Daytime Confidential Top 20, October 2011


No.8: Christel Khalil, The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Christel Khalil jumps ten spots, from No. 18 in September to No. 8, on October’s Daytime Confidential Top 20.


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15 February 2011
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What the heck is the criteria for this list??.....Half of those people arent even on daytime anymore...

And why does Crystal Chappell look like a guy that just got beat up? lol

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7 November 2009
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Is that what it is with her, looking like a guy? Been trying to figure out what is wrong with this picture. Thanks.

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16 August 2009
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I think it's the weird line where her spray tan stops just before her hairline and her eyes look slightly crossed. I normally think CC is quite the stunner, but this is not a good picture of her at all.

I guess I don't visit the site enough, because most of the actors whose names I click never show up on this list. Accept Billy Miller and Melody Thomas Scott.

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Very odd list by comparison to prior ones. Ex-daytime actors are okay (like Ainsworth and Rademacher, who recently left), but Kristen Renton? I have nothing against her, but I hardly consider her to be a daytime star. She was a tiny blip on the DAYS radar, and she'd probably consider her stint there nothing more.

Maybe it's time to put some "rules" in place for this honor!