Is Trevor St. John Set to Return to One Life to Live Before ABC Finale?

Take heart TNT er VNT fans. I'm hearing Trevor St. John (Victor) will in fact make some kind of a return appearance to One Life to Live before the show goes off the ABC airwaves! I have no deets on when or how Todd's (Roger Howarth) brother and Tea's embryo daddy—who was gunned down in his living room earlier this year—will reappear in Llanview (Ghostly? In the flesh? As the figment of someone's imagination?), but I expect it will be epic!

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    I hope that this is true! I never took Victor/Todd’s death too seriously as it was just too quick; there were too many threads left hanging, even for a soap. If they really were going to kill off TSJ’s Victor the writers would have given him many more interactions with Roger Howarth’s Todd.
    Aside from the storyline, I think that Trevor St. John is wonderful and I would love to see him return. I also think that Victor and Tea are a wonderful couple!

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    I really hope this happens. Showing Victor alive at the end of the ABC run, perhaps being held hostage somewhere, would be an awesome cliffhanger. Then the first story on the online show could be Tea, Tomas and the others realizing that Victor is alive and launching a search for him while Victor tries to break free and get back to Tea and his family.

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    Oh, I pray that this is true. I love TSJ and he is wonderfully talented. OLTL has not been as good since he departed. If we only get one episode, I’ll take it over zero episodes. Preferably, he would return for several episodes. ;-)

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    Meh! Only good thing about that would be if it makes it obvious (which I think it will) that Todd did NOT kill his “special” brother, Victor. Have loved the absence of his mumbling presence on the show and if I never see him air quoting again, it will be too soon for me.

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    Having “Victor” held hostage and learning that he’s the real “Todd” would be a hoot!

    No matter what, TSJ is great. I wish that he and Roger Howarth would sign on with Prospect Park.

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    I have loved Trevor – loved to die for loved- when he was sent to get executed years ago, I was going out of my mind trying to find out if he was leaving the show, and info was not forthcoming. Oh I hope he signs up with the invisable force Prospect Park.

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    He is Victor Jr. I do have my suspicions since Tea is pregnant. We will see. They only have a couple of weeks left to film. Where does the time go? He didn’t sound in an interview like he was coming back. We will see.

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    I have said from the beginning that I never believed Victor was dead. I have always believed Trevor would be back. I just keep hoping what I believe is actually true. Please please please let it be true.

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    [quote=giogio]P.S. dosent Sam look like Trevor? What a match that was. Is it true or is it only my imagination??[/quote]

    Sam does look like he is TSJ’s son. Perfect casting.

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    [quote=josstheguy]Having “Victor” held hostage and learning that he’s the real “Todd” would be a hoot!
    No matter what, TSJ is great. I wish that he and Roger Howarth would sign on with Prospect Park.[/quote]

    Todd or Victor it doesnt matter to me. I just want TSJ back. I also like RH and I am enjoying his scenes with Tea.

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    they should do a storyline where that alien from General Hospital, the one from the planet Lumina, is nursing Victor back to health.

    or they can borrow DAYS’ Eugene time machine and Tea can go back before Victor was shot.

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    Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t care what they call him, TSJ’s char belongs with Tea! I am ecstatic upon hearing of his return for the finale. He, Tea and us fans deserve a happy ending and I hope we get that.

    Honeslty, I think PP should do whatever they must, work around whatever they must, pay whatever they must, to get him to sign on for their product. He is an amazing actor and plays an amazing character. Tea and Flor have been doing a great job holding it down in his absence, but the truth is, they are the heart of the show for me. He belongs there.

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    Woo Hoo! I sure hope that TSJ comes back home to OLTL! For too many years, OLTL was all about the Buchanans and I saw a glimmer of the “Lord family” beginning to rise with the Todd vs Todd story. Besides, Todd vs Victor without Victor made the entire sibling rivalry come to a screeching halt.

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    i agree! the sibling rivalry between Todd and Victor Jr was a joy to watch. And the show should’ve been focusing on the Lords instead of Stacy or Gigi or what ever she is calling herself these days, Kim, Liams paternity, Messica etc.

    would’ve been nice to have a thansgiving at the Lords this year with Tea, Victor, Todd, Blair, Tina, Viki all sitting at the same table.

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    I assume any week now someone will visit Victor’s grave and find out that someone’s dug up Victor’s body and taken it – probably Jack.

