Should Cricket Be Afraid of Loca Isabella’s Son on Young and Restless?


Is Ricky Williams (Peter Porte) a nut off the old fruitcake? Cricket (Lauralee Bell) seems to think so. TV Guide's Michael Logan gets the 411 from Bell on whether or not Ricky's gonna go all muy loco like his madre Isabella (Eva Longoria)!


TV Guide Magazine: Let's talk about these Isabella memories that are being dredged up. Can this Ricky kid be trusted?
Bell: That whole Isabella thing was a very scary time for Chris and Paul and now they wonder if there's something off about Ricky. At first, no one knew Isabella was crazy. He could be a whack job like his mother. Time will tell. But seeing Ricky for the first time as a man is really startling for Chris. And for me, too.

TV Guide Magazine: He shouldn't be any older than eight or nine. Now he's twentysomething.
Bell: And he's taller than Paul! Chris can't help but look at this kid and think, "Because of your existence, my life changed forever." As much as she'd like to say, "Wow, you're Paul's son! That's so cool!" she'd really like to say, "You totally f'ed up my life!" Paul's feeling bad about the whole situation because he has a son he doesn't know at all. He's missed so many years with Ricky. Still, there's that suspicion. Ricky has that blood connection with Isabella and that can be a dangerous thing.

Sounds like Cricket needs to be packing heat! To find out what else Bell's alter ego is up to in Genoa City, click here!

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    Lauralee Bell would be doing all former Y&R fans who would love to go back to watching the show a tremendous service by having a word or two with her sister-in-law the Executive Producer and Head Writer about how dreadful and unwatchable the show has been in the past year-or-so.

  2. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    Personally I think any actor should be more afraid of anything written for them. The storylines are atrocious. I agree with SoapArmageddon. Lauralee would be better served advocating a better show for the fans than her sister-in-law is currently unable to serve up. I loathe Maria Bell’s style more and more with each passing day.

  3. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I adore Christine, but am surprised she would make an appearance of this wonderful show of her fathers that has now been ruined by the idiot sister in law that should never have been allowed to even write a letter, let alone a top soap opera. How the mighty show has fallen. I feel sorry for Christine to have to come back to this mess.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I only want to see Cricket if they put her smack dab into a triangle between Avery and Nick. It would make SyPhyllis’ head pop off!!! And I agree, Lauralee must REALLY be crazy to support this whack job who is destroying her dearly departed father’s legacy. But I suppose she feels a sense of loyalty to the show, regardless of who is writing.

  5. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Maybe they should let LLB be the HW, LOL. She knows the show and can’t be any worse than MAB. Not excited about her return. Sister can not act to save her life! I’m at the point where I think MAB wants to save Y&R, but the lady has absolutely no clue how to do it. Nick in a triangle with Avery and the Bug would suck because Nick’s love scene was awkward already and the Bug won’t heat things up.

  6. Profile photo of miztee246

    To answer the question in the headline — YES, BE VERY AFRAID. That hack of a sister-in-law may not do better by LLB. MAB has already put the screws to poor Ricky. He has already stuck the knife (figuratively speaking) in Heather’s back. Now that Paul has expressed disappointment with Ricky, Slick Rick has the look of lunacy in his eye. Guess he is his mother’s son!

    I agree with alstonboy — it would be nice to see Cricket in a triangle with Nick and Avery, except I think Big Red’s head is already about to explode because Nick and Avery are speeding toward each other faster than two trains running at top speed. (Never mind that Big Red is already rolling in the hay with Ronan. Note to TPTB: Putting Red together with Ronan makes him no less boring.)

  7. Profile photo of aveRex

    Let us not forget that back in the Bill Bell days, the show devoted TONS of time to his beloved daughter, Cricket. While I am able to enjoy her work more now, I wouldn’t want this to go back to being the Cricket show from days of old. Funny thing is it has now morphed in to the SyPhyllis show. MS is always, ALWAYS on and I so wish they’d put her in a coma and send her away for a long, LONG time.

  8. Profile photo of miztee246

    aveRex, ITA with your suggestion regarding Big Red. She is my least favorite character (and actor). That is not just because Phyllis has been the perennial villain. I do not like her because I believe MS is playing herself, you know she is not really acting. She is a villainess who has never shown an iota of remorse and never seems to get her comeuppance. Finally, I do not understand why TIIC have not figured out that the audience (primarily women) do not want to see Big Red’s bony ass disrobe. That was about as interesting as watching Ann Coulter go at it with boring ass Ronan.

  9. Profile photo of tedew

    The latest faux pas committed by Phyllis really does rather irk me. Even though I don’t really like any of the characters involved (except Adam with the usual reservations); what she did with those pictures was illegal, immoral and completely unnecessary (except now as so very obvious plot manipulation). What also bugs me is that we have no idea at all why Phyllis hates Avery so much considering how young that girl would have been when they last laid eyes on each other. We need to know what, if any reason there is for all that vitriol.

    Phyllis does need so much less air time. Her ever increasing demented and selfish attitudes to all around her are so wearing. She incredulous self righteous outbursts have become extremely boring.

    Phyllis and Ronan … oh boy, such chemistry there! And in his office … come on! And no one even walked on that farce considering how often everyone seems to be able to walk in unannounced at any time?

