Sara Bibel Lists 10 Reasons Why Daytime TV Won’t Be The Same After 2011

In 2011 daytime television had more drama going on behind the scenes than an episode of your favorite soap opera. With ABC axing two iconic soaps,  Oprah and Regis Philbin bidding adieu and much more, it makes you wonder what 2012 will bring.  Deep Soap's Sara Bibel has published a Top 10 list detailing some of 2011's game changing moments for daytime TV. Here's number five:

5. “One Life To Live” Proves Soaps Can Raise Their Ratings

The conventional wisdom about daytime is that declining ratings are inevitable and related to outside forces like cable, the internet, and the economy. The content of the shows themselves is irrelevant. “One Life To Live” proved that wrong when, weeks after its cancellation was announced, the show’s ratings rose — and stayed up. Thanks to the intriguing, compelling Tale of Two Todds, Roger Howarth’s return succeeded where other big name soap stars comebacks failed. He brought old fans back, but it was the show’s overall quality that kept them watching. Surprisingly, the soap has often been the top show among teens and young women, the two demos that are least likely to watch soaps. Unfortunately, this success did not persuade ABC to reconsider canceling the show.

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    I can list at least 30 reasons why it won’t be the same anymore!!

    But I guess I would rather just stick my head in the sand and pretend that this genre isn’t dying a quick and steady death!!!

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    Compelling Tale of Two Todds!, is this woman stupid? I don’t care if she might be reading this comment. Sara Bibel, I called you stupid. On what planet is the Tale of Two Todds compelling? How many drugs does a person have to be on, to reach that conclusion? This story line lacked basic logic, one had to suspend their critical thinking abilities to believe it. I guess it is compelling for all the people out there in the world who discover that they have been living someone else’s life all along, this is a very important issue in society that needed to be addressed ASAP! Thanks to OLTL, for educating us all, the same way they did with their rapemance story line. If these are the best stories that soaps have to tell, I say good riddance. I love Karma, it always finds a way to maintain balance in the world.

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    I admit that TOTT was good in the beginning and I so hate anymore doppelganger stories but then by Sept. with Irene coming back from the dead, Gigi|Stacy doppelganger story, Ron has done back from the dead and 2 doppelganger stories within 4 months is just overkill. Watch Frank & Ron will be doing the same stories on GH. Surprised DC hasn’t posted the article FV talks to EW exclusive and I just got the impression he and Ron isn’t going to change much about GH. Here’s excerpt from the article:

    “Any exec producer always has the weight of the world on their shoulders. I’ve always felt a tremendous responsibility. You have the fate of a lot of people’s futures in your hand. I’m the type of person who takes that very seriously,” he says, while schloughing off cancellation fears. “If I spent any energy worrying about whether we were getting cancelled, it would take away from making the show the best that it could possibly could be. When you’re running, don’t look behind you.”
    He’s coming in with a gameplan for the show, which has heard criticism from longtime fans about the emphasis mob-related story lines and violence. “But I don’t think it will change dramatically,” he says. “I have to come in and assess what’s working and see what can be made better.”
    It’s too early to know if that means any Llanview residents might be taking a trip to Port Charles but Valentini, who says he’s been a fan of GH, isn’t looking to upset the balance right away. “It’s an incredible group of actors and a great crew [at GH]. One Life is it’s own book.” The final episode of OLTL airs Jan. 13.
    His message to GH fans? “At this point, during the transition, I ask the audience to be patient. Come along for the ride, and enjoy and love their show.”

    True GH fans won’t be happy if they try to make GH-Llanview and not Port Charles. He wants GH fans to be patient, don’t you think GH fans have been patient long enough?

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    TnT 2.0 Forever

    In order to continue to be relevant soaps need to stop telling ridiculous, nonsensical stories that only hardcore soap fans enjoy because they have been trained to not think critically about what they see onscreen. The major appeal of this story line was seeing the two actors onscreen together, that does not qualify as a well-written story line. Change the actors, and no one would care. Therefore, Sara Bibel, this is not an example of a compelling story line. And for anyone else who thinks it is, I strongly recommend a trip to your local public library. Read a book, it will do your brain some good.

    What is the point of writers and producers on a soap? Soaps cost too much money to be providing the same kind of mindless entertainment provided by reality television at a much lower cost. This genre is in a race to the bottom.

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