One Life to Live’s Farah Fath on Dirty Soap: “It’s Very Misleading”

Are E!'s cameras pulling a fast one on Dirty Soap viewers? According to Farah Fath  they are. Fath dished with We Love Soaps regarding her plunge into reality TV and, revealed what you see on the Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos venture isn't always quite what it seems.


WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Let's talk about DIRTY SOAP. I'm Loving it. Do you have any regrets?

Farah Fath: No, no regrets. We knew going into it that they could alter conversations, edit things any way they want…


Farah Fath: Yes. They've literally, when I've been talking about a person, they have dubbed it into when I'm talking about someone else. It's that misleading. Oops! But some scenes play out and I think, "Well, that's how that really happened." And other scenes play out and I just want to get on Twitter and clear the air. But I can't.

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    I’m not a betting woman, but one has to wonder (or actually we know this) – what are the chances she and JP will be back on if it is picked up for a second season?

    I think Brandon and Nadia are the most real seeming, JP needs a serious intervention from What Not to Wear and the rest, well, not much to say, but I kind of like Kelly.

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    This is what all reality participants say. It’s a shame that more people don’t realize how edited and packaged reality TV. All of these shows have writers who create a storyline based on what’s been taped (or even before the camera rolls).

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    You are only allowed to blame maybe .00001% on editing honey. THE REST IS ALL YOU!

    I’m sure editing is making her HORRIBLE gay friends say the crap the comes out of their mouths, and Farrahs too.

    If you have to go the “It’s not me, it’s post production editing” as an excuse for your OBNOXIOUS behavior, then you’ve got more underlying problems.

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    I was enjoying this show until they started showing Nadia’s mother. She comes off as nasty and I have to wonder if she is really like this or they are just playing it up for the cameras.
    And I am not surprised they are editing everything out of context.. how else can they make the lives of these people seem anything more than mundane.

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    Farrah comes off as the biggest, most unlikable bitch. I don’t see how JP can stand her. I feel that Kelly has come off as very hard and potty mouthed, up until this last episode when she took the sick girl under her wing. I think that was possibly put in there in an attempt to try to give her some softness. In the episode the week before when Steve Burton’s friend was helping Kelly learn about nutrition, it seemed like Steve Burton wasn’t crazy about her. Nadia and Brandon seem very nice as do Galen and Jenna, and i miss seeing them.

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    I enjoyed everyone on the show. Nadia is a doll. I never knew her cause I dont watch DAYS. If she was still there Id start watching. Farah and JP were good. I hope Farah gets what she wants from him. Men- they never stop with their bull. I thought it was only like that in my day. It took me back. I hope we will see Kirsten again. I do hope the kid is ok. And Kelly makes me cry just looking at her….she is in so much pain. I hope that works out for her and she eats.

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    These are shows that are hurting dramas. I watched part of the one where Farah comes off rude and self centered. When I watched the one where Galen (Rafe) and his wife were talking about kids, etc. I thought his wife was immature and just plain STUPID. All I thought was how could he live with this stupid person. Then I thought Nadia and family came off dumb as well. Turned it off actually. Thought the conversations were dumb. I lost my regard for all the actors who participated in this venture. Needless to say curiousity is satisfied.

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    Mipeony – Oh Boy do they need a sandwich or 10. If I were them – especially Kelly who was down to 92lbs since her breakup – Id go out all day and eat. Im Italian and EAT is a must. If my grandmother ever saw the size of them she’d conbust.

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    A LOT of the people on Dirty Soap know their time on their respective shows are up, either from getting fired of cancellations.

    they need $$$ and a new “career” as reality tv stars.

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    I LOVE Farah and JP on the show, they are my favorites! Galen’s wife is annoying, just complains all the time. I like Nadia and Brandon, though I hate her mom, she is horrible to people!
    I like Kelly also. Glad the show’s coming back.

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    my favs on DS:

    John-Paul (sans Farah)
    Galen (sans Jenna)
    and a little Kirsten.

    IF there is a second season, i hope they get Hunter Tylo (Taylor from B&B), Molly Burnett & Casey Diedrick (Melanie & Chad from DAYS), and Michael Muhney (Adam from Y&R).

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    Farah is crazy if she thinks they would not hype up her problems with Kristen or Kelly’s break-up with Mike. Or Fary and the other parents or their friends’ reactions. Everybody is hamming it up for the cameras.

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    FF seems like a piece of work. I agree that you can’t blame all that on editing. Talking about one person and then having it dubbed over a discussion about someone else doesn’t negate the fact that you were making the comment about someone. If it was taken negatively then it must have been a negative comment to begin with. I can’t stand her as a person and what she and her friends said about Kristen was pretty low, but I am glad that she is equal opportunity and made a crack about Deidre Hall.

    My memory is hazy, but now I can see the person that would come out and defend JPL when he made that “thanks Brian Frons” post OLTL cancellation comment and the alleged tension with the actors that played Stacey, Kyle, and Brett. Every drama needs its villain and she is mine.

