DAYS’ James Scott on Contract Drama: “It Was a Very Difficult Negotiation”

Buzzworthy Radio's NaVell J. Lee has posted a revealing interview with Days of Our Lives stud James Scott (EJ) from the recent "Day of DAYS" event. While the sexy Brit was "touting" at the beginning of the video (which he later charmingly apologized for!), things got juicy when Lee asked about Scott's recent contract drama.

Scott also riffed hilariously about EJ's motivation for running for Salem's mayor and dished on the dastardly DiMera's romantic life. Watch the informative, fun chat below!



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    As new viewer I have totally fallen in love with this man and his character EJ. I’m fast becoming a huge fan for EJ & Nicole…it’s because both actors have that on screen chemistry that “just happens” naturally and it present all the time such as….Reva\Josh, Carly\Jack, Holly\Roger, Gus\Harley etc. That is what makes this couple so much fun. I LOVE, LOVE DAYS right now and it’s such a welcome change to have that excitement again in a soap. Sorry, OLTL isn’t for me personally because it runs either hot\cold on stories where Days is keeping me glued with all the stories and when they have a pay off it going to be SOOOOOOOOO satisfying to watch.

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    James Scott is so unbelievably gorgeous, sexy AND talented. He is the best actor on any of the soaps by far, Days is lucky to have him, because he could be a huge film actor.In fact, when I was reading the Twilight books, all I pictured when reading about Edward was James Scott! He is absolutely right about what he said in the interview–his best work and chemistry has been with Ari Zuckor. sorry ejami fans, but I never saw any chemistry between James and Alison Sweeney and especially no chemistry between him and Tamara Braun. He is so talented, because he can play anything: sensitive and hurt, ruthless bastard, loving toward his children, charming,romantic and sexy, and flirtatious–his interplay with Ari/Nicole when he smiles or blushes is so realistic. I have been a soap fan and Days fan since 1981, and there have been plenty of good-looking and/or talented actors, but he is in a class of his own.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Harlee: Yeah I like the romance between Nicole and EJ. Monday’s episode was good when at the end they had one of those moments. Nicole pouted that she had so many reasons to not trust EJ and then he just said that she was upset that he had not tired to park his car in her garage. Well he parked it!

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    @David46208…oh yesterday’s eppy was so romantic and was good for for Tuesday episode …Nicole\EJ, Madison\Brady, Maggie\Victor’s wedding…I have personally missed romance for such a long time on soaps and Days is the only soap left that currently has any kind of assemblance of high quality romance compare to the other soaps…they are to busy using HIV as weapon GH, Genoa City SVU, doppelganger w\Gigi, just murder and mayhem and very, very little romance. This is where the the new writing team is definitely made a big difference. I can’t include B&B because Brad is like his papa in that sense, he does do a better job with the romantic department and at least tries to balance his canvas out and I’m not even a viewer but know another being a former CBSer. I don’t know about Ejami together but I don’t want to because of EJ\Nicole. The romantic scenes on Days have been HOT & STEAMY, and love making not just sex scenes. I love Days :)

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Harlee: I have to agree with you on OLTL as well. I was a veteran viewer of the show. But even Ron C couldn’t get me to tune in to the show regularly despite it being written very well. The show has lacked that one character to draw me in. In the 80’s it was Andrea Evan as Tina. In the 90’s I was drawn in by crazy Alex, Carlo Hesser and the one and only Emmy winning Roger Howarth as Todd. The diversity helped but the aforementioned characters played a major role as well. When they all left the show Todd being recast I didn’t really find myself drawn to the others in the same way so I jut eventually got bored and tuned out. Their comebacks over the years has been met with mixed results as has OLTL in general since the 90’s. I kind of filter in and out of the show. But it has not been able to keep me constantly tuning in for more than a year since 1995.

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    I like EJ and Nicole together, which is surprising to me because I’m a big Nicole & Brady fan but the chemistry and acting between James and Ari is really fantastic.

    I know others have said they don’t see any chemistry between James and Allison Sweeney but I have to say I see a lot of it. Those two really sparkle together. I think it’s the only pairing that A.S. has that I’ve really liked other than B.D. It’s too bad that Sami and EJ are just toxic together, it always comes down to them using the kids against each other.

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    I totally agree that James Scott is the best actor on TeeVee. This guy just knocks me out. The only way to improve him is to pair him up with the vivacious, gorgeous, and super-talented Arianne Zucker! Wow, I simply can’t get enough of those two.
    Now if Corday would just dump Bo-ring and Hope-less…

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    Love me some evil viral EJ. Do not want him as a romantic lead but Love him as the bad guy! When he announced to Stephano that he set up John today, I was going yup! Now he has put his son in direct danger (poor Johnny that one eyed baby doesnt stand a chance!).

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