Is Prospect Park Benching All My Children?

Things are not looking good for All My Children fans waiting for the show to relaunch on Prospect Park's The Online Network in January 2012. ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting PP will continue with One Life to Live only. The magazine revealed this shocking information on Twitter stating:

Saw this coming: Sources say Prospect Park won't be moving forward with #AMC, they've decided to focus on #OLTL exclusively. Deets soon…

Soaps In Depth elaborates further on their website:

According to our insiders, the company — which, over the summer, acquired the licensing rights for both AMC and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from ABC — has decided that they only need one soap opera for their new Internet channel, The Online Network. And since TOLN had gotten further along in the process with their plans for OLTL, word is that they are not moving forward with the AMC reboot. 

In September, Deadline reported Prospect Park was dealt with a huge blow, when soap legend Susan Lucci passed on the deal she was offered. The site claims once Lucci shot down PP's offer, they decided to focus solely on OLTL and refocus on AMC. As it stands, Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley are the only two that have inked deals with TOLN.


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    No Daisy

    Although it comes as no surprise, my condolences to AMC fans. I hope PP can get their stuff together for OLTL. I really want to believe that PP can make it happen.

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    I am not surprised by this rumor. I think it’s for the best. It’s not like OLTL where the headwriter and EP are making the transition. AMC was a shell of its former self before it left television whereas OLTL has a structure and a creative team to offer a confident transition as evidenced by the number of cast members already signed onto TOLN’s venture.

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    i hate to be such a pessimist, but it might be easier for some to spare themselves the disappointment and just give up hope on AMC. As someone that was strung along “new life” for Passions, GL and ATWT, it’s not worth the waiting.

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    Its been 40 years from me – daiy – a ritual. I’ve been saying this tho. Not a word has been mentioned about AMC – Ive been calling PP invisable. But what I am hoping for is that OLTL is filming somewhere here in NYC – alot of AMC people moved to LA with that other fiasco. Maybe if they move back here they can go over to OLTL as their AMC characters. In other words, incorporate the two. Forty years down the drain, and those SOB’s PP could have announced this sooner. I dont want to hear legal issues cause… well i just think thats a cop-out. They could have said something sooner than Nov 10. As Jamey said a while ago, DAYS – its looking Better and Better. EFF them.

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    I feel PP spent too much time on trying to sign Susan Lucci then trying to use its history to get AMC up & running. If this proves true, I hope Once OLTL is a success, AMC can be revisited.

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    You can thank Julie Curruthers. If she kept that show in better shape and maintained the “brand” the way OLTL and Frank & Co. do it would be more attractive. I know it’s never fair to place responsibilities on one person- but she holds that title of Executive Producer one look at what a mess that show is and it’s no surprise to me they passed.

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    It’s been apparent for awhile that PP didn’t their act together when it came to AMC.

    I just wish we could’ve gotten a decent finale for AMC without the stupid cliffhanger stuff.

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    I agree with appleridge to an extent. Susan Lucci is the heart of AMC. While Ms. Lucci is breathing, I have a hard time seeing AMC being AMC without Erica. However Jamey made a strong case for how AMC could go on without Ms. Lucci. Hopefully PP can revisit AMC once OLTL gets off the ground.

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    From Errol Lewis who Runs Soap Opera Network:

    Honestly, this piece doesn’t seem to be based on much more than guess work. Additionally, Prospect Park confirmed Darnell Williams, so SID and/or SOD still saying only Hartley and Mathison are signed for AMC 2.0 (if it happens, of course ) need to get off their butts and get in touch with the right people and confirm things. You don’t know how happy I was that we confirmed Darnell with Prospect Park while everyone else continued basing that report on Lindsay’s tweet.

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    I hope it’s just postponed and not canceled outright. Though I like OLTL, AMC is basically my main soap. Not sure if I would even watch OLTL online. I think PP would have been better off choosing OLTL or AMC to be honest.

