Anger and Emotion Erupt Between Ejami When Johnny Disappears on DAYS!

We’ve often joked that General Hospital’s Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) is one of soap’s unluckiest characters, but I’m seriously beginning to believe that Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ’s (James Scott) son Johnny on Days of Our Lives should be in the running. This week, Johnny disappears after a shooting at the Brady pub, causing Sami to accuse EJ of being responsible. He denies it and kisses the mother of his children! Watch this week’s DAYS promo after the jump and a November sweeps promo.

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    Now screaming for joy…the story with Johnny is going to be good when it comes to child all family and parties are involved. This will create a lot drama for both sides…I’m loving the scenes with Ejami and that slap is AWESOME coming from Sami…please EJ pick up your face off the floor.

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    When I saw the promo for EJ and Sami, I was like WOW! I won’t be missing the show this week, that’s for sure! That fight between EJ and Sami was potent and powerful! DAYS is on FIYAH right now and I could not be any happier about that.

    When I started watching Days, it was during the time that Marlena was possessed by the devil and was floating in the air. I turned it off at that point and really did not get into DAYS again until earlier this year and saw the hot mess that it was in. Thank God Ken Corday finally took off his rose-colored glasses and righted this ship and set the show on a brand new course! I am once again loving this show!

    Now, I just wish MAB over at Y&R would get her head out of the sand and realize that her show is sinking and sinking fast.

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    EJami is always good!!!! DAYS truly is amazing these days. And Hope and Stefano … fantastic! Also loving Brady with Madison and her rivalry with Kate. Great, awesome stuff.

    Gosh why can’t all soaps that are still on the air be that good. When it comes to quality DAYS is the one and only show that would deserve it these days.

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    [quote=soapjunkie88]Gosh why can’t all soaps that are still on the air be that good. When it comes to quality DAYS is the one and only show that would deserve it these days.[/quote]

    I will submit to you right now that DAYS should pick up a large number of Emmy nominations next spring. This show has been so good since the reboot. If they do not get the “large number” of Emmy noms next spring, I will ask someone to please send me a plate of humble pie!

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    Man that EJ and Sami do love rough foreplay!

    The long comercial looks fantastic. Poor Johnny is the unluckiest boy alive. I wish we didn’t know about EJ being the culprit behind Johns mess right now. It would still be cool to be up in the air about his guilt when he says he is guilty in court. Other than that this seems to be as exciting of a month as daytime produces anymore. Seems like a can’t miss!

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    Johnny goes missing so what do EJ and Sami do? Naturally, hit each other then the sheets. Yay to rage!sex. But I’m willing to look past this just so we can get to the fallout and history repeating itself. Just don’t give me another Sami/EJ spawn please.

    I’m so over this “Secrets with Alice” stuff. It was nice and fun at first, but Alice Horton would never ever in the history of ever be in cahoots with Stefano. Didn’t Tom keep a few boxes that Hope can through instead? Maybe find a secret letter opener that unearth’s his deepest darkest secret?

    Finally it looks we’re getting movement on the Will front.

    Kate and Quinn teaming up maybe? Wonder how Stefano’s gonna take to hot karate/spa dude spending time with his wife?

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    Hurray for EJami!

    They’re Days of our Lives’ version of Rhett Butler & Scarlett O’Hara.

    James Scott & Alison Sweeney always shine together when the writing is there to back them up.

    This is a must see week for me and then, the fallout that comes after.

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    Purple Crayon

    After an extended hiatus, even the hint that maybe, just maybe they’ll be some EJ and Sami action has brought me back.

    Things are definitely looking up in Salem.

    Why in the world did it take Corday so long to get rid of the previous regime behind the scenes?

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