Tamara Tunie’s Ex-Business Manager Stole $1 Million

Joseph Cilibrasi, the fromer business manager of Law & Order: SVU and ex-As the World Turns star Tamara Tunie, has admitted to stealing over $1 million from the actress, according to the New York Post. Reportedly, the crime took place over the course of a decade.

Prosecutor Peirce Moser said Cilibrasi stole from Tunie by opening a credit card account in her name and writing himself checks from her bank accounts. He used the money to invest in theater and movies, to fund his business and to take vacations, prosecutors said.

Cilibrasi will be sentenced on January 4.

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    I hope this guy gets ugliest, meanest man to bunk with and is a wife beater and makes him “pay” for his cigarettes and makes him wear Kool-aid lipstick! I would like for Days to hire Tamara on a FT basis because this woman has major acting chops. Let Abe this time hit the sheets and have affair and comes out in press and EJ uses it to his advantage. Maybe some old history between Abe and her rekindled. That sure would bring out the Dimera side of Lexie! Tamara can play a good bitch when needed and let the cat fight begin. ;)

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    This reminds me of what happened to the dearly departed Michael Zaslow back in the 90s….he lost his entire lost savings when he was swindled by an investment banker. If I were a celebrity with a huge net worth, I would INSIST on investing my own money and keeping it locked away from shady financial advisers. It’s a lot of extra work, but in the end, it’s worth it.

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    Sorry this happened. I can’t imagine having so much money that I wouldn’t notice a million missing even if it was over so many years. I know a lot of the actors made a lot of money years ago on soaps that made them wealthy but it never ceases to amaze me how the genre has slipped so far. Still a lot of work went into the earnings so that is wrong. I hope the person and/or persons spend time in jail. Live and learn. If possible manage own money or be involved.

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