    Sure, OLTL is better produced, but I feel like more people like GH and AMC. No offense to OLTL fans. Who knows, maybe PP can give it the publicity it deserves?

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    My hope if AMC is postponed like that wording there that when OLTL is a success itll be easier to get AMC Going

    Could this be PP releasing this info just to get more AMCers On board

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    [quote=appleridge]From Errol Lewis who Runs Soap Opera Network:Honestly, this piece doesn’t seem to be based on much more than guess work. Additionally, Prospect Park confirmed Darnell Williams, so SID and/or SOD still saying only Hartley and Mathison are signed for AMC 2.0 (if it happens, of course ) need to get off their butts and get in touch with the right people and confirm things. You don’t know how happy I was that we confirmed Darnell with Prospect Park while everyone else continued basing that report on Lindsay’s tweet.[/quote]

    The fact that they don’t have the funding, its not a stretch. Sounds like Errol is pissed he didnt get the scoop.

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    If its a case where AMC is being postponed, fans may not be there. Speaking only for myself now. I have blabbed that I have been watching everyday for 40 years. I always had a TV at work, than being home with family etc. than vcr- I’ve always been able to watch. But you know what, I love soaps. And I still watch oltl as always and GH as always, than I found Y&R and I love it. What Im saying is if 6 months from now AMC comes back, all different, my interest will probably not be there. And PP shoud know that also. NOW – this comment was me speaking for myself. Im sure everyone looks at it differently, but this is me. Im just not interested in bullshit. Im interested in watching a soap opera every day that is going to make me happy.

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    Hi All….Not too much of a surprise. Perhaps PP can produce a movie or 6 week arc to give AMC a proper closure. It should get the focus away from the “OMG, you’re alive!!!” stories and wrap up the crappy cliffhanger they gave us.

    I think it works out for the best that they can give full attention to OLTL. Let’s not forget, they have a 10 year licencing deal for AMC. Perhaps they can start reruns of classic (pre-Pratt!) episodes and, if OLTL takes off, introduce AMC later next year or present a mini-season during an OLTL break.

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    I hope that SL doesn’t end up taking the fall for this. As it was, PP may have spent a lot of time to get her, yet they never once made a personal visit (if there are reports to the contrary, feel free to correct me). That time could have been shortened if they did it with any respect at all.

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    …which means they don’t have enough money to commit to an outside studio which means ABC can pull the plug on them at any moment if they can’t pay their bills…this is not good news for OLTL.

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    I hope Appleridge and others are right. I love OLTl and will definitly support it once it goes online, but if Prospect Park really does think it “needs only one soap” then they are not the lovers of Daytime Drama they claim to be and should not be taken at their word.

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    Appleridge – thanks for your info – I read that. CHARLEYHORSE – It dosent sound scarey to me. I think it is a sound deal. Its a very sensible deal if ABC was willing to agree. The only thing is werent they emptying that out for Katie?

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    [quote=Dariclone]I hope Appleridge and others are right. I love OLTl and will definitly support it once it goes online, but if Prospect Park really does think it “needs only one soap” then they are not the lovers of Daytime Drama they claim to be and should not be taken at their word.[/quote]
    Who said they were lovers of Daytime Drama? The shows were likely a way to help them jumpstart a project that was already in the planning phases. In fact PP indicated their plans were to do more than just the 2 soaps. If I recall they had several other original shows they were planning to launch at some time.

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    WELL …this just made me want to cry. I am much more of fan of AMC and even though I’m not “shocked” but still hurts. I for one won’t be supporting TOLN just OLTL because even on network TV I can’t stomach the over the top stories all the time. AMC will be missed because it was starting to improve with their story lines…how sad. :((

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    PP should invest in a small thirty minute show something like Coronation Street or Eastenders. With a shoestring budget with a cast of 15 and have it star a couple of former 80’s primetime soap stars. To also go on this TOLN other than OLTL and other shows.

