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Happy Halloween everyone!

Sonny stops by Crimson to ask Kate to Kristina’s farewell dinner. However, she has a prior engagement.  He asks her to come by for drinks before hand, but she claims he’s not giving her enough notice. 

Dante’s ready to go home and announce their engagement. Epiphany has his discharge papers ready.  Lulu tries to confess she doesn’t want to marry a cop, but doesn’t get the chance.   Sonny stops by and is happy to see Dante is being released. Sonny invites them to the dinner for Kristina, saying she would love for Lante to come.  Lulu’s not sure, since its Dante first night out of the hospital, but Dante agrees.

When Sonny leaves, Lulu follows him out. She complains he’s putting family pressure on Dante.  Sonny reminds her to tell Dante the truth about her feelings on marriage. When Lulu goes back into Dante’s room, she says she needs to be honest with him.  Dante thinks she’s talking about her feelings about Sonny. He assures her that she is his family and nothing will come between them again.

Spinelli stops by Crimson, to wish Maxie a happy birthday.  She thinks Matt’s planning something big for her and wants to be ready for it. Spinelli thinks Matt is no longer interested, but she’s sure Matt has something fabulous going on. Mac stops by to wish Maxie a happy birthday. She tells him she has plans with Matt.   Kate heads out early, giving Maxie a new handbag for her birthday.  

Matt asks Steve about Elizabeth’s condition and the two discuss the horror that was Lisa. Steve assures him they don’t need to worry about Lisa anymore.  Epiphany says there’s an APB out for Lisa and she’d better not show up again.  Someone in a clown costume is milling about.  They’re making it look like Lisa, but I’m putting money on the new doctor Steve just hired. 

Robin has a nightmare of Lisa, dressed in a pumpkin suit attacking her.  Patrick assures her all is fine and that Steven is taking over as COS for a couple of days, so she can recover.  He claims Lisa is gone and not coming back.  Patrick wants to go away for a couple of days, but Robin doesn’t want to discuss it.  Emma comes down, dressed as a princess and they head out with her. 

Ethan hangs out at Windermere, with the portrait of Laura and a jack o lantern.  Seriously, what’s wrong with that boy?

Alexis stops by Sonny’s to complain about what will happen if Kristina finds out what he did to get her into Yale.  Sonny says it can’t be traced back to either of them. He believes Kris deserves to be there and his conscience is clear.  He swears he would never jeopardize one of his kids and lightning strikes him. No, that’s just what should have happened!!  Alexis feels secrets have a way of getting out, but Sonny feels Kristina won’t find out.

Maxie stops by the hospital to remind Lulu it’s her birthday and Matt has something big planned.  Robin and Emma run into Maxie, who compliments Emma’s outfit.  Robin wishes her a happy birthday and gives her a bracelet.  Maxie explains that Matt has something big planned.  Robin is spooked by the clown doctor.

Mac discusses the Lisa issue with the hospital staff.  Steve assumes Lisa drowned.  Patrick asks if they found the body yet.  Matt wonders how she got out of the coma.  Patrick asks Matt what he has planned for Maxie. Matt admits he’s planned a dinner at the Metro Court.  Maxie gets a text to meet someone at the Metro Court and assumes it’s from Matt. 

Dante assures Lulu they’ll have a great marriage, since they’ve been through all the bad and come out the other side.  Lulu tells him he’s a good person.  Dante says he has faith in them and wonders what her confession was.  Before she can answer, Kristina shows up. She is happy Dante’s good as new.  Dante congratulates her on getting into Yale. Lulu is surprised they take students mid semester.  Kristina wonders if Sonny had anything to do with it, because she would flip if he did.  Dante assures her Yale wants her for her.  Kris asks if they’re coming to dinner and Lulu accepts.  Dante decides they’ll announce the engagement at the dinner. 

Kate, dressed as 80’s Madonna (the singer, not Jesus’ mother!) shows up at Sonny’s door. She reminds him of a Halloween party when they were kids. They reminisce that it was the first time they kissed.  Sonny asks her to stay for dinner, but she doesn’t.

An ICU call button gets called. Matt realizes it’s Liz’ room and heads off there.  Maxie shows up at the Metro Court, ready to meet Matt. Someone, likely Spinelli, shows up in costume to join her.  Robin apologizes to Emma, if the clown doctor scared her. Someone knocks on the door, Robin opens it to the pumpkin person. 

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    First Ethan carts around the painting of Laura all over PC, then talks to it?? They dumped his friendship/bromance with Johnny and all his dealings with soon-to-be-exKristina for this drivel??? What the heck?

    Alexis has always had issues, but I didn’t think she was over the top paranoid before.

    I don’t believe for a hot second that Kate would ever come crawling back to Sonny after everything that happened to her and how badly he treated her when she was shot for the second time and he just up and decided he needed more power and married Claudia, not to mention he kept shoving his tongue down Olivia’s throat the whole time.

