Tonja Walker Returns to One Life to Live

We can’t get enough of Tonja Walker’s Alex Olanov and thankfully it looks like we’ll get to see her again before One Life to Live ends its broadcast run on ABC. According to Soaps in Depth, Walker will return on November 17. 

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    I’m glad Alex is back, hopefully until the end on ABC and hopefully on PP.
    Also can’t wait to see Gabrielle again also. I wish there were a lot more returns, like Max.

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    She is Cutter’s mom. Not sure abotu Kimberly. Guess she had the kids before she moved to Llanview in the early 90s. She must have walked out on them. Didn’t she come on the show as an agent? Maybe she left them to protect them?

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    From what I remember she came on as an agent who was helping Bo find Sarah. Sarah died then Bo got with Cassie. Alex wanted Bo for herself and tried to drown Cassie while they were on a camping trip which was a location shoot in the Catskills. Then it was her marrying Asa in that FABULOUS Egyptian themed wedding in Central Park. So if its true she is Cutter’s mom I would think it would be before she hit town.

    Whatever the case it will be great to see her and anything that gives Josh Kelly more story is just fine with me.

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