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    Jeff K is a fan of OLTL he said that in an interviewer. My hope is that if AMC is on delay the success of OLTL On TOLN wiull make AMC easier to revive. PP has AMC for 10 years.

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    Appleridge – Yea they can do anything they want. But will the fans be there. I will, even tho Im pissed off beyond belief. But all that time later with no show? That is taking some chance. To invest all the money to bring it back, months after the last show….I dont know – real iffy to me. And what about the actors? Oh boy, the way I see it they better do it now or never.

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    In Development…Numerous ‘One Life to Live’ Stars Saying No to Potential Prospect Park Move.

    Developing at Soap Opera Network… a number of actors are privately and publicly confirming they will not be joining “One Life to Live” when it goes online via Prospect Park’s Online Network.

    Joining Terri Conn, who announced her decision via Soap Opera Digest, are John-Paul Lavoisier, Farah Fath, Nic Robuck, Bree Williamson, David A. Gregory, Kristen Alderson and Eddie Alderson.

    More news to come…

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    ^^ PP has more actors inked than the ones announcing not going. Besides Eddie Alderson, no real losses in the ones not making the transition. A smaller, more streamlined cast is a good sign for the show’s future.

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    This doesn’t bode well for General Hospital, which may be just as well. GH isn’t even a shell of it’s former self. Where a great institution once stood, there remains only scorched earth.

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    I’m sure I’ll get crucified for saying this, but oh well. I partly blame greedy ass Susan Lucci for this. She is the “star” of AMC and they couldn’t get her to commit. They didn’t have a problem with Erika Slezak ! Susan Lucci should know by now that good things come to those who wait. Lets see how much Susan will work as an actress without AMC. I seriously doubt very much at all. She’ll be kicking herself for not accepting their offer in a year or two.

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    GG78 – no crucification here – There are alot of rumors, and not ONE actor came out and tried to speak publically to their LOOOOOONG time Fans. So not cool. And Ive said it before and I will say it again, any legal issue that needs to be kept secret can be. You can, if you really sit down and choose your words, use language to effectively get an encouraging point across without devulging secret info. But you see, there was no encouraging point, thats what all the silence was about. so you know what, January is almost here, and I am taking what will be there, and am done stressing over this because I really have stressed. If Susan, this one or that one dont want to go to AMC or OLTL there are alot of unemployeed very fine actors who would love to have a job as a beloved character.

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    I think PP will launch OLTL first since they have enough cast to get going. If OLTL proves successful Im sure AMC will appear and some reluctant stars may even end up signing on

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    I feel bad for the AMC fans, though it might be just postponed.
    I’m curious how OLTL will be on PP. I am glad to hear that Blair, Viki, Clint, Natalie and John will continue on the show. Not glad that Jack and Destiny will be on it.
    And I read that Ford, Jessica, Gigi, Rex, Matthew, Aubrey and Starr won’t be going, and maybe Nora and Bo too. I’m not too disappointed that Ford, Jessica, Aubrey and Matthew won’t be on there. They can be recasted easily.
    There’s a rumor the actress playing Rama won’t come to the new version and that is music to my ears! I can’t stand her on OLTL, and I really hope that Vimal’s sister does not go to the new version also (though she probably will since she was hired towards the end of the network run). I’m sorry but she’s as bad as Rama.
    Curious if they’ll charge people to watch online and if i’ll really watch it on there. Guess we’ll see how it goes and check it out.

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    How can anyone expect OLTL to be successful enough to warrant AMC being resurrected? This news makes me doubt whether OLTL will ever see the light of day, either.

    Let’s be real. If a network soap moves to the web, it’s only going to have a fraction of the network audience (not everyone is as fanatical as the fans who visit soap blogs). How could that possibly be successful?

    This whole idea was just an attempt by former ABC execs to deflect the anger the soapworld was targetting at ABC. Now that months have passed, AMC is dying with a whimper. The same thing will happen to OLTL, I believe.

