Kassie DePaiva Sounds Off on Hubby James and Max Holden Being Absent From OLTL’s ABC Finale!

In an emotional interview with TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich, One Life to Live star Kassie DePaiva talked about many of Blair's loves, including Max Holden, once played by DePaiva's real-life husband James DePaiva. How does DePaiva feel about Max not making it back to Llanview before OLTL exits the ABC airwaves? Keep reading to find out!

“I’m really shocked that they didn’t bring Max back,” she said, barely holding back tears during what was already an emotional day of interviews. “Jim DePaiva made a huge contribution to the show, and I don’t know if it was intentional, the snubbing… but it doesn’t take [his contributions] away. Women of my generation still think he’s hot, and I’m married to him so I’m the luckiest one here!”

Are you guys bummed that Max Holden won't be a part of OLTL's ABC send off? Should Prospect Park invite him aboard the online version? Tell us how you feel in the comments!

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    Max was the hottest thing yet on OLTL – but no one should be surprised here. The people behind these soaps are just heartless and not nostalgic or sentimental at all. Its bottom line for them. And I hope they are not too young here. If they have alot of time left to work before they call it a day, they can be on the receiving end some day of this bullshit they put these AMC/OLTL people. Ive been watching and rooting for JR on DWTS. He makes me cry everytime I see him, and last night my prayer for him was to just keep getting good happy work to do. I dont want the soaps hurting him. That would be very sad. They are not respectors of persons, and he should be placed on a high pedestal.

  2. Profile photo of blake3b

    I too am shocked that he hasn’t been invited back. Sorry for him and Kassie.
    And God forbid Dorian and Kelly won’t be back before the end either. They could have at least pretaped them having scenes for the end. They did for the actress who played Kelly when she was Dinah on Guiding Light.

  3. Profile photo of Desertrose

    I am totally with Kassie…MAX/JAMES is HOT! They had smokin’ chemistry when they brought Max back for Asa’s funeral. (You are one lucky lady, Kassie…you are MARRIED to him!)

    He should have been brought back for the ending of OLTL…there is a big hole where Max would have fit right in…I mean we have Tina & Cord for heaven’s sake! Where’s MAX??! (Stupid stupid ABC…..)

    I would LOVE to see him on PP’s version of One LIfe. (Are you listening PP??)

  4. Profile photo of soapbabie

    I agree! Max was and is hot and a big part of OLTL history. I was really looking forward to seeing him. Do not understand at all why he was not asked back. Rather see him than any more of Cutter or Jack or a couple others! I vote yes, we want him back….. :love:

  5. Profile photo of Luke

    I gave up trying to figure out the decision making of these morons a long time ago. I would have thought bringing Max back would have been a given….hell, he should have been brought home along time ago for actual storylines.

  6. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I loved James DePaiva and I’m so loving that Mrs. DePaiva still thinks she’s the luckiest woman alive…she is. To be with someone for this many years and to still believe that is a wonderful testament to them and their marriage.

    As for Max Holden…he was a huge part of an ensemble cast during OLTL’s glory days and was one of the reasons I was a faithful viewer for so many years. After that era ended…so did my faithful viewership. I tuned in when I could but it was never the same.

    I’d like to say I’m shocked but it has been clear to me that for quite some time that the lunatics have taken over the asylum and there is NO LOW that I don’t believe ABC or Brian Frons and his minions are capable of sinking to.

    WE love you James and you made the character of Max Holden “must see TV”. We haven’t forgotten even if ABC has. Hope to see you at Prospect Park! :)

  7. Profile photo of soapbaby

    This is so disappointing. What a poor decision for Max Holden to not return to the show before / by the finale when we already have Tina and Blair onscreen plus the returns of Gabrielle, Luna and Megan! Max been the main love interest of all of these characters at some point so I just assumed Max’s return was a given. I mean the actor is married to one of the show’s leading ladies and he was not asked back for an episode? Ridiculous. I guess there was no room for Max Holden because of the need for airtime for Jack/Neela, StaGi and shirtless Ford Bros. :-/

  8. Profile photo of marm

    You bet I’m shocked! I loved Max and James DePaiva; I think he is a wonderfful, charismatic actor and I loved it when his character Max was was paired with Blair, much more chemistry than with Todd! Please bring him back, he has been missed!

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Max and Blair had far more heat that Blair and Todd ever could. I guess that’s why those two ended up married in real life. Max was a smart, sexy rascal of a character, with an acerbic sense of humor, kind of like Mason on Santa Barbara. He was also more like Asa than Bo or Clint ever was.