    As sponge said, there’s no way that Todd will turn out to have murdered Victor, just as there’s no way that Jack will turn out to have murdered anyone (since “Stacey” is undoubtedly Gigi, and Jack had nothing to do with Stacey showing up).

    The only thing I’m not sure about is whether Ilene is still alive. But she most certainlt brainwashed Todd to shoot Victor, and probably arranged for Victor to appear dead – or maybe that Victor was another clone Irene had cooked up.

    I’ve been guessing that Victor wiil come back for the PP OLTL, but I don’t know whether TSJ will come back or whether they’ll have to recast the part. If the latter, Victor will have to have more plastic surgery, and maybe TSJ will show up to have that surgery (as Ian Buchanan did on GH a while back when he turned into Greg Beercroft)

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    I pray to all the soap Gods and powers that be that this is true. OLTL just isn’t the same for me without TSJ. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be true.. It’d make my YEAR


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    I guess I could tolerate a TSJ return since he seems so popular and it might be good for the show, but as for me I really disliked his acting style and choices. I could do without him, that’s for sure.

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    Hold up FV refused his offer to stay till the finale because they absolutely could NOT rewrite the story and now he might be back???Typical FV BS spin. If TSJ comes back he is a nice guy because I would have told FV/ABC to kiss my ass after they treated him like trash.

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    [quote=josstheguy]Having “Victor” held hostage and learning that he’s the real “Todd” would be a hoot!
    No matter what, TSJ is great [/quote]

    Revealing him as real Todd would be epic and TSJ will always be Todd Manning to me.

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    I think One Life To Live needs to get Irene back on as soon as possible for she made the show exciting to watch and she is my favorite new character.I love the way she talks to Todd and messed with both Victor’s and Todd’s heads.Anyone notice how Thomas mentioned that Agent Baker was released when Irene was for Irene arranged for her release so she also must have arranged for Agent Baker’s release as well.For he must have helped her stage her death so she could get away to a new hideout where she also has Victor stashed.Irene is very smart to make Todd believe he killed both her and Victor being able to mess with his mind while knowing she is still very alive.

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    I am with Nellie Claire too…I never took Victor’s murder seriously either. This news is nice. I honestly think I am going to go on hiatus from this website for a while and just watch the last x amount of months left on ONE LIFE TO LIVE without any backstage rage or spoiler info. Though I totally appreciate Daytime Confidential, I just want to be surprised as the sun sets on the first soap opera I ever cut my teeth on. When it’s all said and done I will come back and see what’s going on with Prospect Park…hopefully the sun will rise again on OLTL as well as the family album opening again for AMC…Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!!!

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    Now, about Frank Valentini and TSJ’s offer to stay. How do we even know that this is real? It could have been their intention to bring Trevor back this whole time. TSJ may have had something else that he wanted to do and this story could have been cooked up to keep us guessing. In truth, I don’t really mind this idea. With today’s soap news available daily via computer there are few surprises left to the soap fan. As much as I like knowing everything so quickly, every once in a while it is nice to be surprised. You know, just like the old days.

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    I acknowledge that TSJ has fans and I am not trying to participate in that fan war, but in the few years that I watch TSJ, I was not moved at all. It always appeared that he had something better to do. He was never into the scene, until his last few scenes.

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    I must state that I cannot stand dumb people, its sad to know that some people in this world are so incredibly dumb. I bet there is a special place in hell for dumb people. I used to wonder why God always sent floods and plagues in the days of the Old Testament, now I get it.

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    I doubt this will happen, regardless this is all the confirmation I need that FV, RC and anyone else who is in charge at OLTL are complete idiots. Any producer with half a brain would recognize the amazing chemistry between TSJ and FL and realize how important it is to have such a pairing on their show. Say what you want about ATWT, they certainly appreciated the amazing chemistry between Michael Park and Maura West and made sure they were together in the final episode. I guess the idiots in charge at OLTL are slowly coming to realize the error of their ways and now have Tea pregnant with TSJ’S Todd child. IDIOTS, YOU SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN RID OF THE CHARACTER IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! ITS TOO LATE TO MAKE AMENDS. KARMA DOES NOT LIKE DUMB PEOPLE AND YOU WILL DEFINITELY PAY FOR YOUR STUPIDITY!!!

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    I knew that this was not going to happen! Thanks, for disappointing your fans once again, ABC DAYTIME.

    UPDATE: I am more than happy to admit that I was wrong. MY TSJ CAME BACK!
    I’m still not a fan of ABC DAYTIME, but they didn’t upset me for once. It’s a miracle!

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