Ty Treadway and Meghann Fahy Return to OLTL

Boy oh boy things are getting interesting at One Life to Live. According to Soaps in Depth, two more former OLTL stars were spotted on set. Reportedly,  Ty Treadway, who portrayed twins Colin MacIver and Troy MacIver, and Meghann Fahy, who played crazy ass Hannah O’Connor, will be popping up on our screens soon. 

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    I suppose Troy’s return is going to have something to do with Lindsay’s (Catherine Hickland).

    I kind of liked Hannah, but I really see no need to bring back a character that’s not connected to anybody in Llanview.

    What about Tina’s kids? If she and Cord are reuniting, the kids should be around for that.

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    I’m glady Ty is back on OLTL. I’ll never forget him tied to that big wheel with his chest showing! Mmmmmmmmmm!
    But it is great to see him and catherine back! Wish it was for longer and hopefully for Prospect Park also!

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    Seriosuly?! And James DePaiva was not asked to return??? I never cared for Ty Treadway and his characters on OLTL were pointless. I liked Meghann Fahy and she clearly out-acted her contemporaries during her short-stint, but there is NO point in her character making a return.

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    is this an joke?

    i honestly forgot these characters were ever on the show.

    ONCE AGAIN, let’s waste valuable screentime and bring in more characters to take away from the Lords, Buchanans.

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    The Max/JDP insanity aside, I’m really glad to see Hannah back. That was last Halloween that she was making Starr and James dig their own graves, right? Hilarious. Even if she couldn’t hold a gun.

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    OLTL can’t bring back Robin Strasser but brings on some of these other characters that have no connection…go figure. I had to turn off OLTL again today because we get inundated with Rick, the Fords and it grates my soap nerves. If Robin would return I would tune in more often to watch. There is a big hole on canvas with no Dorian.

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    The man on the wheel! Yeah! I like Troy and Hannah was a hoot. It’s a shame that I wanted Hannah to smack Starr and James in the head with that shovel during Halloween and run off with that cute little Hope.

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