ABC Announces The Revolution’s Premiere Date

The Chew premiered the Monday after All My Children’s finale and now ABC has announced that The Revolution will premiere on January 16, the Monday after One Life to Live’s finale on January 13.  According to Deadline, the show’s concept has been tweaked.

It will still chronicle one woman’s personal journey over the course of five months, but its focus will now be on a team of experts including Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry giving viewers tips and tools to transform their lives.

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    I can understand ANYONE trying to save money in a failing economy, but I dont believe ABC was hurting so bad that 2 plus another soap on the way needs to be canceled. It dosent make sense, does it. Not ALL THREE SOAPS. If TPTB over at ABC do not know what its like to love soaps, they will soon find out when the whole network fails. Because right now, my favorite news station and its people who I once loved, I dont love anymore. Little by little I see myself on CBS or NBC. Its very obvious that ABC is still on the warpath with soaps and its viewers because probably there was some kind of clause in the contract between abc and the invisable PP to not announce that they were not going to be picking up the soaps online until after the OLTL actors finished taping and maybe even also they wanted to finish off DWTS. No one gave a flying eff that it was announced while we were preparing for thanksgiving. I wonder what all the OLTL actors are doing behind the scenes. I feel so bad for them. I look forward to the day that abc becomes an informercial channel.

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    I feel ashamed for Tim. There ain’t enough work to make to make me watch.

    Whereas The Chew’s concept just seemed utterly boring from the start, this seems like a train wreck. I can’t imagine Tim’s sedate style with Ty’s manic self. It’s a mix of valium and meth. Just what daytime needs.

    I wonder if Frons almost wants these shows to fail. It must be more fun to create concepts and develop shows than have a schedule that is the same year after year.

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    [quote=The_Moustache]what happened to the American Idol woman that was on the original poster??[/quote]

    I was wondering what happened to Kimberley Locke myself. Guess she was cut during the shows many, many revampings.

    Ugh, Ty Pennington. Even if I was inclined to watch that mess, he would be enough to make me want to pass.

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    The Revolution “It’s About You” What classic joke!

    ABC if it truly was about you meaning us fans the revolution would entail the full support and return of our beloved shows AMC and OLTL!!!

    A = Antagonistic
    B = Boring
    C = Calamity (this is what ABC now stands for with regards to its choice in daytime programming.)

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    Anyone else find it mildly amusing that there is going to be a cooking show followed by a weight loss show followed by a talk show where people bitch about their problems?

    The five people that will still watch abc daytime can eat, then try to lose weight, then complain to katie couric about how they are fat….

    If ABC didnt have Modern Family, they would have NOTHING!

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    curiousity finally got me to watch a few minutes of the chew and wow, it’s worse than I’ve heard, I loved Carla on Top Chef twice, even taking the time to vote for fan favorite and I watch all of the many Food Network shows on which Michael Symond appears but The Chew is just amateur hour. Michael’s an Iron Chef so I am not worried about him landing on his feet when this mess is cancelled, I hope Andy Cohen rescues Carla with a judgeship on a Top Chef or even a Bravo show of her own but this mess of a show shouldnt be on TV.

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