John Learns The Truth on OLTL!

It’s one of the moments John (Michael Easton) and Natalie (Melissa Archer) fans have been waiting for. This week on One Life to Live John learns he is Liam’s father! Watch the One Life to Live promo after the jump!

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    I dislike this story on so many levels: how many of us know families where the biology is irrelevant. Natalie is a lying liar who lies, a woman who couldnt wait for the bodies of Jared and Marty’s baby to chill before she was looking to cuddle up with John, a woman who married her TWIN sister’s first love and slept with her fiancee not once but twice to feel better about herself and I am suppose to root for her to find love with the man who couldnt raise a child who isnt the product of his loins?

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    Nat Guy

    Natalie didn’t sleep with Brody to feel better about herself. There was mutual attraction, they acted on it, maybe it wasn’t the best decision but whatever. As far as Cristian goes, he and Jessica were over for a long time by the time he married Nat. Plus Jessica was with Cristian’s brother. I will agree with you that Nat and John got back together too quickly. Back to the paternity storyline, I hate that its gone on so long, hate how Brody is going under the bus, and hate how John has treated Liam and Natalie. But I’m glad it’s almost over. Maybe Jolie will be better on PP/OLTL 2.0

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    [quote=The_Moustache]poor Brody, this is the 3rd child he finds out isn’t his.

    can the guy catch a break!!??[/quote]

    I thought Brody always knew Shane wasn’t his since He and Gigi never slept together. I agree though… Ryder should be his!

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    kudos for everything you said. i was a huge natalie and jared fan, and was extremely disappointed that it was prob maybe six months if that when natalie decided she wanted john, and the death of marty’s baby seemed to speed up that ‘want’. and i used to be a john and natalie fan too,eventually..but the fact that john only wanted something to do with liam if he was HIS, was just wrong. im sure they’re gonna end up together anyway, but some of the turns on their road to reuniting, has been a very bumpy , and sometimes, disappointing one.

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    Well I think John would have been okay with being a father to Liam even if he wasn’t his had Natalie just leveled with him upfront. Don’t get me wrong, I love Ms. Natalie but she really screwed this one up. I love her with John and their chemistry is off the chain. But she was out of line to get involved with Brody. If she had more faith in John’s love for her, this wouldn’t have happened. Remember how good Antonio was to Jessica when she was pregnant and didn’t know if it was his or Nash’s? Antonio vowed to stick by her no matter what and he did until Jess cheated on him. John would have stuck by her, but she lied to him and that was too much for him. As much as I hope they get back together next week, he was justified in walking away because he felt he couldn’t trust her. I think he would have gotten back with her sooner, he just needed time without everyone telling him to forget about her lie and just raise Liam. Gotta have trust.

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    I am one of those peeps that thought there was MORE story if Brody was the baby Daddy for Liam and Ryder. John and Natalie still could have gotten together later on but the opportunity for Jessica and Natalie to drive story with their Lord/Buchanan/Lovett sons for decades to come! Todd vs Victor? Pfft. Ryder and Liam would have been half-brothers and first cousins! Just imagine Brody caught in the middle of being in love with both sisters. John would find himself in a position where Brody would always hold part of Natalie’s heart through their son, Liam. Soapy, family, drama.

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    soapbaby,,,I just want OLTL to live on and on. Jessica could have had her family with Brody, Bree and Ryder while Natalie had John, Liam and any future McBain baby down the road. How would Brody deal with Liam being raised by John and Natalie? Jessica could have still been angry and hurt that Natalie also had a son with Brody. What if John had some kind of accident on the job and was unable to have his own biological child? There were so many ways that OLTL could have driven story with Jessica, Natalie, Liam, Ryder, John and Brody. If you factor in the rest of the Lord/Buchanan family having to deal with the fallout from the feuding twin sisters!

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    Okay skip my comment if you haven’t seen Wednesday’s show.

    I watched Brody push a doorstop into the doors leading into Todd’s Office, trapping Vimal and Rama in there. We see Jack pouring gas outside. We’re made to think the doorstop will prevent the two from escaping any fire. Problem is, the door opens from the inside, not the outside. If Vimal or Rama go to open the door, it pulls open. The doorstop does nothing.

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