BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan Jackson is Leaving General Hospital

This is a shocker! According to Soap Opera Digest, Jonathan Jackson is leaving his role as Lucky Spencer on General Hospital. Reportedly, he will depart Port Charles in early 2012.  The magazine says the show has not revealed if it intends to recast the role. 

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    I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you.

    But then again not really. Not one single news item about GH has had anything positive in it for the past six months. Even those about vets coming back turned out to be misleading.

    JJ is a fine actor, and I wish him every success.

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    This is the least shocking news of my life. The only thing shocking about it is how stupid a move it is.

    I REALLY hope he’s leaving on his own. Considering GH is leaving TV in 2012 maybe they should have just kept him around? He’ll surely come back for the finale. Next up…Tony Geary.

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    He got some buzz for an indie film he did earlier this year…I wonder if he’s going to try to do features. Also, he seems to be an intelligent guy and anyone with 1) prospects and 2) a brain would be getting the hell off GH. It can’t be a fun place to work anymore, and then the lines they have to say are just so, so bad.

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    This has been rumored for a while, so I’m not surprised in the least. Good luck to him in whatever he does next! I just wish they had wrote a storyline for him where he could’ve smiled like he is in the above picture, it would’ve been nice to see Lucky’s smile again instead of all the sadness we’ve seen in the past few months.

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    GH chose to write Niz when they knew that JJ was coming back and didn’t even attempt to write a romantic original LnL2 with JJ and RH. I’m just ticked that Guza chose to write in Becky’s last pregnancy and gave Liz a third kid along with killing off Jake.

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    I’ve read that the backstage drama at GH is horrendous right now. JJ doesn’t seem the type to thrive in that type of environment.

    Although I will always hold dear Lucky’s s/l prior to 2000, I’ve actually liked him better in other roles. The Deep End Of The Ocean is one of my favorite movies, and I FLOVED him in Sarah Connor Chronicles.

    I wish him the best of luck.

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    It must be unbearable for someone like him to bail when the show is rumored to be done by next year. But who can blame him? GH is a sinking ship. And until Prospect Park proves to be worth going to it’s best to have other things lined up.

  8. Profile photo of giogio

    Lucky has been basically a loner for months now. He interacts with no-one. Where these storylines come from I will never know. BLAKR3b – As far as Prospect goes, where are they? They dont feel any need whatsoever to keep fans hopes alive. Its the invisable internet spectacular, that is invisably in cyberspace or something. ugg – i dont care anymore.

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    This has been rumored for sometime, so I’m not shocked either, also there’s been a lot of backstage hoopla, I wish him all the best, and I am sure he’ll do well.

    We’ll see whether or not they recast Lucky!!

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    I’m not a viewer of GH but I read on another site rumor is GW is going to be fired and I feel sorry if David K. steps in as GH’s new head-writer. But I guess it could be worse…hmmmm maybe it could get worse. I feel for GH’s fans.

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    Not at all surprised by this news. Jonathan Jackson is a fine actor but I look forward to Lucky’s exit. GH will be light one less sad and sorry character. The latest writing and acting of Lucky was uninspired and weepy. I will relish JJ’s wonderful performances featured on SoapNet’s Black Friday marathon. To quote one of my favorite TV themes: “Those were the days.”

  12. Profile photo of troymcclure

    JJ’s return was a bust and his weeping has become an online joke.

    I’m glad he’s leaving. Give the character a break and then bring him back to the finale so he can cry some more with Luke.

  13. Profile photo of jphelps

    Good riddance.

    JJ is a good actor but the role outgrew him and he brought nothing to the role. I don’t blame him entirely. His return is just another in a long line of returned flops this show has had starting with that awful Claudia character for Sarah. I won’t miss him on screen one bit. I would love to see Greg back but I don’t wish GH on anyone of my faves these days. Sad part is there will be nothing left on this show once Prospect Park if they do decide to pick it up.

