UPDATE: Van Hughes Cast as Cole on One Life to Live!

Broadway actor and singer Van Hughes has been cast as Cole Thornhart for One Life to Live's ABC Daytime finale. Hughes will finish out the character's storyline, as Brandon Buddy had to be recast after one day of filming his stint reprising the popular role. The scenes Buddy filmed will reportedly be reshot.

Hughes appeared as Johnny in the hit musical American Idiot, based on the music of Green Day, and has had bit roles on both One Life to Live and As The World Turns. Reportedly the brass at OLTL considered scrapping Cole's return all together when it was determined Buddy couldn't continue in the role, however with production wrapping in just a few short weeks, there wasn't time to re-write the storyline, as Cole's return plays a huge factor in Starr's (Kristen Alderson) endgame.

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    Hmmm. Her endgame must be him telling her to move on because I don’t see Cole playing that big of a role. If they were going to leave together with their daughter then I don’t want it to be with a recast. I know some things are out of their hands and I don’t blame anyone, but I really don’t want to see that. Kristen Alderson needs to wake up and sign with Prospect Park because GH isn’t going to be around much longer. Why bother going there?

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    First of all, she’s not going to GH. She’s already disproven that rumor.

    And it don’t matter who they recast Cole with, Brandon will always be Cole, no matter what.

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    I disagree. Cole must have a substantial role otherwise, goodbye scenes could’ve been shot in one day.


    What the heck happened to end Brandon Buddy’s participation so quickly? Unless he became injured or had a family emergency, I can’t see him dropping out of the show. Buddy’s been lobbying on Twitter for fans to seek his return to OLTL.

    In all likelihood, Alderson is going to head to L.A. where ABC/Disney should offer her a part on ABC or ABCFamily.

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    Why does OLTL have a problem finding males 18-21? I never liked Brandon as Cole because he looks the 5 or 6 years older than Kristen that he actually is, same with Lenny Platt and to a lesser extent Jason Tam. Now this new actor is actually older than Brandon? OL is in NYC where we have many, many colleges, universities and plain old acting classes and schools, in addition to being a distraction for the audience, I have to believe it’s an added burden for these young actresses to work opposite these men. While I blame Ron Carlavati’s writing for any and all ills regarding One Life, neither Starr or Kirsten have been the same since the Starr/Cole pairing.

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    WTF is wrong with Brandon Buddy. He certainly has a strange look in the picture above. He’s going through something really deep obviously to look that sick. Any info on this?

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    From SoapCentral Message Boards

    Brandon was in a car accident at the beginning of October. From what I understand, he was NOT at fault. Another car slammed into his vehicle at a high rate of speed, totalling his car.

    He reportedly had to climb out the window to get out of the vehicle.

    It’s possible he suffered some sort of injury which he thought he could handle but could not.

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    First of all, I am so grateful that TPTB at least tried to bring back Brandon Buddy. I am a huge SOLE fan and Brandon Buddy fan. Knowing that everyone tried to make a real reunion happen thrills me to no end. Under these circumstances, I will be happy just knowing how hard everyone tried.
    As such, I will be happy if SOLE has their happily ever after. I think that I deserve it and so do all of the other SOLE fans. I can’t imagine anyone taking Brandon Buddy’s place but these are extenuating circumstances and in my mind this is better than no reunion at all. Now, as for Brandon Buddy, whatever is going on with him, something is not right. I have been following his Twitter writings and he really does seem to be drifting. It is very sad. I want to scream at him and say, “Go to school or do something!” Whatever is going on, there is no doubt in my mind that he does need to get his act together. This breaks my heart because I am such a fan of his and I want him to be successful and happy. Right now, I don’t think that Brandon Buddy is either of these.

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    Can’t say i’m really loving the news.

    I feel sometimes i’m the only one that wasnt a huge Sole fan.
    They had their moments but otherwise they were really dull.
    I liked them but didn’t love them but I have really fallen in love with her and James…so this saddens me…I get that her,Cole, and Hope make a happy family but still not jumping up and down over it.

    I am really hope Brandon is ok.
    I thought when he left before he said that they he had some personal things going on…but I could be wrong so I don’t bet all your money on it…but I really thought I heard this.
    I am not sure if that was true if this recast was because of that…but I do very well think it could be due to that bad car accident he had.
    I know it was to late to change the writing but i’m sorry it’s so pointless now….I could kinda see it with Brandon with the happy ending but now with it being someone totally new this just ruins…no offense to Van but still the storyline won’t be the same.
    Poor James..he’s just so cute and I love him with Starr.:P

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    I do feel sorry for the Sole fans that wanted Brandon back as Cole, but why couldn’t Starr go out with James and Hope by her side? Or, since it is 2011, why couldn’t Starr go out as a single mother with Hope as she pursues her dreams of becoming a singer?

    One last thing, please, no more freaking singing by Starr/??? (fill in the blank)! Enough is enough!

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    [quote=sponge89]Appleridge, Van Hughes was not on ATWT. Van Hansis was and he played Luke, not Gil. Not even sure who Gil is.[/quote]

    sponge89, Van Hughes WAS on ATWT. If you read the story above, it’s even stated there in black and white. Appleridge didn’t say he played LUKE, but was in a storyline involving NUKE, which indeed he was, playing Gil Penn. Don’t remember the character myself, but he appeared mostly in Aug., Sept., 1996, and at that time there were a number of young men playing classmates.

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    That’s sad news about Brandon Buddy. I like Van Hughes as an actor, but I don’t see the point of Cole coming back. Even if Kristin wants to leave OLTL, why not write her off with James? It makes more sense than her suddenly getting back with Cole, just because they share Hope.

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