The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Thanksgiving Drama Ensues at The Forresters!

Forrester Thanksgiving: Chaos hits the fan at the Forrester family's Thanksgiving dinner. Taylor shows up as Thorne's date. Meanwhile, Brooke and the Forrester clan is stunned by the hostility between Rick and Thomas.

Ridge: The chiseled one comes up with a wacky scheme to bring the family closer together.

Stephanie/Pam: La Forrester is in the dog house with her baby sister. Pam listens in on Stephanie talking and has a showdown with her about how crappy her life has been.

Steffy/Liam/Hope: The Forrester hellcat comes up with a plan to show her stepsister how in love and happy she and Liam are. Steffy's bravado on her status as Liam's wife is starting to slip, when she sees how her husband looks at Hope. Meanwhile, Liam and Hope disappear from prying eyes and show how much they love each other.

Jackie: Mrs. Knight pulls a Sally Spectra and decides to snatch Eric's designs and pass them off as Jackie M's.

Forrester Creations/Jackie M: The two dueling fashion houses gear up for a fashion show on the same day.

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    Scott Novick

    [quote=josstheguy]Wait! Why would Jackie steal Eric’s designs when Amber did that just did so?[/quote]

    Apparently (from stuff they reveal this week), Jackie M is in even worse shape financially now than it was before. Nick pushes a merger with Spencer Publications to save them but Jackie’s not keen on that. Plus Jackie and Stephanie are on the outs over what’s been going on with Eric, and there’s some stuff with Jackie and Pam, too, which leads to this bizarre plan on Jackie’s part to go back to pirated designs in her hallways.

    What I don’t get is why Brad B can’t seem to write a story these days involving fashion rivalries that doesn’t have FC’s rival as the underdog that’s nearly down for the count. With all the unrest over at FC – another story that’s dying as quickly as it started – it would have been the perfect time to put the Forresters at least on the ropes for a while.

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    Why is the family surprised at hostility between Rick and Thomas? Didn’t Thomas try to kill Rick last time he was on the show….and he received no punishment whatsoever? If I was Rick, I would look at Thomas side-eyed too.

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    why are they shocked that Taylor is Thorne’s date?

    and should they be surprised that their design’s have been stolen? It’s like they forget the dozen’s of times that it’s happened before.

    Steffy/Liam/Hope are the next Taylor/Ridge/Brooke i guess. which mean’s they’ll break up and get back together every 6 months for the next 20 years.

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    Scott Novick

    If Thomas was to be believed at the time, he didn’t try to kill Rick, just scare him into staying away from Steffy. He claimed he knew the smoke detectors (which he helped Eric install) would warn Rick in time to get out after the fire started (which they did) and that he used too much explosive in setting up the charges in the car (so much for directions off the Internet. :) )

    And of course, Ridge and Taylor believed poor little Tommy’s tale of woe about how he had to protect Steffy from Rick since Ridge couldn’t (because of Brooke), and they packed their little boy off to Dr. James Warwick and had him cured in a matter of weeks. And then Rick finally got caught showing that at least in part, he was romancing Steffy to get to Ridge, and Rick did volunteer work to “become a better person.” So we were led to believe that all was forgiven between the unwitting unibomber and the lecherous lothario. They were even hanging out together at the Daddy Yankee party where Oliver and Brooke did the “Pose” boink. I guess forgiveness comes easy in Forresterville.

    When Adam Gregory first came on as Thomas, Kyle Lowder’s Rick had kind of a jealous sneer on his face every time Thomas got all the attention (like his own fashion line, a trip to Paris, praise from Ridge as the future of the company, etc), but then Lowder went on recurring status and it never went any further. I guess B&B intends to revisit that, especially since they revealed Rick is a budding designer (who draws like a 9 year old), and since they’ve shown Rick is very protective of Hope.

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    Do they really have to recycle all these old stories again and again? Continuity is one thing, but all this sounds just lame.

    Jackie stealing and using Eric’s designs only two weeks after she called Amber out because of doing such a thing sounds stupid.
    And well the fashion show … we know how this all is going to work out. It happened!!! Like a 100 times!!!

    And apparently Brad Bell can’t tell a storyline that lasts longer than a week other than this Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle. WHY???

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