A Doomed Romance, a Job Offer and a Shocking Return Ripple Through The Bay!

SoCal scandals, secrets and lies are continuing to keep Bay City teeming with sultry activity this week on The Bay. Lee Nelson (Paul Satterfield) can't stop thinking about his past with untamed, ex-wife Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans). Can Lee forgive Sara her past indiscretions yet again, if it means one last shot at forever?  He may not have too much time to think about that, what with his inebriated, surprise daughter Lianna Ramos (Jade Harlow) on the loose. Sidenote: On behalf of The Bay's fans, thank you so much Lianna for adjusting Pete Garrett's (Kristos Andrews) wardrobe. He was looking a bit stuffy in his wedding attire!

Elliot Sanders (Charles Shaughnessy) is still busy looking for his daughter, that is when Mayor Jack Madison (Nicholas Coster) isn't offering him Lex Martin's (Tristan Rogers) job as police commissioner. You do remember Elliot's daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) don't you? She was the one involved in all those kinky sex games with Sara's eldest offspring Brian (Dylan Bruce), who is about to walk down the aisle with Harold Johnson's (Jed Allan) daughter Zoey (Taylor Stanley).

Speaking of Zoey, the bride has something old, something borrowed and blue, now how about something, er someone diabolical and insane? These people need Jesus. Watch the latest installment of The Bay after the jump!


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    It’s been a long time since I audibly gasped while watching a soap. Today I did! Oh, can’t wait until next week! Those dreaded words, “To Be Continued…” always show up too soon!!!!

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    Sarah M.

    OH MY GOD!!! in had to tun my fan on full blast when Lianna Ripped Peter’s shirt!! WHOA!! Kristos Andrews is So , how can i put this, GORGEOUS! I Loved the suspense of this week’s episode. Zoey looked lovely in her dress, and it was great to See Jed Allen back in action. I love m some C.C.!!. To see two veterans (Charels Shaughnessey and Nicolas Coster) togther was such a treat, They are flawless. And if i had a man that looked like Paul….um um um..Sara should have taken him up on his offer , tsk tsk tsk. And BOY was that ending something! Igor made me sit back in my coputer chair…and thn laugh out loud when i realized what he was wearing. Hilarious touch! The Bay continues to be my Thursday treat!

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    This was a very classy and very, very EXCITING episode!! :love: The Bay’s writing and quality is SO good. Emmy award winning material.. it’s a must join for TV. Easily more fun to watch than most of my other TV show favs, seriously. LOVE the cast.. the relationships.. SO excited for whats next :bigsmile:

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    Another great episode, i loved the Sara/Lee flashback scene, how good is Mary Beth Evans, the woman can act !!

    Also loved the Pete/Lianna scene, shirt ripping, button flying soapy goodness. Jade Harlow was great in this scene playing the wild child Lianna.

    And how about the cliff hanger ending, crazy Igor terrorising Zoey on her wedding day !!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next week !!

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