Charlie Rose and Gayle King to Join The Early Show

CBS has tried pretty much everything to make The Early Show competitive with NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America, with little luck. Now it’s changing things up once again. According to the New York Times, Charlie Rose and Gayle King are joining The Early Show, which will focus on hard news. Reportedly, the show’s new format will take a page from MSNBC’s Morning Joe and ABC’s The View and be more conversational.

The plan calls for Mr. Rose, who has contributed in the past to the network’s most popular program, “60 Minutes,” to help lead the 7 a.m. hour with Ms. Hill, who joined CBS from CNN in early 2010.

Ms. King will help lead the 8 a.m. hour, typically the softer hour for morning news shows. CBS plans to feature its correspondents, like John Miller, a law enforcement correspondent who was recently hired by the network, and hire other contributors, in much the same way that MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” has a set of recognizable members of its roundtable.

Both Morning Joe and The View’s success can in part be attributed to the chemistry and differing opinions of their respective hosts and recurring regulars.  It will be interesting to see if The Early Show’s new formula leads to success. The New York Times also reveals CBS plans to make its official announcment on November 15.

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    They shoulda just left Maggie Rodriguez, Dave Price, and Harry Smith on. They were the best, and after their departure, the new people are just downright terrible and have caused the viewers it once had to flee other places. Used to watch the Early Show every morning before school for over 5 years. Now if I so happen to be awake, I just watch Good Morning America. Bring me back Dave, Harry, and Maggie, and I (And many others) will return to your program.

  2. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on Dave, Harry and Maggie. Loved Maggie’s personality/intelligence Trusted Harry and Dave was as good and maybe better than the folks on abc/nbc. I think it is name recognition. This will probably boost cbs ratings. I always preferred cbs in the morning but many people never change the station. Morning Joe is what I watch. I get the news and political views. I like everyone on the show and none of them are screamers or crazy right or crazy left. Many will tune in out of curiosity and stay. I am not into the 3 min segments that abc/nbc are famous for. I never liked Meredith so they lost me there. Gayle King is interesting and I like her.

  3. Profile photo of goyankees

    Being from CT, Gayle King WAS an anchorwoman for YEARS at WFSB in Hartford…but still. Now she DOES just seem like Oprah’s Hemmroid.

    I’ve always flip-flopped between GMA and The Today Show; Gotta tell ya…IMO, Anne Curry STINKS!!

    For a while now (well, since Merideth left) I’ve wished Guiliana Rancic would leave E! and go work with Matt. THAT would be great. Again, IMO.

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    I commend The Early Show for trying to be different and not do the infotainment, Entertainment Tonight/Nancy Grace thing like The Today Show and GMA, but they’ll always be third place.

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    Once again The View serves as some sort of a compass for the direction of daytime television. The show sucks and people onl really watch and wait for an argument reall between Joy vs ___Fill in the Blank___. I’m so tired of hearing about the View being a benchmark for tv.

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    I like Charlie Rose’s professionalism and always have especially surrounding issues. Morning Joe is must see TV in house starting at 6 am with coffee. I will definitely check this out because I like a more “hard” news problem as Morning Joe. I myself is very political and involved in politics…politics is very much like soaps…dysfunctional.

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    I think CBS would better be served by using counter programming in the morning. The Today Show and GMA have owned this spot always. CBS has never had a good morning show. Just put on something different and stop trying to head to head compete. Why must all three shows do the same thing at the same time? Put some cartoons or reruns on between 7 and 9 am.The network would be better served replacing their afternoon The Talk and that insipid Let’s Make a Deal with an afternoon news /pop culture news program. It would be nice to have something else to watch besides whose baby daddy and whether the landlord owes the tenent their downpayment back. I just cannot watch another talk/judge show and will not no matter who is the host. If soaps are dead fine (well not fine) but give us something to watch!

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    [quote]The network would be better served replacing their afternoon The Talk and that insipid Let’s Make a Deal with an afternoon news /pop culture news program.[/quote]

    Unless this news/pop culture program is under a different umbrella than their news department, that probably won’t happen. If they’re doing a more serious show in the morning, they most likely won’t have a GMA/Today Show infotainment news program in the afternoon. Besides, we have HLN for that type of “news” programming.

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