Families Will Keep Feuding Through 2015

Watching families fight still pays off. According to Deadline, Steve Harvey’s Family Feud has been renewed by distributor Debmar-Mercury through 2015, in over 75 percent of the country. Reportedly, the syndicated late afternoon and early evening game show has grown by 35 percent in households and 40 percent among women 25-54 with Harvey as host. 

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    Need to bring back John O’Hurley missed most the time he was on, wasn’t in my area, they are just now showing it; but I been watching him on GSN. But I’m glad the brought back the classic music.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Alsotonboy: I don’t see what the problem was with Steve Harvey he was solely focused on heterosexual men when he was making the comment. He was not thinking in terms of gay vs straight. If he were on BET’s Comic View the audience would not have thought of sexuality as the issue. This is a case where I see it as being over sensitive. He even clarified it in his response.

    I own every Steve Harvey DVD and have been to his show’s. And whenever he has mentioned gay people it has been in a positive light. So to mislabel him from a visit to The View where he was clearly discussing male/female relationships when he was referring to “real men.” Doesn’t equate being homophobic.

    I say all the time that a “real man” doesn’t walk out on his responsibility as being a father to his children. In fact most African American men I know of when using the term “real man” have no sexual implications to it. Yet is the slang version of a gentleman or a male of high moral value.

    So if Steve is talking to Elizabeth about male/female relationships how does saying “real man” equate to being homophobic when you had clear knowledge what the discussion was about?

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