Judith Light is NOT Returning For One Life to Live Finale!

Despite my revealing last June that One Life to Live alum Judith Light had turned down an offer to reprise the role of housewife-turned-hooker Karen Wolek, rumors seem to persist she is coming back. Unfortunately, those rumors are false.

"Judith isn't coming back to One Life to Live," says a source. "She turned the show down numerous times. They had a really fun cameo for her as Karen, but she turned it down repeatedly."

Reportedly Light has turned down several opportunities to reprise the role of Karen briefly over the years, most notably passing on a similar cameo appearance during the show's 40th anniversary episodes back in 2008.

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    Uh, NB confirming something is about as accurate as me confirming breaking soap news.

    Sad everyone got their hopes up. She was something I was really looking forward to.

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    Marland Fan

    That’s too bad, but she obviously has moved on and you can’t fault her for that. What they should be doing is trying for Tommy Lee Jones before the finale. THAT would be a get.

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    Damn–This latest Judith news is bumming me way out. Oh well–Judith is currently playing Stockard Channing’s alcoholic sister in the hit Broadway play Other Desert Cities & she’s getting good reactions from NYC theatre audiences for her performances. :party: :party:

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    Disappointed to hear this. Heck, even multiple Oscar nominee Julianne Moore graciously came back to ATWT in its final months. But perhaps it would he harder to realistically work Karen into the show for an appearance. Still, it’s a shame.

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    I find that personally disappointing. Judith Light, as Karen Wolek, was the reason I started watching OLTL. That classic courtroom scene and the drama that was Karen Wolek had me hooked and I’ve been at least a semi-regular viewer of OLTL ever since. I was always hoping for a return, especially consider the upcoming last air date and the best friend history she had with Viki. Plus, she has pretty much stayed in New York throughout most of her career. Oh well! I still love my Judith. She’s truly one actress who NEVER EVER calls it in.

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    This is way way back when she was on OLTL – but does anyone remember if she was with Marco Dane? I think the actor playing him died. Any thoughts??

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    Good for her! ! ! I don’t blame her for not wanting to return to OLTL. That way, her character can be spared from the “creative genius” of FV and RC. The guys who brought us the “rapemance”, re-writing 8 years of a character’s identity/development (Has this ever been done before in the history of television?) and many other ideas that have truly brought the quality of storytelling in daytime to a whole new low. Judith Light, there are a lot of other shows on television and cable, especially in prime-time, that are well-written and well-produced by people who actually care about the work they produce. People who do not compromise the integrity of their work for a short-term boost in the ratings. I urge you to get a role on one of those shows and avoid anything with FV and RC.

    FYI: Soaps are doing poorly because the quality of the writing is awful! I know of some former daytime viewers that now watch only primetime shows. The quality of the writing, especially on cable, is so much better. The motto of the USA network is “Characters Welcome”. I guess they understand the importance of character development to good television. Something FV and RC clearly didn’t grasp when decided to re-write 8 years of a character’s identity/development. (I really want to know, has this ever been done before in the history of television?) Life is too short to spend it watching a badly written, badly produced show. That is what reality television is for and honestly, compared to some soaps, they have plots and storylines that tend to be a lot more relatable for the viewer.

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    I am disappointed as well, but I am still a huge fan of Judith Light. Her courtroom scenes are, for me, the most emotionally gripping courtroom scenes in TV history: daytime, primetime, anytime…..

    Her acting genius during the early 1980s is unmistakable and undeniable. YouTube her, folks, if you didn’t know!! ;)

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