More Gossip on Jonathan Jackson’s Upcoming General Hospital Exit!

While Jonathan Jackson's departure from General Hospital has been rumored online for weeks, news that the actor actually made the decision to quit has been a shocker for soap fans and the industry. Since the initial report, more deets have come out about what possibly made Jackson decide Port Charles wasn't such a 'Lucky' fictional city to live in anymore.

According to TV Guide's Michael Logan, setsiders claim Jackson "is exhausted from a heavy work schedule and months of a harrowing storylines that have included the death of Lucky's child and the character's addiction to drugs. " Meanwhile, ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting ABC Daytime may be scrambling to convince Jackson to stay. I know, why not hire a new showrunner and head writer? Wendy Riche and Sri Rao, anyone?

It's really no wonder such a talented actor would want to make a canonball dive off the sinking ship that has become General Hospital. Anyone tuning in this week to see the multiple Daytime Emmy sitting in a doggone Irish cemetary, waiting for a sign from his dead, five-minute wife, while fending off "watchers" and old women with bad Irish brogue, can quickly see why he's considering other career options. We all know ABC wants out of the soap game, but is it really necessary to allow the daytime drama that invented Love in the Afternoon to go out like this? 


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    No Daisy

    “…but is it really necessary to allow the daytime drama that invented Love in the Afternoon to go out like this?”

    Apparently, ABC thinks it is. Can this show get any worse?

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    Or give the man a lighter work load. Why the hell is it so hard for ABC to lighten the workload FOR all of its overused actors? They bitch and complain about money and the economics….Give these people a break so you can use other characters who might not be as expensive. Either ABCD is really run by morons or they’ve seriously have gone the route of sabotaging GH as a passive aggressive attempt to blame its demise on us

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    As usual, people, we all know that all the common sense solutions and reasoning in the world won’t help save this show b/c they just don’t give a GOOD KITTY!!!

    They won’t rest until it’s time for us to write ANOTHER obituary for another beloved soap!!

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    Everyone critized JJ for always crying, when in actually he was acting as he should for the circumstances of the storyline. Poor guy, he was damned if he did, and damned if he didnt. I thin he did a great job, and his crying only made me see how great he was.

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    Garin W has not changed much. Not impressed. I wonder how much Frons has in the way of input. ABC wants out. They should just announce and allow it to go out in style. After GL was cancelled they sunk money into the show and brought back actors/characters and also showed beloved actors who were missing in action all to save money and mainly to kill the show. Hindsight is 20/20. GL has Ashley, Grady and deaged Daisy for months upon end until the cancellation and then they were backburnered or let go. In other words put out of their misery.

    I see in GH some characters are the frontrunners who really should be secondary in show. I won’t be specific because that is not my point. I just don’t see where GH is going to fit next year. ABC has more shows than spots.

    It was rumored he was leaving awhile ago. Even the story of him going back to Ireland was leaked months ago. This does not shock many. He probbly picked up enough monetarily to move on comfortably. I wish him luck and I am sure we will see him elsewhere.

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    If I was Jonathan, I would stand firm on my decision to leave GH, and let the TPTB suffer. If they really cared, they would have lightened his workload and gave him a much better storyline a long time ago. I say keep jumping.

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    Why would ABC Daytime care if he goes or stays when they don’t give a damn about General Hospital or it’s viewers? I don’t believe for a nanosecond that they’re trying to get JJ to stay! They’re just a bunch of SOBs who are playing mind games with the audience!!! :Sp

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    For selfish reasons I want him to stay because he IS General Hospital to me and I don’t want to see the show end with him not on it but we shall see….

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    Hmm…something doesn’t sit right with me with the “details” of JJ’s exit. I have no faith in GH’s PTB but I think JJ always intended on making his latest stint on GH short-term. The claim that he was fatigued from months of “harrowing storylines” seems like a soft claim given that actresses on soaps face portraying nothing but misery from rapes, miscarriages, dead children and kidnappings. I think JJ is a very good actor but over the past few months he never imbued Lucky with any inner strength and that’s an acting choice just like sniveling and crying are.

