her topics of the day were generally blander versions of what you would see on Ricki Lake or Jenny Jones.

    In today’s talk show market people want to see “you” shining through in the show. They want to see the world from your view. And you must live or die by that view as a series on network TV.

    So if the show was developed well it could be that this time she would have a hit on her hands.

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    My LORD she needs to come out. Wendy Williams had the Mowery twins spill her tea a few weeks back–when TGIF stars are outing you, it’s time to woman up and tell the truth. And yes this is relevant to this article because–like La Cooper–it’s insane that anyone who is selling herself as a talk-show personality would conceal something that relevant in this day and age.

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    Love QL but daytime needs another talk show like I need another hole in my head. Which I do not! Between talk shows, and judge shows, there is absolutley nothing else to watch outside of the ever dying soaps on network tv. And right now I am down to just one soap Days. Geez I remember watching up to four and a half hours of soap a day at one time. The average through the 90s was 3 hours. I am down to one hour. Please someone fix this inbalance of reality to drama ratio. I would willingly accept any number of hybrid new idea soaps as well as some nicely written and well done traditional soaps. Otherwise I will spend my dayz grazing on the internet and cable programing.
    I can’t watch anymore talkshows/judge shows. And I can’t watch any more badly written soaps either.
    QL is a fabulous entertainer/actress/singer. Why not build a soap around her?

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