Melody Thomas Scott to Appear on The Talk

The Young and the Restless’ Melody Thomas Scott will be appearing on the CBS chat show The Talk on December 21. The actress revealed the news on Twitter:

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    MAB needs to re-read Y&R history because she’s certainly not remembering it the way I am. When Nicki told Victor she loved the way he FORGAVE people, I almost fell of my chair. Are you kidding me?! He’s one of the most bitter, vindictive characters in the history of soaps.

    And when Nicki tried to EXCUSE Victor’s controlling, vile behavior, and pass it off as him showing his love for his daughter, I wanted to reach through the tv and slap her. Apparently she forgets how she hated him controlling her every move.

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    Like RebeccaJ, someone needs to check history of show. It has gone beyond terrible and why bring Nikki back to drink again. They have done this way too many times and I find it disgusting along with her god awful mismatched hairpieces.

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