Liam and Thomas Face Off Over Hope on B&B!

Liam (Scott Clifton) married Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) shortly after his break up with Hope (Kim Matula). Now he’s getting jealous of Thomas (Adam Gregory) making moves on his former flame? Watch this week’s The Bold and the Beautiful promo after the jump!

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    Um, didn’t they supposedly grow up as brother & sister? What the hell is up with this show and their incestuous ways!?! Stop grossing me out Brad! You’ve played this card once with Rick & Steffy, oh yes, and once before with Ridge & Bridget.
    Stop it.

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    After the audience didn’t take Rick’s pairings with Steffy and Phoebe all that well and was grossed out by Bridget kissing Ridge … you really have to go there again, Brad!?

    When you look on the official board, some still even complaining about Brooke and Taylor sharing so many men from the same family … and you have nothing better to do than pairing step-siblings, who say “daddy” to the same man??? It’s gross!!!

    Why not bring Hope back in Oliver’s orbit??? Zack Conroy’s character hasn’t anything to do these days, besides the fact that Oliver is NOT related to Hope in any form.

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