    Good luck to JJ.

  14. Profile photo of soapfan616

    He’s a very gifted actor, just as many are on GH. I will always remember his so well when he was a precocious youngster speaking Claire Labine’s heightened dialogue.

    Who can blame anyone for not wanted to be part of what GH has become? And with no positive change on the horizon…

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    Here are more deets courtesy of TVGuide ,

    “Word from the set is that the beloved and acclaimed actor is exhausted from a heavy work schedule and months of a harrowing storylines that have included the death of Lucky’s child and the character’s addiction to drugs. Sources say Jackson had attempted to get GH execs to lighten his schedule with no luck. He also wanted to be romantically reteamed with Rebecca Herbst (Liz) but struck out there, too. The actor has already completed his final scenes with TV dad Tony Geary (Luke). Look for Jackson to be off the air by mid-to-late December.”

    So it looks like JJ was tired of cry me a river Lucky, too.

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    JJ will always be my one and only Lucky and I would rather the character die on screen in a hail of gunfire than see anyone else in the role. I think his return gave the show a shot in the arm but since Guza and GW are determined that the mob be front and center and that the PCPD remain inept, JJ was handcuffed(pun intended) by the writing. I think his departure means there is no hope of improvement in the immediate future and after today’s episode which literally turned my stomach, I am very sad.

  17. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Can’t say I blame him … I pretty much understand it.

    I’m still very sad … JJ is Lucky Spencer to me.

    And it’s sad that TPTB don’t recognize what they are doing wrong.

    Damn … JJ is an Emmy winner and is sick of this show … doesn’t that count for something???

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    colby chandler

    omg please be a temporary thing :(( because if it’s not they have seriously wasted having him back on this show!! His story lines have been lame, the character has been whinny and he isn’t with Elizabeth!! :(

  19. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I too am not suprised that Jonathan is leaving. I have heard he was displeased with the writing of his character for some time. Jonathan will always be Lucky Spencer. He is very deserving of his Emmy’s. I wish him all the best and will continue to follow his career. I will not be suprised to hear of other GH cast leaving the show in the near future as well. With GH last days near, what vets will still be on GH to close the show?

  20. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    [quote=JasamForever]…I will not be suprised to hear of other GH cast leaving the show in the near future as well….quote]
    That is exactly what I expect to happen too.

    I was holding out hopes for a Spencer family reunion with the original actors, but With Genie F. being committed to Y&R for God knows how much longer, and JJ reportedly leaving in December or January, I guess there is no way that’s happening.

  21. Profile photo of jjfan93

    If I hear one more word about that monkey that can’t act (GREG VAUGHN) I am liable to spit!

    The man couldn’t act a damn thing he had the same expressions on his face and he is NOT Lucky Spencer!

    JJ I love you and so do all your fans and I will always remember Triple L Diner with the Spencers – the glory days!

  22. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I for one hope they don’t recast the role. Lucky’s been through enough in the last couple of years. Maybe it’s time to take him off the air – at least for some time.

    And seeing JJ playing the role again, I wouldn’t want to have GV back in the role in a million years. I can’t even imagine GV in one of those powerful scenes JJ played for the last two years. Besides that I thought Greg was always too old for the part … his acting was just … nothing special. Yeah he looks good and can put a nice love scene on-screen, but that’s about it.
    I think it would be awful to see GV follow after JJ’s exit. But that’s “GH” … so everything that’s bad for the show can happen.^^

  23. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I am so saddened by this news. Jonathan Jackson, for me, is THE Lucky Spencer. Greg Vaughan and Jacob Young TRIED to make the role their own, but they were mere seat warmers. Neither could ever match JJ’s talent and iconography. I realize that this was his decision, just as it was ABC’s decision to fire Greg in the first place and bring back JJ. JJ didn’t cause Greg to lose his job. He didn’t pull a Roger Howarth or a Christel Khalil, trying to rush back to a job that he willfully gave up!!