    I miss Kristen. It may be anathema, but I’m not sure I completely believe the endometriosis explanation. It was never stated by Kristen directly. It is so odd that they just excised her without any mention or follow-up. She was the one individual I found compelling. Whatever the issue, I hope she is doing well.

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    I do wonder why now Farah is mentioning this about the show. Wonder if it’s true she’s trying to go back to Days, and with her comment about Diedre Hall on the newest Dirty Soap and now this statement. Hmmmm

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    I think she’s trying to cover up what she said about Diedre Hall and the lip gloss thing. But that was SOOOO funny. After watching these horrible scripted episodes, that was the only thing that seemed real.

    Kelly M’s storyline is ALL scripted. I find her the least likeable. Don’t tell fans about your 2 year relationship and have pictures with your boyfriend if you’re going to pretend you are single for tv. That’s too fake. Why not just have her try to maintain her current relationship between two actor? THey can show that. When she told her friend they were both going through horrible things and that’s why she wasn’t there for her while she had cancer…that made me really dislike Kelly. Her friend had cancer! She went through a breakup. Her friend’s life was on the line. Her physcial appearance changed, etc. She just broke up with a man. That pissed me off.

    Love Nadia and Brandon and Brandon’s family. Now that he’s recurring, he better hope this gets him another job!

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    I can’t believe Farah called Deidre Hall the b with an itch words on Sunday’s episode…watching her on the show makes me wonder what its like for her costars working with her. Everyone by now should know the show is scripted, just like the hills, if you think about it Kelly has been dating this Heath Freeman guy for over a year now. Just another random tidbit, I love when they show the scene where Gigi dies from oltl on dirty soap, I don’t know if its just me, but it makes Farah look like a horrible actress, they’ve showed that clip twice and each time I burst out laughing. I wonder when KS is gonna be back on the show, I actually like her.

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    I love this show. I wish it would never end. I am really disappointed Kristen was never even mentioned again but I am sure that was her request since she isn’t on her twitter page anymore either. Farrah is like JP’s mother. She is so bossy but he is like a kid and kinda need’s that. He sure look’s different with his hair a little longer. I actually think he is cute with his hair longer. I think Kelly is very insecure for as talented and beautiful as she is. That one guy has to be very strong to put up with Nadia’s mother. She need’s to tell her mother she isn’t five year’s old and respect her man or shut up. Her mother is very rude. I am bummed there is only one more show left.

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    I find it funny that FF is now trying to play the “poor editing” card to try to salvage her image as she has looked like a nasty and selfish person since the beginning of Dirty Soap. She probably thought that she was projecting a cool image but as she has become the most hated actor of Dirty Soap by a landslide, her attempt of trying to make people change their mind by saying that “it is not what I said” is just plain laughable. She is not stupid. She knows that she signed for a reality show and that everything she says could be used. So I have no sympathy at all for her. I had no opinion about her before but I can’t stand the little b*tch now. She is mean and her fake sympathy for Kirsten only once she heard that she was sick just made me nauseous.

    You had fun babbling bitchy things, at least own up to it.

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    The Funny thing about Dirty Soap is … Kirsten and Kellys friendship seems forced and scripted while Farah and Kirsten’s friendship/hatred is so real. I realized this when Kirsten found out about her endometriosis and she treated Kelly like just a co-worker. While Kirsten and Farahs lunch was like Two friends getting together after years of not speaking, Yes its going to get heated and yes their family and friends are going to hate the one for not speaking to the other BUT IT WAS A GENUINE FRIENDSHIP/HATRED…

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    Not that it matters much anymore, but Farah is very genuine and sarcastic. Which does not transfer well. Someone on the show had to be the “biotch” and she was nominated. Her rift with Kirsten was very real, they used to be roommates and great friends until a boy got in the way. They are better now, but it was very strained. Nadia is wonderful, sarcastic, devilish, but wonderful. Just follow her and Farah on twitter they have the snarkiest back and forth, LOL funny. Fary does not like Brandon, she has 9 kids or so…she’s allowed. Not nice but she is a nice lady. Beems can deal with it, ultimately it’s Nadia’s life. She is happy with Brandon, and she has told her mother. The Gering’s were just terrible. They killed the show for sure, terrible couple, horrible kids…just mind numbing. Kirsten and Kelly are great friends, their friendship was based on a mutual preservation of each other. They take care of each other. Maybe the reason it seemed forced is because these are actors pretending to be actors in real life, everything will be exaggerated. As for JP, while he is cute I don’t know how Farah did not put him on medication, he would drive me nuts.

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    Oh and as for Deidre, I USED TO love her until I started listening to her interviews, and tweets. FF was sooo right. DH is so full of herself, she acts like she is Jesus coming back to Days. Not genuine, just a nasty person. She said in an interview “If she could pick one Belle Balck to come back who would it be?” She didn’t avoid choosing, she chose Martha…poor Martha. Nice, real nice to Kirsten. DH is just a b****

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