Lesli Kay Returns to B&B For Christmas

This is going to be fun! According to Soaps in Depth, Lesli Kay will be returning to The Bold and the Beautiful as Felicia Forrester for Christmas. Here’s hoping she stirs  up some trouble while she’s back. 


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I love Felicia and Leslie Kay. Right now I have no interest in B&B and this news is not enough for me to tune in. I hope to hear news that will make me excited about the show.

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3 July 2008
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Well I think she's going to have just some pointless scenes, maybe saying some things about Stephanie and Eric's relationships and then we won't see her for another half year again. It's such a shame that an actress like Lesli Kay isn't used better. Why not pair her with Nick if they can't make a Brooke/Nick reunion happening???

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Exactly. When she returned briefly before, her character hinted that she had some news she wasn't ready to share, and then that was dropped. She's going to be trotted out for a holiday scene, and then it's back to boring Hope/Liam/Steffy crap.