BREAKING NEWS: Frank Valentini IN at General Hospital; Jill Farren Eff Up OUT?!

Oh happy day,
When Jesus washed,
He washed the soap killers away!

Are the soap gods finally smiling down on us? According to ABC Soaps In Depth's Twitter profile, Jill Farren Phelps (Editor's Note: Jill Farren "F*** Up") has been given her walking papers at General Hospital. The magazine reports One Life To Live's Frank Valentini has been signed on as GH's new executive producer!

Huge #GH news: A source at ABC/Disney says Jill Farren Phelps was let go and Frank Valentini is the new EP. Actors will find out in the AM.


This news comes a week after Prospect Park's deal to take the ABC soaps to the web fell apart. Farren Phelps has been showrunner at GH since 2001. Prior to her tenure at GH, she was the executive producer at OLTL from 1997-2001, Another World from 1995-1996, Guiding Light from 1991-1995 and Santa Barbara from 1987-1991. See kids, prayer and rain dances do work!


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    I think this is a case of a little too late to do any good. This chick and the rest of the GH showrunners have systematically torn apart the show. Could anyone revitalize it? Is there time? Is this guy being brought in to wrap it up? The show just saddens me now because I used to love it and now it is just a disaster that I can’t seem to take my eyes off of. I wish I could be enthusiastic.

  2. Profile photo of Mike_Dubin

    I agree! I don’t see anyone saving this from the chopping block. However, with FV at the helm to guide it to a less tragic end, I am ok with that! Now, they need to get rid of Garin Wolf and bring in Ron Carlivati to be head writer. They are an unstoppable team. I would hate for them to be trapped yet again in the ‘black hole’ that is ABC daytime, but… they need to pay their bills too. Plus, not like there is much else soap-wise to choose from.

    I can see it now… Carly develops a split personality. Cassadine brought back full force (real ones, not ghosts!)
    Bobbie comes back, reopens the brownstone and straightems Luke out.
    Mac has a breakdown and Robert Scoprio comes in to replace him as Commish, except he has a person in mind to be chief… Anna Devane… or perhaps… John McBain!
    Jason and Sonny realize their ‘true feeling’ for one another and leave for Sonny’s Island together to open a bed and breakfast.
    Lulu goes to anti-shrew classes and decides to run Kelly’s full time.
    Possibilities as endless

  3. Profile photo of hadenough

    Thank God! Now lets hope the other 3 remaining shows do not hire her. She has ruined every show she has ever worked on. Maybe Frank can bring this train wreck of show back to something watchable for it’s last 9 and 1/2 months on the air.

  4. Profile photo of jphelps

    It doesnt matter at this point the show is done but anything to get JFP axed is good to me. Maybe pray to the soap gods FV clips the wings of the other GH showkillers like Burton and Laura wrong. It would be a great way to end this show

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    Hi All…Great news for GH and Frank. Sad news that this just further confirms that OLTL and the PP attempts are toast, since Frank was going to be their VP. I hope that Ron is on his way there too, since he was supposed to join GH anyways. IF those two reunite at GH, I have just SIX words for y’all….


    How great would it be to have the tone of the show shifted back to the Labine days where good medical drama (Robin and Stone, Monica’s Breast Cancer, BJ’s death) was mixed with some light comedy (The Q’s, Lucy Coe, Ned and Lois) and the intrigue of the Port Charles underworld. That would be so much better than featuring this stupid Franco crap 24×7. Can’t “Franco” have a twin brother, who’s a edgy cop with a heart of gold and a butt that several leading ladies can have a turn to eat breakfast off of, that helps bring him down so we’re rid of that stupid “Franco” character? This will still allow James Franco to come back to play in the GH sandbox when he wants to and play the hero for awhile.

    I know the GH actors seem to love Jill (as have alot of the actors at previous shows), so I wonder how they will respond. Will Frank (and Ron!) be able to convince Jonathan and Kimberly to stay???

  6. Profile photo of GAgal28

    Idk…. this is bittersweet for me & it makes me sad. It’s not fair because Frank should still be at OLTL & OLTL shouldn’t be canceled. It’s the only soap on ABC to maintain constant ratings & to gain viewers all of this past year. So unjust! Enough about that.
    As for GH, the truth is I just don’t care enough about this soap to care anymore. The writing is on the wall for them anyway. Only time will tell.

  7. Profile photo of giogio

    Im not looking at this thru the corner of my eye. Im not a false hoper person. But if I had to put my money on this, General Hospital is going to be saved. I got goose bumps saying that, cause that show should not go and it has always been the most exciting show. Im not putting any other show down, Im going back, way back in the years that people couldnt wait to watch the show. We all had TV’s in our kitchens just not to miss it. Who over at ABC can really justify cancelling THREE long time soaps?