    I liked the thought of Kate giving Maxie that bag, but I wish it was MW’s Kate and KS’s Maxie instead.

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    Perkie, thanks for the recaps!

    Why is Ethan carrying around Laura’s portrait AND hanging out at Windermere? Ethan has absolutely NO ties to Laura and has
    no legal rights to be sneaking around Spoon Island or Windereme. Guza should have made Ethan a Scorpio which would have brought Robert back to town and gave Robin a younger sibling. Ethan could have still hung around with Johnny much to Robert’s disgust that his son was involved with the mob.

    Liz is flat lining? Didn’t Liz flat line back in 2003 during that creepy birth control pill story line with Ric? Faith even tried to smother Liz with a pillow.

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    [quote=truthtakestime2000]and to think that a year ago we were all bitching about the Balkan. That was like Shakespeare compared to everything now!

    LOL!! So true.

    Nu-Maxie is terrible. She makes all of Maxie’s stories craptastic, which is alot lately. Guess they’re using THEM for filler, too.

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    Tuesday is here…going through the goodie bags…any goodies in PC?…

    Can I just say that I’m worn out over Lisa? That this last “go around” with it’s questionable and (in my view), distasteful “weaponry”, is being dragged on to the point of farce. HIV should never be equated with farce. The only “saving grace” has been KMc, JT et als willingness to follow through with this “mystery”. On a lighter note, thank goodness for the scenes with Emma(adorable), Mac(following up on the investigation), and Epiphany(as “Keeper of the Candy”). Funny how the ICU monitors at the hub beeped for Liz when they didn’t for Siobhan…just details…

    The silent “clown doctor” seems to be of slighter build than BriBro. Not subtle on the writers parts if this is a “new” character introduction. Possibly Maggie? You couldn’t help but catch the camera “lingering” on her and then SR’s Steve.
    That and the “spooky” music. Connect the dots people…

    It’s so sweet how Mac pops into Crimson to see Maxie: “…for Georgie and for me, Happy Birthday.” At least they still acknowledge Georgie. I found it touching that he still worries about her involvement with Matt: “Don’t let him disrespect you…”

    Which leads us to our (still) cyber challenged geek. Spinelli really needs a girl who is less focused on what she thinks she wants. This Metro Court set up is, I fear, going to backfire. And Maxie? I think she’ll be disappointed that Spinelli’s romantic tendencies are not Matt’s and that is going to cause her more annoyance with both. Talk about hard to please. Unless you gift her with a replacement designer handbag…

    “What happens if she finds out..?” “…I would never jeopardize one of my kids.” “Really?” And yet that’s exactly what he does, day in and day out. As do the mothers of his children by their continual willingness to “give in” to his warped reasoning no matter how much harm and hurt it causes… :|

    KSul’s scene as “Madonna comes to Casa Corinthos” got me wondering if they would’ve written the same thing for MW. The way MW played Kate makes me think not. How they’re writing her now, doesn’t strike me as odd. KSul has a different read on this version and as noted by others, it’s definitely a lower class and not as easily left behind when her Kate enters the Crimson offices…

    Ethan playing storyteller was interesting in the sense that, after rehanging the portrait, he launches into a description of “Jack’s” exploits that just about mirror Luke’s. And that foreshadows Ethans future endeavors…

    I hate tha LA is leaving the show. They should have had K’s connection to D established throughout, but of course they didn’t think about how “tacked on” this hospital visit looks now. Still I loved seeing it…

    Nothing like the bully “threatening” to put himself in the middle of D&L’s relationship when it’s none of his d**n business…|(

    L keeps trying to confess her fears, her uncertainty. I totally agree. It’s absolutely necessary. Interuptions can be amusing or annoying. In this case it’s the latter. And yet, when when D hands her his heart, you see her melt: “Lulu,
    you are my family…that makes you the most important person in my life. I’ll never forget that and if I have in the past, I am sorry. I wanna come home to you every day and I wanna wake up to you every morning. That’s…what I do live for. I’m not gonna do anything to ruin that…It’s faith…I’m not talking religious faith. I’m talking “us faith”…” Instead of listening to her Spencer family, genetic, head over heart “demons”, she needs to feed off and fill up on his faith in their love and it’s deep roots. There’s a difference between vulnerability and timidity. The L I’ve come to love wouldn’t and shouldn’t be afraid to confess her misgivings to this man. Nor should she hide inside a bottle. She has to learn to believe her own words in her heart: “You talked about faith and I love you…I’m choosing to believe that everything will be OK.” He’s left the door wide open for her to walk through so that they “can work through this together.” But will she? My heart says yes, she should, my head says something else…(And you know the writers aren’t going to make this easy…)

    Enjoy you day, everyone…
    Swan! 0:)

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