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    I enjoy Jonathan Jacksons’ Lucky Spencer. I agree with those who said that the others who took on the roll just didn’t do it justice.

    While I understand if he just folded his tent and left, I do hope that he can at least be persuaded to extend his stay beyond Jan. of 2012.

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    ABC Daytime is not committed to keeping GH on the air. Period.

    And, they’re too worried that ratings would sky rocket on another network that would actually care about the writing, the vets, the core families etc. therby making it a huge success again, going up against their own network. So, instead they will let GH whimper into a slow death, rather than fix what’s wrong so they can blame the viewers lack or interest, hence the low ratings.

    TIIC are banking on new daytime shows like the Revolution, the Chew (aka the spew) & Katie (failed miserably on CBS news)Couric, Steve Harvey, etc. to fill in shows that nobody will care about and slip into oblivion within a year in comparison to shows that were a household mainstay for 30, 40, 50 years.

    I’m not sure what success Prospect Park will hold for the average “non-computer savvy” daytime soap viewer if it goes online. Too bad they didn’t keep SoapNet for what it was intented for, instead of yet another Disney kid show. JMHO

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    Wendy and Sri? I know it’s late in the game, but can they pull anybody that has new blood? I’m soo tired of these same recycled people. It’s the same people doing the same things. I realize they’ll never do it, but imagine but if they only brought in young, fresh minds maybe they will get those type of viewers back. Eh- it’s a wrap.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @daytimefan0001 Sri is new to soaps. He’s written mostly for primetime and film. His only experience with daytime soaps was General Hospital: Night Shift, Season 2, which was written from a fan’s perspective and garnered mass critical acclaim.

    As for Wendy Riche, she’s not recycled. She hasn’t been in daytime in years and her stint as executive producer of General Hospital is second only to Gloria Monty’s first stint in terms of creative success. Since then she went on to help create MTV’s Laguna Beach, which led to The Hills and helped create the glossy docusoap template that now dominates womens’ cable television. My suggestion of Wendy Riche and Sri Rao is not just more of the same Goutmans, Kreizmans, etc.

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    I[quote=sweetiepie]I enjoy Jonathan Jacksons’ Lucky Spencer. I agree with those who said that the others who took on the roll just didn’t do it justice.

    While I understand if he just folded his tent and left, I do hope that he can at least be persuaded to extend his stay beyond Jan. of 2012.[/quote]
    I read in TVGuide that he has already filmed his last scenes and will be off the air by mid December.

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    In an interview Sri Rao said flat out he didn’t want a five day a week gig writing for a soap opera he said with the utmost respect he can’t see how they do it. He said he’s interested in films and all that. I think it really doesn’t matter who the headwriter is because Frons is still dictating story. They’ve hired a new co-headwriter Shelly Altman but what good will she do not being able to tell her story, just like Wolf, they are writing for Brian Frons (and probably Jill Phelps) he dictates story. GH is as good as done nothing will change new names on the same old story telling.

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    Remember, Garin Wolf reports to Brian Frons and Jill Farren Phelps. They approve storyline. They’re a fans of mob central.

    Frankly, I’m surprised how GH dropped the Quartermaine ball. With Jason’s brain surgery, the Q’s seemed to come back on canvas but disappeared quickly. Why? The fans want Monica but she’s nowhere to be seen. Why couldn’t Jason have awoken with all of his old memories alongside his new ones?

    Unfortunately, we’re left with more of the same old same old. A good actress like Lexi is fired to be replaced with a sexier actress needlessly. And, we find our screens cursed with another visit from Franco. Why? He’s a terrible character. Franco has done nothing for the show. He’s no Faison or Helena Cassadine or even Lisa Niles.