  8. Profile photo of blake3b

    This is great news! We all know GH won’t be on past September, so hopefully he will make the show worth watching before it goes out. Hope he gets a better head writer also.
    Jill Farren Phelps should have been fired a long time ago.

  9. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Come on, folks…….this should definitely be filed under the “too good to be true” category.

    Why would they want to get rid of this murderous hack who has a history of offing legacy characters and who has already killed off WAYYY too many legacy characters on GH to bring on someone who actually has a REAL vision that goes beyond the guillotine?

    As my aunt would say: “That sounds too much like the right thing to do……….”

    Which means that ABC won’t be doing it!!

    Makes too much sense= ABOVE THE EXECUTIVES’ HEADS

  10. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I really doubt that if there wasn’t a chance to still save GH for at least 2 years, they would bring FV on now…I am looking at this as positive news, though I am really sad about OLTL….. I think the Mouse House knows just how bad publicity has been for them, with killing off all of their soaps…Because of this… they just may go ahead and save one of them…That’s my story and I am sticking to it LOL. Call me a dreamer…but I would rather go through life keeping hope for things I care about, then throwing in the towel before it has even been announced as cancelled.

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    Angie Lucy

    I’m glad for Frank V. Even if this is short-term, at least it will allow him to pay some bills while looking for more long-term work. I wish all of the other OLTL folks as much speedy success. I’m also glad for the sake of viewing what’s likely the final months of GH. Maybe it will go out gracefully. Frank V. has his faults, of course, but at least he actually cares. I’d rather someone make mistakes and genuinely love the show than intentionally tank it so the genre will die.

    Hey dewlove, I’m all over Lucy and the ball. That’s right in Frank and Ron’s wheelhouse.

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    ABC Replaces General Hospital Showrunner with One Life to Live’s in Last-Ditch Attempt for Ratings
    By Josef Adalian
    ShareThis Counter

    James Franco probably won’t be happy about this: Vulture has learned that Jill Farren Phelps, the longtime General Hospital showrunner who lured the actor and performance artist to daytime TV, is being pushed out of her job. It’s a dramatic twist in the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding GH, which is currently engaged in a last-ditch fight for survival. Having already killed All My Children and One Life to Live (the latter airs its final episode next month), ABC brass have put the soap’s fans on notice: GH will almost certainly end next fall to make room for the new Katie Couric talk show, unless its ratings quickly rise or two talk alternatives (The Chew and the soon-to-debut The Revolution) tank. You’d think that with GH pretty much thought to be dead soap walking, ABC Daytime chief Brian Frons would let Phelps stay on to bring the show to its end. So what happened?
    We hear that Frons made a last-second decision to replace six-time Emmy winner Phelps with former One Life showrunner Frank Valentini, who has helped boost ratings for that show (though not enough to keep it from getting canceled). Three months ago, production company Prospect Park made a big to-do about hiring Valenti to serve as showrunner on its alleged online reincarnation of One Life. When the company’s plans quite predictably fell apart — industry insiders always considered it a virtual impossibility that an expensive soap like One Life could be transitioned to the web — Valenti was suddenly available again. With Phelps’s deal said to be up within a few weeks, ABC brass, who had been talking to Phelps about a short-term contract renewal, were suddenly able to offer the gig to Valentini. He’ll now be charged with getting up to speed on a soap that is most likely in its death throes. While it may seem weird that ABC would make such an abrupt change on a series that’s likely dead anyway, industry insiders note that Valentini has a reputation for bringing in his shows way under budget, something that might appeal to the budget-conscious Frons (even though Phelps has already dramatically slashed costs at GH). ABC brass are more likely to make the case, however, that bringing in Valentini is a last-ditch attempt to save GH, since during his tenure on One Life, the producer had been successful at bucking the falling ratings trend that’s impacted all of daytime. (During the most recent week for which numbers are available, One Life added 22,000 female viewers aged 18 to 49 versus the same week in 2010, the only soap to show an increase year-to-year.) In the end, all of this may be forgotten in a year, since the outlook for GH is decidedly grim: Despite being panned by critics, The Chew has been doing decent Nielsen numbers. If The Revolution can turn in a halfway decent ratings performance, ABC seems likely to shutter GH for good.

  13. Profile photo of newsseven

    @soapsindepthabcSoaps In Depth ABC

    As expected, sources are telling me Ron Carlivati will be joining #GH, too, as headwriter.

    @soapsindepthabcSoaps In Depth ABC

    @KS_Zone I’d expect official confirmation later today on both Valentini and Carlivati. #GH

  14. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Well I’m a huge Valentini fan no particular reason other than I like what I’ve read about him, no, he’s not 100% but I wouldn’t be sorry that Kill Jill is going although I’m not sure how much power she had with Guza nipping at her heels (he was also made a consulting producer whatever that means). I just think she burnt out a long time ago.

