Kris Jenner to Guest on The View Nov. 2

This is going to be "must see" TV. Manager and reality star Kris Jenner heads to The View tomorrow. Jenner will discuss with the ladies her new book, Kris Jenner … and All Things Kardashian, which hit bookshelves today. In the book, Jenner talks about the night her best friend Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered.

Jenner claims Brown Simpson called her, wanting her to come over to her house to discuss something important. Jenner told her she would have to see her the next day, due to her taking care of her six kids. The following day, it was announced Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were both murdered outside her home. Jenner's book, as everyone knows, happened to be released a day after her daughter Kim filed for divorce.

The View airs Mon-Fri at 11 am EST on ABC.

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    BTW .. They were divorced in 1990 and the Simpson Trial didnt start till 95 so they were definitely on opposite sides of the fence about this .. Kendall was named after Nicole..

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    “Jenner’s book, as everyone knows, happened to be released a day after her daughter Kim filed for divorce.”

    Right! And there is no chance in hell that the people who watch their reality shows will be treated to a reconciliation and marriage therapy sessions over the course of this new season, right?

    There is something pathologically wrong with any individual who chooses to have each and every private moment of his or her life (and in Kim’s case, every private nook and cranny of her body) chronicled by a camera for public consumption.

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    “Must see TV” ? HUH? For Whom? The brain dead faux-celebrity obsessed? Isn’t she most “famous” (I use that term very loosely) for being the mother of a woman who is a celebrity because she had a sex tape she parlayed into a reality show?

    MUST SEE…that there MUST not be anything else going on anywhere in the world!

    People used to put down Jerry Springer for bringing this kind of crap to TV. But now it’s everywhere.

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    The only true celebrity in that family is Bruce Jenner because of the Olympics, and I am not sure celebrity is the right word to use, but at least he is famous for doing something good. Now he is over shadowed by being married to someone who was once married to a Kardashian. I wonder how it makes him feel to have to walk in the shadows of all these celebrity wannbes? The Kardashians need to learn the difference in the meaning of “famous” and “infamous”. They definitely fall in the latter category.

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