    I can only assume that he sees the writing on the wall in terms of the CRAPPY writing that GH seems destined to be saddled with until the BITTER END, and decided to jump ship! He did great without the show for almost a decade, and I have no doubt that he can do it again.

    But I will miss him. No man on TV can cry as beautifully and touchingly as Jonathan Jackson! His tears made me weak in the kness!!

  24. Profile photo of days4ever

    I think its smart on his part. He sees the show is not doing well so why would he want to stick around. He is a great actor and they are writing him so terrible. He just cries all the time.

  25. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I truly think it was just a matter of time before Mr. Jackson grew weary of the less than joyful storylines that were put before him. I will miss him terribly as, like others have posted, for me he is Lucky. As I’ve said before he is one of the finest actors of his generation(my view). Even when performing such discouraging material, one could always see the care and commitment to the work at hand. GH has a stable of actors of this caliber on its’ roster. The current writing is sorely lacking and I will not be surprised if more decide to follow his lead. I wish him well on his new endeavors (including his music career), and I look to continue to watch him in other projects both large and small screen. Godspeed JJ. This viewer will definitely see a hole in the canvas where you once resided… 0:)

  26. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=tylerbo20]I wonder if Days of Our lives will go after him?[/quote]
    I wonder if he would be interested in another soap opera at all…

    I’d like for him to move over to DAYS. Could be great for him there.

    As long as MAB doesn’t get her dirty little hands on him and lets him appear as Genevieve’s illegitimate long-lost child…^^

  27. Profile photo of daisychains7

    I rarely get invested in soaps anymore but I am devastated over this news. I am so profoundly sad that we will never get to see LL2 again. I am sad that so much time was wasted on the Nikolas affair, the paternity shit, and Lucky’s 5 minute bride. What was the point of it all?! Why didn’t they ever do the character, the actor, or his legacy justice?

    I know Jonathan will continue to great things with acting and music. I truly believe he can compete with any famous actor in Hollywood right now, as far as talent.

    For me, this is the nail in GH’s coffin. Fewer and fewer beloved characters. Seeing Lisa injecting people with HIV and then Franco pretend “raping” Sam while Jason watched today, totally ignoring the heart and soul of this show…..

    It’s over, guys.

  28. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    I always wondered why he came back espcially after being away for 10 years. What did the show promise him? Lucky changed so much since then and JJ never really understood what happened to this character since he left. Did he and everyone really expect him to be able to pick up from where he left? GH doesn’t do well bring back actors that have been long gone from the show. Always a disaster. i.e. Vanessa, Sarah, Genie to name a few. Sad. I wish him luck but he never really should have come back.

  29. Profile photo of Perkie

    The bigger question for me is whether they’ll recast, or if they’ll decimate the character to the point where we won’t care that he’s gone (example, Spencer, Luke)

  30. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    It hurts, even if it doesn’t come as a surprise. To waste all that time on stories that, it appears, even JJ didn’t want. My Liason loving heart would have welcomed a real story for LnL in the beginning because of my devotion to that original pairing.

    The fact that JJ wanted less angst just proves to me that Frons & Company are destroying this show. It shows me that he has an unatural hard-on for all things RH because instead of giving fans LnL he further set out to destroy a character and when that didn’t work he pretty much forced an multiple emmy winner out the door with his shows craptastic writers.

    I will miss you JJ, as you will always be Lucky to me. Dayum and I thought Lucky look so good yesterday in that cemetary.

