Venice Returns Today!


As more sad news breaks about big money production companies and their inability to make soaps work online, it's important to remember many soapers have already been providing us sudsy content on the web. One such visionary is former Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light and One Life to Live actress Crystal Chappell, whose popular, sapphic sudser Venice returns today at 3 pm EST. Check out a video teasing the upcoming Season 3 of Venice after the jump!



 Venice premieres it's 3rd season at 3 pm EST. To subscribe click here!

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    It’s such a sad, crappy day considering news about PP and OLTL/AMC. And the timing is just…I have no words. While this will be no consolation to fans of those shows, it is heartening to me to see that there are people out there who love and respect the soap genre and are, at least, bringing new soaps to the web. This S3 premiere of Venice, which clocks in at even longer than an ep of B&B w/o commercials, is really great soap in the classic tradition: family, romance, drama, conflict, and just the right amount of humor. Btw, kudos to Venice for putting all eps of S1 and S2 up on YouTube for free the past few weekends and during S3’s run so that soap fans who don’t want to pay the subscription can sample the prior seasons w/o paying.

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    I honestly love Venice. I love the fact that I started watching the show as an Otalia fan but find myself loving Lara and Ani also. I love seeing familiar actors enjoying themselves and acting better than they do on their respective soap operas. I love how the writing has gotten better and the episodes are now nearly 30 min long. Its amazing how far this little web series has come and I hope it only gets better.

    Its such a sad day with the loss of OLTL and AMC (for now?) I just want to sit back and be thankful this show still exist.

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    Let’s hear it for Crystal Chappell and her team who are ACTUALLY PRODUCING a web soap that has been the dream of everyone in the industry. We all know that Hollywood is the land of bulls**t where everyone has a script or a production idea to pitch dreaming of the next big “thing”…
    Enter Chappell, a beautiful and talented actor who bests all the writers and producers in town and DOES it, getting a web soap on line.
    Well done, Crystal and thank you.

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    Though not American, I’m taking the opportunity of this #ThankfulThursday Thanksgiving for Crystal Chappell and Venice and the wonderful collaboration of actors, writers and crew of this series.

    The writing, the acting and the cinematography is very professi.onal and I look forward to watching more of this EMMY winning series and her future series, “The Grove”.

    If AMC & OLTL could be done as shorter web series, PP would probably be able to do them successfully, alternating them every few months, and it would cost them less.

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