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    I won’t miss JJ same as VM. GH has wasted a lot of actors but I don’t think either one intended on staying beyond what they originally committed to. BEcky’s husband in fact said Becky has known for sometime JJ was leaving so it was in the cards months ago.

    As for fixing GH, you know I love you people but GH has been gutted for YEARS AND YEARS, one piece at a time. Keeping JJ on screen is not going to change that. I wish people were as passionate over the years that Bob Guza over 10 years was allowed to gut this show but many were so busy pimping the many loves of Carly and Jason they were blind to what was being done to the Cassadines, didn’t care about the Quartermaines, or even the hack writing Robert, Holly, and Anna’s returns got or how about the destruction of AJ or Rick Webber. As long as the trio of suck were front and center and Guza was propping them to holy hell no one cared. Bob Guza was great.

    I will say if the soap media took a more objecrive and critical look at this show as they did for AMC, for Days, for the current Y&R, maybe it could have helped get people behind fixing this show when it went off the rails 10 years ago. As it is I won’t shed a tear when GH is cancelled. The show died 10 years ago and they won’t have one thing worthwhile to sell to Prospect Park if and when their time comes.

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    “We all know ABC wants out of the soap game, but is it really necessary to allow the daytime drama that invented Love in the Afternoon to go out like this?”

    AMEN! If I had a choir, I’d cue them to sing.

    It’s so very sad and completely unnecessary for ABC to allow this show to go off the air like this. They know who to hire to make it better. They know what the fans want. Sure, we all have our favs but what we really want is a proper exit.

    Their refusal to hire a decent writer and executive producer is almost sadistic as anything the multitude of serial killers have done on this show.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @pumpkin: You said “After GL was cancelled they sunk money into the show…”

    Well I sure could not see in the production values where they sunk the money into the show. If you are going to go out you don’t end with shaky Handycam’s, actors changing clothes in cars and restrooms while local townspeople go by and when it is lunchtime you actually have to go to the McDonald’s in full makeup and costume to get a snack with your own money. Sinking money into the show is not having your actresses having to tie their hair up at night in a scarf or sleep on the hands as not to mess up that do’ since it has got to last the week. And it sure ain’t using dollar store makeup, Aquanet and L.A. Looks to keep the hair in place and Walmart clothing as the wardrobe.

    I’d agree that they brought back some actors. But to say they sunk money into the show is by far a gross exaggeration of GL.

    Bringing back actors is not sinking money into a show, that is just pleasing fans as it comes to an end.

    And if we are going to look at the best end to a soap since the turn of the century it would have to be AMC. Now they went out with class, not half assed.

    So while it would be enticing to bring back a bunch of fan faves or convince JJ to stay, it would better if GH ended with the cast it has and writing like they never written before to wind the show down, then a bunch of returns with this type of writing.

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    I stopped watching about a month ago. I just can’t watch anymore, the SL ‘s havent gotten any better. I started watching GH in 2004 and I enjoyed it at first. It has slowly started going down hill for me to the point now where I just cannot watch. Reading spoilers make me roll my eyes, I can’t imagine what i’d be doing actually watching it.

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    [quote=soapbaby]I think JJ is a very good actor but over the past few months he never imbued Lucky with any inner strength and that’s an acting choice just like sniveling and crying are.[/quote]
    LMAO sorry I just had to chuckle at the sniveling and crying and yes IA, I think JJ has been phoning it in for months now and while I do not like him I can’t blame him

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    Mary TJTDA

    Well, Jamey, you told us all when Garin Wolf, the one-time scab writer, was hired, that he was not better than Bob Guza; he was CHEAPER than Bob Guza, and it was money, not a desire to save GH on ABC, that was the reason for the switch. I truly wish the show was better and will continue to watch and support it but it is dark and dreary.

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    I, for one, would be interested in what he was (or wasn’t) promised in terms of story/character development when he made the decision to come back. I think there will be a fairly long period of time before he divulges anything about his second stint, if at all. Classy individual dealing with less than classy organization… 0:)

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