Will Gabi Call it Quits With Will on DAYS?

After seeing his mother Sami (Alison Sweeney) having grief sex with EJ (James Scott) on the Dimera couch Will's (Chandler Massey) week gets worse, when Gabi (Camila Banus) reveals she wants to break up with him. Watch this week’s Days of Our Lives promo after the jump!

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    I’m ready to scream!! CM is knocking this storyline out with some excellent acting chops. He will be a contender at the Emmys and Days hasn’t really fared well in Emmy statuettes the last decade. This is such a good story and now adding fuel to fire with his confusion on his sexuality is the cat’s meow ;)

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    It is about time Will let loose of some of his pent up frustrations. After years of repressing and being the good boy no matter what is thrown at him, he is unloading. I don’t think that he should turn into his mom or anything but he can get it all out and move forward with his life. Under normal circumstances, I think he would have taken Gabi’s break up a little easier. I think this relationship was a way to hide and be safe. Right now everything in his life is blowing up. It is time for him to start living for himself and not for others. I am glad that Days is exploring these kids lives instead of just hooking them up with the first available person.
    Same with Abby and Chad. They all had a nice time, but they did not make lifelong connections. Let them find relationships and connections that suit their individual needs.

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    When you look at it objectively, the members of the Hernandez family have really gotten a raw deal in Salem. During her brief stay, Ariana got framed by Nicole, assaulted, and ultimately killed. Rafe has always been Sami’s lapdog and is now being lied to. Gabi is being used by Will who refuses to face up to his true sexuality so far.

    Why is it that whenever guys on soaps get angry they sweep things off of tables? :)

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    LOL @ soaparmagedeon! In my family it was my mom always tossing the kitchen table over. I think that the boys do it on the soaps because they are trying to keep from killing their significant other. Ofcourse Y&R’s Jack and Victor throw chairs out tall building windows!

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