Guiding Light’s Beth Chamberlin Becomes “Special Victim”

Fans missing Beth Chamberlin, take comfort.  CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting the Guding Light alum has booked a guest spot on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit . Chamberlin will play Georgia Stanton, wife of ex- quarterback Jake(Treat Williams), who gets busted in a underage hooker sting operation. The actress' episode is slated to air Dec. 7. 

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit airs Weds at 10 pm EST on NBC.

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    She looks great…but she always did and had watched her age on GL for many years. I remember when she first appeared as “Beth” back in ’87 I wasn’t happy because I wanted Judy E. back but she was at the time on DOOL…but it took me about a month and Beth sold me on Beth because of the chemistry with Grant. In the end she will always be Beth Spaulding, she was the one that had all the Spaulding heirs was on her watch. There must be something about playing the character of Beth Raines because both actresses look amazingly beautiful.

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    Yes, she’s so beautiful and talented. She would have made a GREAT Liza Colby recast on AMC. Or at least they could have cast her as NuKate on GH, since they INSISTED on recasting. She would be TEN times better than that chick they hired!!

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    Beth Chamberlain is absolutely gorgeous. I would so love to see her in a primetime show. Hey, I could see her as the girlfriend of Tom Selleck on Blue Bloods. He needs a recurring love interest and she has the class.

    (I also think it is filmed in New York)

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    Beth is gorgeous and I’m glad she got this gig. I’ve always wondered why another show never scooped her up either. Especially when she was nominated for an Emmy after GL was cancelled.
    God I miss Beth, Phillip and Guiding Light. Sigh.

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