Did Prospect Park Think They Were Getting a Judge Judy in AMC and OLTL?

Former All My Children star Cady McClain posted a message on Facebook sharing her thoughts about the collapse of Prospect Park’s deal to bring AMC and One Life to Live to the web. In the must-read column, she reveals that Prospect Park may have believed AMC and OLTL were more like Judge Judy.

Many of these important issues were being put on the chopping block in a rather concerning way. In fact, one of the guys at PP was heard to have said, "I thought we were buying Judge Judy." Now nothing against Judge Judy, I love that show, but clearly it is a very inexpensive show to produce. It's one set, two contract players and a rotating cast of real people. No stunts, no 18 hour days, no dialogue to write or memorize, one set… C'mon. Really? Soaps=Judge Judy??

Read McClain’s entire message about the failed Prospect Park deal on Facebook.

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    I read what Dixie (Cady) had to say. She is a girl after my own heart. She told it like it was, confirmed that we werent nuts all these months waiting on the invisable forces of Prospect Park. They sound like just a bunch of wise guys to me. The actors we’ve grown to love deserve better than to work for such jerks.

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    Yes I read this yesterday and she gave fans a ear full with some truths on what she knew even on limited basis. It still will give fans a more insightful look on what PP was thinking and what they had decided long before the announcement of not following through with production. Don’t think PP was as serious or just plum dumb idiots not realizing the cost…they are suppose to be highly professionals in their field which you would think they would know. I think PP will now have a harder time in the future for other projects to have TOLN to succeed because most soap fans will not be supporting their shows. It is still sad to me.

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    Hey Harlee – Good to see you. Im glad Cady spoke. Everyone of the actors have been so quiet probably like some sort of gag order. I feel like she eplained that not only for herself, and her fans, but also on behalf of all the cast of AMC and OLTL that was treated so badly. ABC and PP chewed them up and spit them out as if they werent people. What goes around comes around.

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    Giogio….thanks! it’s karma baby…as you said. I’m a FIRM believer in karma, and Cady was dead on about what she stated on unions. Right now it’s always the unions fault with how this country is portraying unions. There was a sweep in ’10 with teabaggers and extreme right based on idealogy nothing for getting our country working again and jobs. Now some voters are having remorse. Here in Ohio a loud message was sent to Gov. Kasich and cronies and his polling stands 36% but to be fair Cincy newspaper has him at 40% (southern OH is red meat country)because of SB 5. It started with Bush dismantling unions and now the new elected officals are wanting to finish off unions. Ohio voters spoke loud and clear about this issue…go to hell.

    Cady spoke eloquently and directly about casts of both shows and to fans on the wrong doing and I for when conmend her for her stand. If it wasn’t before lunch I think I would have a black martini… ;) S) S) To toast her…I love her for a different reason …she was Rosanna Cabot and I loved her portrayal as that character…more so then Yvonne Perry. It was because the chemistry she had with Hunt Block. :love:

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    That woman has never kept her mouth shut and has always spoken up and I love her for it!
    Besides being a fabulous actress that is. :)

    Just DISGUSTS me that none of those people had enough of a pair to tell Agnes Nixon the news directly. Shame on them.

    Sending you a hug thru DC Harlee! This whole situation has been terribly upsetting.
    Cancelled….saved…..cancelled again.
    What the fuck….

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    Must read material. Thanks for posting it.

    Cady says, “There are some who wonder if PP buying the licensing rights was all intended to quell the negative publicity that was created by ABC canceling the two shows in the first place. Was PP played as much as we were all played? Is there a “chess master” behind this whole thing or has this all been a sad case of a deal gone horribly wrong?”

    I think this worked out very well for Disney/ABC and Prospect Park. The PP deal took the air out of the protests against the cancellations ABC, and Frons, allowing ABC to launch “the Chew” to virtually no protests. No one is trying to relaunch the protest movement; it’s dead, and I think Disney/ABC bet on that happening when it made its licensing deal with PP. PP was started by three partners, one a former Disney executive and one a former ABC executive. I just don’t believe that they did not know the cost and scope of work involved in taking the soaps online. Before this “deal,” PP had one show on cable and no name recognition outside of the television/film industry. Now PP is a household name, and while its name is associatated with a failed attempt to take the soaps online, we all know that there is no such thing as bad publicity. PP now has a nationally known name at a level that it could not have imaginined before this “deal.”

    Did PP actually intend to take the soaps online? I was surprised at aggressive its proposed timeline was and wondered if anyone could make that project happen it its proposed timeframe. I also was surprised at how slow PP was moving on contracts. It now turns out that PP did not even have the financing lined up. So I have to wonder – how real was this “deal?” Alternatively, what was the “real deal?” It seems like Disney/ABC and PP both won in this deal, while the soaps’ employees and fans both lost.

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