    And I don’t blame Susan Lucci for anything. PP(ABC lackeys) probably offered her a deal so pathetic that she couldn’t possibly say yes. What a great way to–once again–deflect blame, and stick it to Lucci for the things she said about Frons in the addendum to her book. Wake up, soap fans. You’ve been HAD!

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    @prospectpk launching #OLTLfirst makes sense. They have 13 confirmed actors, An EP, HW & Studio Space. #OLTL’s Success with prospectpk’s #TOLN can Only Help get Not Only #AMC Back On Air But Hopefully Some Reluctant #AMC Stars 2 sign On.

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    Prospect Park’s planned 2012 online revival of “All My Children” following its September exit from ABC is expected to be delayed by at least a few months.
    Sources familiar with Prospect Park, which had announced July 7 that it would bring both “Children” and “One Life to Live” back to life early next year as Internet series, believe they are leaning toward staggering the reboot of the two soaps, with “One Life” returning ahead of its counterpart.

    ABC aired its final episode of “All My Children” on Sept. 23, replaced by food talkshow “The Chew.” “One Life” is scheduled for a January farewell from the Alphabet net, to be succeeded by health-and-lifestyle show “The Revolution.”

    The soaps are scheduled to air on newly created The Online Network (TOLN), which Prospect Park has said will launch in January with entertainment and lifestyle shows that would compliment the soaps.

    While several cast members have been locked up for “One Life,” the same hasn’t been true for “Children” — underscored by series legend Susan Lucci turning down an offer to stay with the series. In September, Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley did sign on for the post-ABC online version of “Children.”

    From the day Prospect Park announced its plans to keep the two soaps alive in an ad-supported online format, questions were raised over how the projects would be funded, with speculation quickly arising that a cable home would necessarily be found for them.

    Former Disney Studios head Rich Frank co-founded Prospect Park, which co-produces such shows as “Royal Pains” for USA and “Wilfred” for FX, with industry vet Jeff Kwatinetz.

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    I predicted this a few weeks ago when Jamey asked what was holding up the PP/AMC negotiations. I said “If PP ends up producing this show I expect it to start sometime after they have launched OLTL.”

    My opinion then and now was that “I think the negotiations are being held up because AMC as a show isn’t a priority for PP.”

    PP’s actions since they picked up the shows clearly indicates where PP’s interests lie and its not in AMC. If PP was interested in AMC they would have pursued the actors even before they taped their last scenes at ABC. PP has been focused on the show it intends to produce.

    AMC actors including Susan Lucci and Chrisnell Stause should not be blamed for PP’s delay which I think may eventually turn in to failure to produce AMC online. Two months after AMC actors finished taping PP hadnt even started negotiations with Walt Willey and Darnell Williams (I know he later signed) and people think PP is interested in AMC?

    On Tuesday Walt Willey said “In Chicago right now getting ready to go into the studio to cut a demo for a radio show…that’s right, a radio show! If PP won’t have me, it’s time to do something I always wanted to…wish me luck!”

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    The link is dead…said page has been removed? Now, that I digested this news and if their is some truth buried somewhere in-between, maybe PP has enough start-up capital for one soap. I’m not a happy camper but OLTL is the one which increased with viewers. If they can get OLTL launched smoothly in transition they could concentrate on AMC and SUSAN LUCCI and she will recives PP’s full attention. Because of the destruction of AMC and at least Agnes found AMC’s foundation again and the actors on AMC have been through a rough war for the last 5-7 years. PP could feel if they secure SUSAN LUCCI, if other originals are available recast in the younger set. They could go after ER again, JY will be done with B&B, possibly DM. Maybe this is a smart move to show some love to AMC and this could be Agnes’ last great swan song…to get AMC up and running on the web as AMC fans know again. If TOLN would actually “promise” it would be just a “delay” I would support PP watching a block of soaps. I know I’m not the only fan out there fought for AMC first then OLTL. I know there are many people that did the opposite but we each have are favorites on ABC. Mine was AMC. After AMC is launched, GH will have their down time to concentrate and retool and show some love to GH. Lordy, the GH fans will be VOCAL ;) Not a viewer of GH but love reading the posts on DC about GH…they are so amusing and PASSIONATE!! :love:

