Days of Our Lives Snags Ian Buchanan

It looks like things are going to get interesting for Sara Brown’s Madison on Days of Our Lives. According to TV Guide, DAYS has cast Ian Buchanan as “Ian McAllister, a mega-rich businessman with a powerful and dangerous hold over cosmetics mogul Madison James.” Buchanan’s episodes will begin airing February 9. 

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    There is none! That’s why most of the storylines/casting news comes up stale when its time for it to air. Everyone knows what is happening weeks, sometimes months in advance. It is really hurting DAYS. They need to go dark every other week for a while until they’re only a month-month 1/2 ahead. This has been a complaint for a long time though and it hasn’t changed so it isn’t going to.

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    If they cant’t do anything about the taping schedule, they should at least try to keep casting decisions and storyline details a secret. There is a much bigger “wow factor” when we see things onscreen only a couple of weeks after the news gets out. The problem is with twitter and all the new media that’s virtually impossible.

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    The time lapse is killing the genre. They need to rethink the policy. Why not tape four days a week instead of having every fourth week off? I think there should only be two weeks between tape and air. It gives the show freshness, gives the writers and producers a chance to make imediate changes on the show when something is not working, and keeps news from getting out so quick that it is old news before it happens. And when the casting news is bad, it also minimizes the talk time.
    I am interested in seeing what Ian brings to Days. I know his work from B&B.

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    Susan Hunter

    I agree about the advanced taping schedule. It has really hurt this particular type of entertainment. It is cost effective, but soaps were best when they only taped one or two weeks ahead. I think at one point Dark Shadows was taping two days ahead.

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