Jason Thompson on Kimberly McCullough’s GH Exit: “I’m Sadder Than Anyone Else”

Following the news of Kimberly McCullough's departure from General Hospital, ABC Soaps In Depth spoke with co-star Jason Thompson to get his thoughts. Thompson stated:

We've had five, six years with a great couple. Kimberly and I have had a blast. Is it going to be sad? Absolutely. No doubt about it. I'm going to be sadder than anybody.

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    Another vet bites the dust I am a huge (Kimberly) Robin fan and will miss her but its another reason not to watch this show unfortunately I haven’t been always pleased how she was written; I haven’t always a huge fan of her in her assigned coupledom but I take my favs however I can from this show. I wish Kim all the best.

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    No doubt she feels as many of us do that there’s just no point to the story lines anymore. She is one fine actress who shone in her days as Stone Cate’s and later Jason’s girlfriend. I saw her the day she first came on the show–what was she seven or eight years?

    Tough to see her go. For the love of soaps, please don’t let them write the new nurse in for Patrick

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