How Will Fatherhood Impact John McBain’s Life on OLTL?

How will One Life to Live’s John McBain react when he learns Liam is actually his son? In an interview with TV Guide, Michael Easton discusses John’s reaction to the truth, John and Natalie’s (Melissa Archer) romantic struggles, becoming a real-life father and why he decided to join Prospect Park’s OLTL.

TV Guide Magazine: So John's not even a little bit pissed about the time he's missed with his son?

Easton: He has a second or two of denial but then he really embraces fatherhood. It's almost like he's had some sort of spiritual guidance here. He's always had an affinity for Liam and I think he was hoping for this all along. Not that it's going to be easy. He doesn't know what to do when there's a problem, or what to grab. He hasn't read the books. Basically, I'm doing Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom.

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    I gather this has to be read in an ironic McBainy voice with loads of sarcasm because he seems less than enthused by the storyline by noting:

    * …gone on probably too long…
    * …gotten as much mileage…
    * …difficult to play…
    * …we’ve done that on our show. A lot.
    * …they’ve contrived some circumstances…

    If I saw a movie actor stating the above about a movie or series of movies, I don’t think it would make me want to see it.

    Storylines that go on too long versus too short is another daytime debate. I actually like stories like this that take a while and build to some party or wedding for a reveal.

    I don’t watch the CBS soaps, but on the podcasts at various points there have been criticisms of shows (ATWT and B&B) that move(d) so quickly. I would probably find that more irritating. I like to savor my storylines rather than have problems arise and resolved at lighning speed. When should have John McBain learned about the paternity, Michael?

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    I don’t really mind B&B’s fast pace. I’m never bored. Y&R is way too slow. Like snail’s pace. This storyline was drug out a little too long, IMO.

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    Dyllan, AHH LOL…if you think Y&R is slow now my friend, good lord, Bill Bell was at least 2x slower in pace. He was always bashed my soap press in the day about his pacing on stories, Bill flipped them off because knowing what fans wanted to stories in their favorite characters. The difference was Bill KNEW his story bible and the writing was so SUPERIOR to Maria. There was a reason when Bill was alive why he and his hand-picked writers, producers made Y&R #1. It took him 15 years to reach that pedestal but with John Conboy, H. Wesley Kenney, Ed Scott, Noel Maxim, David Shaughnessy with outstanding writers behind Bill’s vision Kay Alden, Trent Jones, John F. Smith, Jerry Birn, Meg Bennett (Julia) being anchored by Bill in both departments. By Y&R’s third year on TV the show didn’t drop out of the top 6. Top 3 for many many years and #2. We had 15 soaps and by ’88 hit top rating and stayed because of Bill Bell, the man. The soap press didn’t care for Bill’s pacing but fans loved the stories because of the building of the story. Nine times out ten fans was glued because there was always a boiling point with a big return for his characters and viewers.

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    The paternity story line should have ended with John AND Brody hearing the tape found when Gigi died. Brody is stunned at losing another child and John is happy but urging Brody to still be a part of Liam’s life and even asking Jessica to do another paternity test on Ryder.

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    the most ridiculous part of this completely ridiculous story was that after the changing of paternity tests Ryder and Liam and the 3 men involved didnt all take new paternity tests immediately. the 2nd most ridiculous part is that Carlavati didnt realize that having Brody be the father of both babies was the most soapy and story building conclusion. 3rd on my list is having John be averse to raising a child which wasnt his biologically. If he were angry at Nat for lying fine, Natalie has lied too many times for my taste, but he should have asked to play a role in Liam’s life. I dont think Jolie works on any level but to put them back together “for Liam” when she was going to marry Brody who she did not love and he didnt care enough about Liam when he was Brody’s to spend any time with him makes this a pairing of last resort because they have more fans as a couple than they’ve had in any other pairings.

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    maxsmom…Yep, there were too many holes in the paternity story line. There should have been three new paternity tests with Brody as the baby Daddy for Liam and Ryder which is a soap gold mine that should have caused conflict and drama for decades! My instincts are telling me that since ME is one of Frons’ “pets” that meant John was going to end up as Liam’s father no matter the drama with Brody having two sons with Jessica and Natalie.

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    @harlee490 Yeah, but people have ADHD now, and I do believe Bill Bell would have quicken the pace to keep up with the times. I think for the most part OLTL is pretty decent with regards to pacing.

    I’m all for Natlie and John. Keep the suckage together. Plus, is MA and ME going with OLTL online?

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