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    It just sounds like they don’t have the money, nothing against OLTL but only launching with one soap is not going to bode well for that one soap. First they aren’t going to retain the viewership numbers to beging with and now many AMC fans aren’t going to continue watching without their soap being on. What are these other shows they are launching when will we get some info on them

    This may be a blessing for AMC actually putting some time into the development of the show instead of rushing straight to it will benefit them more. IMO neither show needs to just continue as is which is what OLTL is doing. If AMC doesn’t make it online I really hope to see the actors in other projects.

  37. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Is the upfront money there for PP to do either show? Last word from PP was that they still needed financing to make it a go.

    And when and if they get the financing, do they have any sort of creative team in place who can breath new life into this genre? If they produce a crappy show, it’s a serious nail into the coffin of this genre given that everyone will say that “soaps” failed rather than PP and its creative team failed.

    A lot is riding on this. I’d rather have them not go ahead with either show than proceed without a clear vision and the money to back up that vision. We don’t need more crappy shows. We need at least ONE good one that can prove to be successful and profitable anywhere except network daytime television.

  38. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Maybe I was too harsh, with my wording, this could be a rumor and we should all wait and see. However, I remember a cetian “Yay,soaps!” attitude in they’re statments.

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    I will not give up hope just yet. I DO believe, however, that AMC can stand alone without Susan Lucci (although I like her alot). It’s been done before when she was away for long periods of time and the show still went on, and it went on quite well. I say they can bring back Eden and form her into a brand new Erica (only her daughter). Eden brought a very strong Bianca to the show and she can easily fill Susan’s shoes. So can Alecia for that matter. Both could bring a strong character to the show. Susan is not needed if it comes down to that. Yes, they could also add the AMC characters to OLTL with their own character names. That is another option. I will not give up hope yet. Something can still happen here with or without Susan. Maybe if the fans keep repeating this, PP will hear loud and clear and save some money along the way!

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    NWiz1 – That was very nicely put and I do agree with what you are saying, except that fans have exhausted themselves for almost a year now wanting to be heard by someone. It tiring for me now, and for alot of other people I know. PP knows fans want the show, the actors know fans want the show, and yet we remain for months now with only rumors, and not a word from PP and inuendo’s from a and full of actors. I would have never believed a tv show would have come down to such bullshit with the public.

  41. Profile photo of mafelix86

    As a huge AMC fan, oddly enough, I’m not upset about this. I would be upset if AMC weren’t continuing at all, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. It’s just being delayed, which I can understand. With only two AMC stars confirmed, a lack of funds, no head writer, no EP, I was wondering how PP was gonna be ready to premiere AMC in January.

    Even though OLTL has never been my cup of tea, I’m happy for the fans and the fact that OLTL will go on. PP should get on a move on securing as many AMC stars as possible, even trying to get former AMC actors to sign on (Julia Barr, Richard Shoberg, Tonya Pinkins, Kate Collins, etc). Hire Lorraine Broderick as HW, since she cares about the show, the fans and under her tenure, AMC was at it’s finest. THE GLORY DAYS :-)

    And for the love of AMC fans, DO NOT HIRE JULIE HANAN CARRUTHERS AS EP!!!!!! She may be loved by the AMC cast, but she’s the main reason AMC went under. Hire Jean Dadario Burke or Felicia Minei Behr, women who cared about AMC and it’s history and would do an excellent job at keeping the show under budget.

    As long as PP doesn’t drop AMC altogether, I can live with AMC being delayed. Just hope this delation doesn’t last too long because then I’ll start to worry.

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