Season 3 Premiere of Venice Serves Up Smart, Sexy Cable-Ready Drama

I just finished watching the Season 3 premiere of Venice, and I must say I am damn impressed! While I wasn't wowed enough by the first season to commit to Season 2, the premiere of the recently launched third season was cable worthy. In fact, it was so good, I will be whipping out the old Visa to buy Season 2 on DVD so I can play catch up!

The 25-minute episode opens with a red-hot exchange between volatile designer Gina (Crystal Chappell) and sensitive photographer Ani (Jessica Leccia) that is truly the stuff of fantasies. Gina doesn't have a lot of time to spend on her romantic life in the installment, however. She has to convince a rehab nurse played by Glee's Dot Jones to help with getting her and Owen's (Galen Gering) ornery dad,  John "The Colonel" Brogno (Jordan Clarke), back on his feet post a debilitating stroke.

Speaking of Owen, he's dealing with life without Sami (formerly played by Gina Tognoni) by hooking up with some other chick, while a new character played by Eric Martsolf makes moves on Nu-Sami! Gina and Owen's wacky aunt Guya (Hillary B. Smith) is back and seeing dead people (Liz Kiefer), that is when she isn't flirting with hunky, younger dude Brandon (Shawn Christian), or playing raunchy, slightly sacrilegious board games with her niece and nephew.

Glam Katherine Pierce (Tina Sloan) looks to be close to mixing business and pleasure with Alan Anders (Chappell's real-life hubby Michael Sabatino), and even Jaime (Harrison White) is getting a little action. It isn't all romance and light for the denizens of Venice Beach, though. It appears Ani's novelist gal pal Lara Miller (Nadia Bjorlin) likes to get drunk and beat up on her!

Chappell and Co. packed a helluva lot of soapy, stylistic, smart drama in this premiere. But enough of me talking about it, watch the Season 3 premiere of Venice after the jump and sound off with your thoughts in the comments! Will you be purchasing a subscription to watch the entire season?


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    Season 1 was very chopping to me and it felt rushed to get a product out for the Otalia fans. Season 2 was improved in terms of direction, production and overall story. Season 3 with CC really in control of the destiny of story shows how she can give a complete soap/family story.

    The story now seems to be written to the strength of the individual actor.
    It is great to see JL not be written as a mother of 25 yr old boys like they did on OLTL.

    When you think of a 20-25 minute web show with no commercials, it is actually longer than Bold and Beautiful. $10 is a small price for 10-12 episodes of a quality story.

    Look forward to more.

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    I believe both Seasons 1 and 2 will be shown for free on the weekends on their youtube channel.

    Agree with your review! Good start for Season 3 of Venice.

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    You don’t have to whip out the visa card to watch S2 unless you want to, lol. Crystal is running both S1 and S2 for free on weekends, on the Venice YT channel:

    I liked S1, but wasn’t totally enthralled. I still subscribed for 2 though, and loved it. There was a big jump between 1 and 2 in terms of writing and production values. I think that overall, the acting on Venice is very good, but there were also some outstanding acting performances in S2, particularly from Nadia Bjorlin. Episode 11 will amaze you, I think. The story arcs and writing in S2 became a lot more character driven and complex then what we saw in S1, therefore far more enjoyable, IMO.

    S3 seems to have picked up, and improved on, where they left off with S2. I love the dynamic between Gina, Guya and Owen, and I was cracking up at the dialogue during the nun bowling game. Watching the fallout from the domestic violence is going to be pretty intriguing, as I think the scene between Lara and Ani showed in the first episode. I’m also really curious to see how Richard (Peter Reckell’s character) fits in with Gina’s backstory. Finally, I think that the music for Venice has always been a selling point, but it has also appeared to take a step forward this year. It fits seamlessly with what you are seeing on screen.

    You may be able to tell that I can’t wait to see the rest of this season. The subscription fee is definitely worth it.

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    Great start! I hope they keep the runtime. 25 minutes does “Venice” wonders. I liked Gina, Owen and Guya’s cocktail afternoon(?).

    Loved the appearance of Dot Jones although I quit “Glee”.

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    Great start to the Season. Loved the Owen/Gina/Guya scenes and overall story. I look forward to watching Eric Martsolf as Owen but will miss the gorgeous Wes Ramsey. Am also curious where they go with NuSami now played by Annika Noelle. The cinematography has gotten better with each season also. Kudos to Crystal and not only her writing team which now include Jill Lorie Hurst formerly of Guiding Light but also major props to the production side. It amazes me how a web soap with a miniscule budget can look a million times better visually then both GL and ATWT did in their last few years under that new production model.

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    I would agree. The start of this season has been the best yet. It looks like Crystal Chappell and her team have put in a ton of work, weren’t afraid to change some things up to make a difference, did some more organized approach to their PR and then just delivered a good product. It is a nice sudzy drama & feels good to watch.
    The production has gotten excellent. Crystal is showing her abilities as a producer to not only get this done within a crazy budget but also to bring on great people who already have brought improvements to the show. I’ve been supporting this show and Crystal since the start. Each season I’ve helped others get subscriptions who couldn’t afford them and I am not the onlhy one. There’s still a community feel to it. I’m glad I’ve hung in there with Crystal. Thanks Jamey for recognizing this little show.

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    It really is amazing that they are able to put this show on the air and have it look as good as it does. I know that the cast doesn’t get paid (or if they do its very little) but just the fact that Venice looks this good, is about 30 minutes long and exists gives me hope that more websoaps will pop up.

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    I would love to know when did Lara “beat” Ani! She just pushed her away and it was an accident.It surely wasn’t a habit, it didn’t happen repeatedly, it actually was a wake up call for Lara and she went to the AA meeting WITHOUT Ani or Ani’s acknowledge…So to claim that Lara “likes to get drunk and beat up on her!” is pure crap

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    I have watched Venice form the beginning,Super great start to the season,
    Season 1 and 2 are worth buying/watching, wonderful cast, superior acting and directing!

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    I have never subscribed but watched all of Season 1 and 2 and the first episode of 3 on You Tube.

    I have to be honest, I really don’t see the appeal. It’s a great cast and maybe they need a few episodes to warm up but it just fell flat for me.

    There doesn’t appear to be any chemistry between the actors and I felt I was watching a B grade movie.

    It’s not enough to make me subscribe.

    The drinking nun bowling scene seemed a little forced to me.

    But I respect everyone’s opinions and I think the web is a great place to see soaps, for me though Venice isn’t one for me.

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    This show has really come a long way from its first season. I feel like I’m watching a big-budget primetime soap. Jamey can be forgiven for the assumption that Lara smacked Ani, since he didn’t see season two and that’s the assumption I’d have jumped to as well. I’m sure he’ll be checking out S2 now. It’s great that they are putting both season 1 & 2 up on YouTube for free on weekends so people haven’t seen one or both seasons can get caught up. Season 2 is definitely worth a view or a re-watch; they really got their act together.

    I’m glad the premiere got back to some great Owen-Gina-Guya stuff. The family dynamic with those three is fantastic. And I love that this show has some real humor in it alongside the drama. Last season’s scene with Jamie pushing the hooker on the hand truck and this S3 premiere scene with the Brognos’ cocktail confessions both had me rolling! When Owen mentioned the Pygmie I lost it!

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