Who Killed Lisa on General Hospital

Who killed Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown)? There are so many suspects to choose from. This week on General Hospital, very few Port Charles citizens are mourning her loss. Where will Mac’s (John J. York) investigation lead? Watch this week’s GH promo after the jump!

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    It’s a real pity that a talented actress like Brianna Brown (And yes. I do think she’s talented.) was so horribly misused in such horrorshow storylines. Soaps need to have villainous characters to create conflict and drama, I agree; but GH made Lisa a cartoon when they could have done so much more.

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    I don’t care.

    And its not Brianna Brown’s fault that I don’t its the writers. If I read/hear one more time how great Garin Wolf is I think I’m gonna hurl. Brian Frons is guiding his pen no doubt about it…Shelly Altman why bother hiring her like Wolf she won’t be able to write what she wants.

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    While I detested this s/l while Lisa was alive, I am interested in who killed her. With so many rumors about who is leaving the show and when, I’m curious to see who they pin this damn thing on. If all of the people rumored as having an early exit did leave, GH will be a ghost town in it’s last few months.

    I agree with everyone else about GW. How he managed to make the show even worse than it was under BG, I don’t know, but he did. I did read that the brass at GH shot down many of his ideas.

    By comparison, last Friday’s episode was pretty damn good. It put in in a mood to pick out what’s still good about the show versus what sucks.

    While they can’t whitewash how terrible the Lisa s/l was while she was alive; handled right, this mystery could make me just myopic enough to find it interesting.

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    If this murder mystery involves near daily mentions of someone having used Robin’s blood as a weapon, I will vomit.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if KM is the next one to leave. How can she even act those scenes without attempting to shove the script up Phelps’ a**?

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    I don’t care who actually killed her, as long as she is never shown on GH again. I wouldn’t put it past her to off herself and frame Robin for it though.

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