  31. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Looks like they really are writing off the Spencers. I wouldn’t be surprised if JMB and TG leave in the next few months. In the case of JJ and JMB, I don’t blame them one bit. I was so excited for Jonathan’s return, that I was willing to change Jake to a Spencer to reunite Lucky and Elizabeth (this from a big Liason fan). But it seems all of the reasons people wanted JJ–chemistry with TG, LL2 redux, help to refocus from the mob–were just tossed aside by TIIC. And I really wouldn’t blame Julie if she quit. I’ve never overly loved Lulu because she was such a brat in the beginning. But I loved the actress. If you told me she was Genie Francis’s kid, I’d believe you. That was a major find on the show’s part. And the character’s brattiness was understandable considering the circumstances of her childhood. However, they’ve killed nearly every pairing of hers just when they were getting interesting; now they’re keeping her in this ridiculous pairing with Dante way too long. It can’t be fun for JMB. Now, I can take or leave (leaning towards leave) Tony Geary. His diva contract has been such a hindrance over the last few years, and Luke’s character–like so many others–has been trashed. Still, this sucks.

  32. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I like Jonathan and Greg too; I’ve always hoped he’d return to the role especially given how they wrote Greg’s version of Lucky. However I was not pleased how they treated Greg dumping him then lying that it was his decision.

    What gets me is even JJ recognizes their botched writing of the character and isn’t pleased how he was written; I think its a lot in the “writing” of a character and for the most part it sucked. He’s a class act mentioning how disappointed his story with Elizabeth was intentionally butchered. GH IMO doesn’t try to honor history my experience is they bring back vets to trash them they’ve always done this I recall Rick Webber returning only to be trashed then killed off….its the same pattern that plays out. Some stories need only guidance they practically write themselves but these writers go out of their way to tell a lousy story.

  33. Profile photo of colby chandler
    colby chandler

    [quote=daisychains7]”I rarely get invested in soaps anymore but I am devastated over this news. I am so profoundly sad that we will never get to see LL2 again. I am sad that so much time was wasted on the Nikolas affair, the paternity shit, and Lucky’s 5 minute bride. What was the point of it all?! Why didn’t they ever do the character, the actor, or his legacy justice?
    I know Jonathan will continue to great things with acting and music. I truly believe he can compete with any famous actor in Hollywood right now, as far as talent.
    For me, this is the nail in GH’s coffin. Fewer and fewer beloved characters. Seeing Lisa injecting people with HIV and then Franco pretend “raping” Sam while Jason watched today, totally ignoring the heart and soul of this show…..
    It’s over, guys.”[/quote]

    -couldn’t have said it better myself :( so sad

  34. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    I have watched JJ’s Lucky from the very beginning so this news is very sad but perfectly understandable. I wish him only the best and I know that this extremely talented actor will have huge success in whatever endeavors he does next.

  35. Profile photo of giogio

    JFAN – MONKEY??? He is the most handsome actor yet, and a great actor. And someones child may I add. And someones father. And someones husband. Monkey!! I hardly know where that came from. Very off color.

  36. Profile photo of PurpleRocks

    I so wish JJ wasn’t leaving :(. But who can blame him… Why bring back JJ, the original Lucky, and write crappy, morbid, depressing storylines for him. And not even try putting him back with RH’s Liz to try and regain the magic of LL2. I was one of the biggest orignal LL2 fans ever and waited and waited and waited for them to pair JJ and RH back as the original LL2. But instead, I got multiple scenes of Lucky calling Liz awful names and writing that stomped on their memory to the point that I stopped caring about LL2. I had hope that the original LL2 was going to happen when they wrote Aiden to be Lucky’s and not Nik’s, but even that was waste of hope. WTF with the TPTB. Are they purposely trying to tank the show? Maybe that’s why JJ is leaving, cuz he realizes they’re going out of their way to drive the show into the ground instead of taking suggestions from ppl that genuinely care about the show and want to help it improve…

  37. Profile photo of mipeony

    I just hope they don’t botch his goodbye. Hopefully they show him leaving on an adventure…. I know I will cry rivers if they kill his character off.

  38. Profile photo of liason4real

    Lucky is the father to two little boys. Is GH going to write Lucky as abandoning Cam and Aiden? Or, show him being kidnapped and possibly dead like Jax? I just hope none of this impacts Becky getting her own story line.

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