What Secrets Are Scrubs Hiding From Each Other on GH?

Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Robin (Kimberly McCullough) have been through a lot, thanks to Lisa (Brianna Brown), but what secrets are they hiding from one another? Watch this week’s General Hospital promo after the jump!

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    I really and truly seriously hope they don’t kill off Robin Scorpio, the only reason I’m starting to watch GH again is to see what KMc and JT do with this storyline, why can’t they have Robin go back to Paris to continue her research., and explore Patrick being a single dad or something. The Wolfe regime is making me regret wanting Guza gone so badly. Why have another dark and depressing storyline, it’s obviously not making the viewers happy ( although I do consider the fact that I may be speaking for myself when I say this, some actually like the darker storylines)and if GH is in danger of being axed for good, especially since we can’t count on PP for any continuation why not have some lighter moments as we were initially promised by Garin. For heavens sake we haven’t seen actual sunlight on GH for how many months? Is the budget there that tight, that they’re not using any lighting or doing scenes outside near the docks during the day anymore? Goodness gracious, Im so fed up with GH, don’t get me wrong poignant darker storylines can be good if written well and aren’t shown in abundance. Lisa’s murder, Dante getting shot, Sam’s rape which is more about Jason’s annoying little nobody gives a crap box of pain, Sonny facing his bensonhurst demons etc..there’s nothing positive to look forward to on the show anymore. Three cheers for gloom and doom in the afternoon!

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    MY problem with this s/l (aside from the fact that KMc is leaving) is that the s/l is overwhelmingly sad. While I admit to having occasionally found Robin to be a bit preachy and sanctimonious, she truly is one courageous person.

    She is so bereft, and there is such strong foreshadowing of doom, that it is crushing to watch. Just thinking about today’s, “bridge scene,” has me in tears.

    I’m not prepared to spend the next six or seven months with a daily appointment to feel sadness, grief, and loss. It’s just not good for you.

    There’s sad–and then there is *worn-out sigh* saaaaddddd.

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    Robin has been HIV+ since 1995. I can see the potential for drama by having her die from AIDS. I still wish it wouldn’t happen that way and she would be written off another way.
    I hope Garin surprises us.

    Port Charles NEEDS LIGHT! Enough depression and gloom!

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    Honestly, I wish they could have her travel to Switzerland or something where she can work on the cure for AIDS and also get treatment. Have her come back periodically… keep this legacy Character as a reoccurring part and take Emma with her so the next time we see Emma she is “older”, etc.

    As for Patrick I would love to see a storyline with him coping without Robin and Emma and possibly some “darker” areas there. Maybe throw Maggie in the mix? *shrugs*

    If they do have Robin (Kim) die then I would like to see an s/l with Patrick coping with the loss and with being a father and with the potential for a new love.

    But quite honestly, I’m really enjoying the storylines… for some they may be “slow” but not for me. I’m enjoying them immensely!

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