    If they’re bringing back all the women Max was involved with at one time or another, then it stands to reason that they would bring him back, at least as a point of reference.

  10. Profile photo of awesomeGod

    I thought “Max Holden” would be one of the first people they would have ask to return. The others would have been

    Ed Hall, Larry Wolek. These people were fan favorites.

  11. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Not bringing Max back is a HUGE oversight or slight….Max was one of the hottest guys to ever grace the OLTL stage AND ALSO one of my most favorite characters on this show…and I agree with KDP…He is still hot…I for one… am as mad as she is over this….Totally ridiculous!

  12. Profile photo of luverica

    OMG awesomeGod! I forgot about the phenomenal Al Freeman, Jr. as Captain Ed Hall. Capt. Hall was the man and if I’m not mistaken, he was the first African-American to win a Daytime Emmy Award for acting. They should definitely have him make at least a cameo.

  13. Profile photo of samanthadelayed

    I am stunned that he is not coming back for the end. I miss Max because he was always one of my favorite characters! I just wonder whose cornflakes he pissed in to deserve such a snub. :( They could have at least brought him back to be the best man at a Tina and Cord wedding ;-)

  14. Profile photo of BruceLyn

    I won’t go on, and on, and repeat everyone, but I want to say this. James Depaiva, (MAX) belongs back in Llanview, and I am appalled with the decision to not include him. Well I guess I am repeating, but I would be mad as hell too id I was Kassie. All them years he put in with the show, and he is OLTL CORE! Very dissapointed in this. And is Luna really coming back too? That doesn’t make since, Luna, yet no Max. COme on already.

  15. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    That sucks!!! JDP should have been one of the first actors to be asked back!! When I was a teen back in the 80’s I had such a crush on Max!! KDP is one lucky woman. OLTL is dumb for not bringing Max back! He could have had one last fling with Tina, Blair or even Roxy!!! And another thing! I agree with some poster that they could have brought back Larry Wolick, Ed Hall and they could have brought back Wanda Wolick also!!! JMO!

  16. Profile photo of liason4real

    I still remember how RJ laughed when Max tried to introduce his new “bride” Roxie who was sitting on the bar eating olives out of a jar! Good times!

    Yeah, Max, Dr. Larry Woleck, Wanda Wolek and even Karen should have made a pass through Llanview. We could have seen a hospital party where Dr. Larry Wolek was stepping down as Chief of Staff or even head of the hospital board. Wanda could have shown up to wish Larry well, Karen could have slipped in to see her ex-husband and Max could have been on his way out west and stopped in Llanview.

  17. Profile photo of nellie-claire

    OLTL is bringing back everyone who was a part of the Max Holden storyline, everyone but Max himself and that is obscene.
    I also think that it is inexcusable that Larry Wolek has not returned. Larry Wolek was an original OLTL character, in my opinion, Larry should never have been written out. There hasn’t been a Wolek on OLTL in years and that is wrong.
    As for Roxy, I still harbor hope that she and Nigel will find their way back to one another. Call me crazy but I really enjoyed the two of them together.

  18. Profile photo of Llanview76

    I don’t begrudge the show too much for what it has become. They do give shout outs to their past albeit they will rewrite history at times like the whole 1968 time travel story. However just a mere name mentioning of Max Holden is not enough to respect the contributions his character and the actor who played him gave to the soap over the years. James DePaiva was the svengali of Llanview. Everybody I knew who watched the show at the time he was on loved any and all his romances. I liked Max and Megan but most of all Max and Luna. If only Max and Cord…but that is besides the point. There are a lot of people that should be recognized before the show goes off the air on January X, 2012. I thought they were paving the way for the Woleks indirectly through Aubrey when she admitted her name was Christine Karr. I thought Nancy Snyder might show up as Katrina Karr the character mentioned in the infamous Karen Wolek testimony and then Judith Light. That’s a big problem I have with the show…it starts some really good stories and then they get muddled and the climax isn’t that much a pay off – Mitch’s return, Melinda’s murder, Cutter/Kimberly and Aubrey…just to name a few.

  19. Profile photo of syworld82

    Max not coming back to OLTL was not a misstep or a OOPS im sorry.. It was intentional. Blair and Max were a super couple and to have Max come back would have destroyed their purpose to have a Blair/Tomas/Todd Triangle.. However, a better triangle would have been Blair/Max/Todd.. That would have been MONUMENTAL…

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