    Adam and Sharon … I have no doubt they will soon be a little closer than Victor (or anyone else) would care to see happen.

    Sharon and Sam … Sam look so surprised at Sharon appearing at the door we almost expected Piper, the pet lamb or the pet goat to scamper out of his bedroom still wearing her bridal veil …

    Nick and Avery … that could work.

    Nick and Cricket … that could work if somehow Cricket somehow became anywhere near sexually appealing to any man.

  10. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I’m already loving Nick & Avery – especially since their love scenes don’t involve any concussions (or near misses). But I wouldn’t mind Alstonboy’s idea of a (brief) Avery/Nick/Cricket triangle with Big Red’s head exploding. Literally. I mean, these people like gore, right?

  11. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I am so ready for someone to put a cap in Phyllis’s ass. That character is simply unbearable. The problem is that she’s on ALL THE DAMN TIME. It is ridiculous. I swear LML must be back. It is the Phyllis Show, again. I’m so sick of her presence permeating throughout the show. The other women who were made to be mega b*tches (Kay, Abby, and Chloe) have at least either been backburned or they eased up on the bitchiness and are tolerable.

    -Sorry but Adam and Sharon suck donkey feet. Don’t feel the chemistry and Sharon looks completely stupid if she takes him back. Again, put him with Chloe or Lily. Lane and Chlovin suck and I don’t see why MAB is stuck on those couples.

    -Sorry MAB, but the amazing chemistry between Nick/Avery/Phyllis/Ronan is not there. I don’t care about this LAME feud between Phyllis and Avery. Nick/Avery are awkward and Phyllis and Ronan are a joke.

    -Daniel and Kevin really need to be a couple.

  12. Profile photo of ldylkng

    I really am liking the Nick & Avery pairing, would love to see it play out.

    As far as Christine & Nick, remember, Nicks Mama is in the same age group as her. Nikki almost married Paul not long ago. So Nick with cricket would never seem right to me, not to mention icky!

    I like Ronan, but def not with Red. Chloe would be good & Abby would be perfect.

    I hate that they have let SPF go, because that would be Sharons saving grace. Her going there, made me think her character could actually be saved.
    Hate that Patty is back, was so hoping Genevieve was Dianes killer, and she would be gone too.

    Where is Yolanda?

    WHY OH WHY do they write these stories, so that by the time they get back to one, you could care less?

  13. Profile photo of RealityCheck 33
    RealityCheck 33

    I’ll take Micheal Muhney and Sharon Case together again ASAP. They are the only couple with a natural feel to them. All the others are forced and feel phoney. Sam and Sharon were a total yawn. I don’t give a shit how many Shick fans whine about Shadam, but their ship sailed long ago, so get over it.


  14. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh well … know it’s time that MAB reminds us and herself how good the Kay Alden era was. Back then when people actually used to care about the characters. :p

    Chris would be great in a triangle with Nick and Avery. And as far as Phyllis goes … I want this woman off my screen. It’s LML all over again … Phyllis is on five days a week, doing stupid things without any reason. It’s horrible!!!!

  15. Profile photo of ldylkng

    OK let me say this again. Cricket & Nina are the same age. Ninas son, Ronan, is hooking up with Phick, Nick’s ex. I don’t think Nick was born when Nina gave Ronan up for adoption with Cricket right there by her side. SO NO! NO CRICKNICK!!!

  16. Profile photo of harlee490

    I wish Avery would find some kind of evidence about Phyllis and what she did years ago to Cricket and Avery tips off Cricket off and they both go after Phyllis and put her behind bars for 6 months for cool down. I have mixed feelings on Phyllis and it’s because the direction the character is being written because she is established in GC. Give MS a break and write her off and let Phyllis do some repentance. She could lose custody of Sommer and Lucy goes back to Victoria and Phyllis return could play some high emotional drama of trying to make amends to her children. As for Adam lost cause, lost me when he’s became a baby killer, kidnapper and how it destroyed Ashley’s baby. Once again MAB according to the posts and sneak peaks the direction Rick is going to another “crazy” in a major family but this time it’s Paul. We just went through another crazy Williams family member in Patty and please explain how this is entertaining? It’s simply rehash of Adam, Patty, Sheila, Sarah but with a new face…God please here my prays and rid Murdering Maria….Amen

  17. Profile photo of tedew

    … ditto to idylkng on harlee490 as well.

    However, I don’t feel that Adam really is a lost cause. He has done some bad things but also did not deliberately cause Ashley’s miscarriage (bad as that was). He could be toned down because we really do need an amusing, interesting and layered new villain/hero. (Plus Mr. Muhney blows Herr Gudegast off the screen just by being in the same scene.)

    I have previously posted similar sentiments regarding Phyllis. At this point the only two possibly more annoying broadcast characters at any hour are Lynette on Desperate Housewives and Danny on Hawaii Five 0 (Redux). I would also like to see her sordid and criminal past finally come to light! Since Katherine conjured up a new son out of her dreams, maybe Christine could dream up some long forgotten memories.

    Regarding Paul and Son … a reunion of that family branch now that the ex Mrs. Parker is unemployed could be interesting.

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