Spend the Holidays in Oakdale With New ATWT Christmas DVD Collection!


It's no secret we soap fans are in need of a bit of cheer this holiday season. After losing so many beloved sudsers from the network airwaves in recent years, it's no wonder a lot of us go around acting like Grinches and Scrooges in the comment sections of soap blogs and on message boards these days.

Good thing we have the peeps behind Soap Classics to add a little something special in our stockings this holday season! The same company, which recently brought a 4-disc As The World Turns collection successfully to the marketplace, is back with a special Christmas collection of the iconic sudser's holiday-themed episodes!


We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb, who is working with Soap Classics as a consultant on their efforts to release DVD collections and streaming content from several beloved, defunct Procter and Gamble soaps, broke the story and obtained this quote about the new Christmas offering from Soap Classics' prexy Mark Yates:

"Because the fans are so fond of these characters, we thought they would appreciate an opportunity to reunite with them at Christmas. We loved these characters too, and we wanted this disc to be kind of like going to a Christmas party with all our old ATWT friends. We think the fans will really enjoy it."

Soap Classics' Christmas In Oakdale is comprised of five ATWT Christmas episodes: 

1.) "Christmas and a Birthday" (Dec. 24, 1985) The Hughes family celebrates Christmas and Frannie's birthday. 

2.) "Margo's Memorable Christmas" (Dec. 24, 1992) Margo Hughes receives tidings of comfort and joy on Christmas day.

3.) "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" (Dec. 25, 1995) The families of Oakdale gather to celebrate Christmas.

4.) "Family Reunions" (Dec. 26, 2000) Penny and Lyla return to Oakdale to visit their families.

5.) "The Dollhouse" (Dec. 21, 2007) Oakdale's stories are represented by the lives of dolls in this special episode.

Order your collection for $12.95 here


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  1. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Placed my order already and excited. I have thoroughly enjoyed my ‘Classics’ Set and look forward to receiving my holiday set. Roger Newcomb did a great job with episode selection which is so daunting considering the process for wading through the archives. Hopefully, with solid sales of the ATWT DVD sets, my beloved Guiding Light will be released as well!

  2. Profile photo of DenverDean

    I’m glad this is being released, but one disc for $12.95, while the four disc set is $19.95 shows the pricing may be off. (A two-disc set including five Thanksgiving episodes for that price would’ve been better.) Glad they are offering the value pack at $24.95. Keeping it at $1.00 an episode is key. Although,

  3. Profile photo of soapbaby

    @DenverDean – I agree with you about pricing issue. I still think it’s worth it. Plus, previous customers received a 10% discount code and there’s currently no shipping charged. I got the holiday set for $11.65 total.

  4. Profile photo of harlee490

    I was reading reason of release is Christmas DVD because the sales of classic episodes are selling very well..which mean GL will get a DVD release also and I waiting with bated breath, I think GL will be next then AW. Order of cancellations starting with most recent. :)

  5. Profile photo of craigcp

    :) Done, money is tight I’ll buy it, I told P&G, that sure miss the ATWT and GL around the holiday’s missed the Christmas stories, recently lost my mom, my Christmas wish would be that the we could see the classic episodes on TV again but guess this is best, have them forever.

  6. Profile photo of harlee490

    Calling all ATWT FANS!!..Kudos!! Here’s a link from Soap-Classics on website to watch free Thanksgiving episode from ATWT from ’99. Thank you WLS for posting of the free episode and Soap Classics to remembering the millions (STILL) soap fans. This company is building a soap network ground up by using the past…episodes that fans love. It has wonderful characters of the time “Julia” “Jake”, Cal, mix of families of old and families of new. :) :)
    Looking bright for future…giving thanks.

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