Rex Learns the Truth on OLTL!

Torn by grief, Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) has been seeing Gigi (Farah Fath) all over Llanview. He even followed the woman he believed to be Gigi to Brazil. This week, he learns the truth. Meanwhile, Todd (Roger Howarth) is ready to move on. Watch this week’s One Life to Live promo after the jump!

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    I’m sorry maybe OLTL is still better as GH and Y&R, but this Morasco storyline screams another Fiasco.

    We are calling out other shows so I think we should make no mistake here. This story is bullshit. And after the two Todds … do we really need this Gigi/Stacey “mix up”? Crazy shit like this should just happen once a year but not twice in almost the exact same time.

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    I hope this doesn’t mean we’re supposed to forgive Jack’s culpability in all of this now that “bad” Stacey bit the dust instead of Gigi. Someone did still die because of his actions.

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    further evidence that Ron Carlavati doesnt walk on water but is in fact frantically dogpaddling, he seems convinced that more people want to see HIS characters than the ones that had us hooked for the first 39 years of the show’s 43-

    Bo, Nora, Matthew, Destiny and of course Viki and Todd are the characters I am going to try to follow to the end

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    @soapjunkie88 …a big thank you…I agree 100%! What I don’t get, is why spend time on this story when it is Gigi? OLTL could have spent more time on OLTL that fans truly love with stories on Viki, Tina & Cord, Bo & Nora and Matthew’s story, it was waste of time. Oh well will tune the last two weeks before it bites the dust.

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    guilty pleasure

    The actress that plays Aubrey/Christine is Terri Conn! Terri’s real life husband Austin Peck plays pornographer turned music producer Rick Powers on OLTL as well! And I also agree with you that both JPL and FF are more better acting alongside JK and TC!

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    [quote=gato1]For some strange reason Rex & Gigi do have fans. I have no idea why! Both actors are better with Josh K & Aubrey (cant think of her name!)[/quote]

    Frankly I get tired of twitter and message boards claiming how certain actors or pairings have so many fans and how featuring them would raise ratings. Other than Luke and Laura I have seen no evidence of that ever happening. I am still waiting for all those supposed popular actors at DOOL to help their ratings. All actors and pairings have fans.

    I dont like Rex and Gigi but there was once a time I could watch them. This story should prove to folks that RC is just a lazy hack like most other soap writers are and if he had a brain they would pair up the new couples here but he wont.

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    I am not crazy about the Rex/Gigi story,but at least it is not on everyday,i.e. Sonny/NuKate at GH.Why the story went this way is a moot point at this time.If you don’t like it stop watching,the ratings won’t matter.But,Kassie DePaiva said the best is yet to come,and to watch to the end.I will do that,because some not so good stories mixed with great ones,are better than what they are promoting at GH.

    As for Days not moving up in ratings,maybe it will soon.I stopped watching GH and added Days.Not for hot couples,but for stories.So far,I am not too disappointed.Never was a John/Marlena fan,so,I really don’t care for that story.The rest is good,just like OLTL,because the stories are there and involve the whole cast.

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    I hope Rex soon finds out that Stacy is really Gigi and the story wraps soon. With the show ending in almost a month I’m glad to see these stories that have been going for a long time wrapping up. Just need the Victor’s murder wrapped also, hopefully Victor’s alive and that will solve everything!

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    Ms 45

    I am a Rex/Gigi fan but this story is truly for the birds as most plastic surgery stories are. First Tea “died” but not really. Then Gigi “died” but not really. Now Matthew “dies” but not really. That well is bone dry. And seeing the 2 actresses side by side is such a hoot. How did that Brazilian surgeon find a way to add onto Stacy’s teensy Michael Jackson nose? And how about the dubious morally where it’s ok if the person you kill is a creep (Jack/Stacy and Matthew/Eddie). We’re getting both highs and lows near the end.

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    I tend to believe we are seeing another round of Morasco Fiasco because JPL, FF and the chick that played Stacy are “pets” of Brian Frons. Gigi could have have gotten into a car accident on the way to the courthouse instead of being locked up in that house by Jack and Clint could have still ended up with her heart.

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    Josh Kelly was the only actor, involved in this storyline, going online with PP. I just see this as one of the PP dictated storylines and they brought Alex on board to give him a tie to Llanville.

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    I like Rex and Gigi and I am hoping for a happy ending for Rex, Gigi and Shane. I do agree that if the show wasn’t ending I wouldn’t have minded seeing a story line play out with Rex & Aubrey and Gigi and Cutter.

    Just please don’t bring back Stacey!!!

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    Islandof1 the PP deal is dead as far as we know, PP announced that no longer plan to take AMC/OLTL online and it sucks that both AMC/OLTL have ended and are going to end without anyone the storylines being wrapped up for good because the writers wanted to leave an open net for the shows to continue online.

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    further evidence that Ron Carlavati doesnt walk on water but is in fact frantically dogpaddling, he seems convinced that more people want to see HIS characters than the ones that had us hooked for the first 39 years of the show’s 43-

    Bo, Nora, Matthew, Destiny and of course Viki and Todd are the characters I am going to try to follow to the end


    In the case of Gigi, perhaps. But most of his other characters have been abandoned, the most notable being Charlie and Jared, who he seemingly worked harddd to make very significant. I love Ron Carlivati because, IMO, his writing is much more nuanced and overall better than most daytime writers’ (JMO), but he does some serious WTF-worthy stuff. Whether it be trashing legacy characters (Clint, Marty, etc.) or just straight giving up on HIS own creations/stories and developments that seemed creatively important to him. He’s major flawed, but the sophistication and, albeit sometimes (too) campy, humor he brings is unparalleled in this daytime climate.

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    i think part of the reason that storyline sucked is because of the hack Jean Passante who ruined ATWT with her stories featuring characters nobody wanted to see (Janet Ciccone & that whole Ralph & her real life husbands character) or stories that were not thought out & she even brought them over to OLTL & recycled them again with the same results (heart transfer)

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    Compared to the James/Starr/Nate/Dani/Rick RIDICULOUSNESS of a “storyline”, this Gigi-Stacy/Rex/Aubrey/Cutter “quadrangle” is absolutely inspired. :-) In these final weeks of OLTL, I want see to Starr; and I even want to see Dani. But I DO NOT want to see Nate, James or Rick. They are a total waste of screen time. Other than that, I am (still) loving OLTL. :-)

    And by the way, even with the incredible fake-out, OLTL’s Thanksgiving episode last Wednesday was one of the best hours of daytime drama I have seen in decades. This show HAS to receive some Emmy love in 2012.

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    Todd and Blair!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!! I’m 13 again! RH and KDP have not missed a beat!!!! When given the chance, they really shine around each other. They were so beautiful yesterday and Todd asked Blair out and she was all flustered and shy and “what time is it? nothing’s open” and totes forgot about her missing “boyfriend”… le sigh.

    I ignore Rex and Gigi because I cannot stand Rex for the life of me and FF has slashed my nerves in half, but I do think Cutter and Stigi have wayyyyyyyyyy more chemistry than Rigi and I don’t even like CuStigi together.

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