JR Martinez WINS Dancing With The Stars!!!


Unless you've been under a rock—which doesn't have WiFi—you already know  we soap lovers finally have a reason to celebrate again. On Tuesday night, All My Children alum and Iraq War vet JR Martinez became the second soaper to take home the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars. We here at Daytime Confidential couldn't be prouder of this amazingly-talented, inspirational dude! 

Since besting the other two finalists, former and future talk queen Ricki Lake and reality star Rob Kardashian, Martinez and his partner Karina Smirnoff have been on a nonstop media blitz, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live via satellite and this morning on Good Morning America and The View. So glad to see a Pine Valley denizen make good! Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night? If so, sound off about the finale in the comments!



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    I wonder if the people who canceled AMC are kicking themselves. Imagine the ratings they would have gotten because of JR? I am so glad for JR – my household is in chaos since last night, everyone is so happy. Love to JR. And Happy Thanksgiving to JR and family, all the folks at DC and all posters.

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    I would have okay with Rob and Cheryl winning, Rob did improve dramatically and seemed like a sweetheart on DWTS. But, of course, I’m over the moon that JR and Karina won.

    Karina’s been on the show for so long and has been paired with a lot of duds throughout DWTS run, it’s great that she finally won. And JR, oh he is an amazing man. Great attitude most of the time, natural dancing ability, he was the total package. He didn’t only have all of AMC fandom, and soap fandom in general, on his side, but most of the DWTS viewing audience behind him. JR deserved and earned the trophy.

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    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! So glad he won, and he totally deserved it!!!
    And such great timing for him since it started right after AMC was cancelled!

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    Good to see one of the good guys come out on top! When I found out that Rob Kardashian has over 2 million Twitter followers and JR only has 44,000, I was SURE that all the Kardashian groupies who have made this family UNDESERVEDLY rich and famous were going to come out of the woodwork and screw up the results. Good to see I was wrong.

    As I have said before, he’s an All American hero and totally deserving of this success!!

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