    I agree with those who say it doesn’t mean diddly that GH is secure Frons favs are just milking the cash cow until the bitter end. I’ve read he’s a good manager and “fair.”

    Also I’ve read rumors that he seems to have the ability of keeping Frons at bay which is good for many fans such as myself. If he can keep him out of the storytelling to give the show a chance then its all good. Even if GH fate is sealed I’d like to see what he’do.

    As for the OLTL cast migrating to GH I have mixed views on that.

  15. Profile photo of keanna

    Hey you guys know how I feel how about Frank, love him!!! He should be getting ready for OLTL. I hope it is true, but like you guys have said “too little, too late.” I do hope he gets rid of the deadweight and bring back some beloved legacy characters. If it is true, it does sound like they want GH to go out with class. Exactly what happened when Frons got rid of Kriezman and Swajeski and brought back Lorraine B. at AMC!!!

  16. Profile photo of harlee490

    @Alstonboy4315…READ’em!! LMAO at your post. I feel sorry for GH fans because isn’t Frank contractually still with ABC? Didn’t Frank & Ron earlier this year sign a 3 year contract? This is a way to close out GH along with Ron C. taking over head writing position to wrap things for an ending. Now that PP would have nothing to do with an ending at least GH fans could have a better ending compared to AMC and OLTL. Maybe Frons would find in his heart and show some love to fans before September to actually bring all three soaps back in their time spots for one day and let FV finish out the closings for all 3 soaps when GH finally airs. Last time lineup and closes all out. It would ease everyone’s heart and fans could have some closure. Would that happen because Frons love fans supporting ABC daytime for 40 plus years…NO but fans could campaign for endings before the whole daytime lineup goes away. ;)

  17. Profile photo of soapster

    Exactly Alstonboy, we already went through this with AMC, Jill contract was up she’s expensive so they didn’t renew instead moved Frank who is still on contract to GH to finish up the show.

    Hopefully Frank can make some changes to GH without it losing it’s feel

  18. Profile photo of

    For the GHers fans you all don’t seem to be happy, maybe the DC crew, but at least you have a writer/ producer who took a cancel show and moved #2 and he probably could turn this lack luster back into a pearl. Just have a little hope, because if they ever announce “Maria Bell out” that be a great day, but this hoping Kay Alden can come back no more hacks!

  19. Profile photo of BellaDonna

    While this is a move that was long overdue, it’s just another case of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Having said that, at least there is now hope that the show will go out with a modicum of dignity.

  20. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I am glad that Jill is out if in fact true. She like Frons, does not care about soaps or the actors and actress involved. As far as Frank Valentini, I have read good things in regards to him, so we will see.

  21. Profile photo of blake3b

    I am glad that Ron and Frank have work again, and hopefully some OLTL actors will come over, maybe even as their OLTL characters. Like Vicki, Blair, Todd, Victor and Tea.
    I love what Ron and Frank did to GH but I doubt I will watch GH, unless it’s really good or some OLTL actors are on it.

  22. Profile photo of mafelix86

    YEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I started cheering when I read JFP was fired. And it only took 10 years!! Hope the door hits you hard on the way out, BITCH!!

    Maybe now GH can go out with style and grace. :)

  23. Profile photo of DynamiteKiddo

    Frank V. is an outstanding producer–OLTL, IMO, was by farrr the best looking soap through the 00’s. Set design and lighting is on fire on that show (with a few blunder sets, lol) and hopefully he’ll improve GH’s visual quality (which has been pretty good recently anyway). He’s not without his faults, though; he allowed and evidently mandated some pretty major casting shakeups and let Dena freakin’ Higley stay on three years. Dena’s “Days” was canonical in comparison to her “One Life.” And I knida blame him for Spring-Fall of ’10 being balls because his cast wipeout is what, IMO, led Ron C. to veer way off course and flounder because of total, abrupt loss of vision. But Ron C., God love him and so do I!, does some wacky as* sh** sometimes that I’ll never understand given how talented he often proves himself to be.

    GH is such a different show than OLTL, though. I think it’s great that ABC’s soaps have always been very distinct, while CBS, IMO, has more of a homogenized daytime drama lineup (except for B&B which is out on its own planet, or even universe, lol).

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    Fan Since '81

    THANK GOD and it’s about time. I really thing the the addition of Mr Valentini and Mr Carlivati can save this show. I just can’t wait to see what they are going to do with the mess these other people have made!!! Maybe they can bring back the good old drama that is GH. I just LOVE this GOOD no, Great news.

  25. Profile photo of Danielle

    Good riddance to this bitch! Take her and Fronsie and put’em on a small island with only a calculator. This is not a safe guard for GH whatsoever let’s remember that! ABC has been really getting on my nerves lately with all the changes in daytime and their primetime lineup. Every good show they take off, yet we are stuck with DancingwithTrainwrecks and TheUpscaleProstitute I mean Bachelor.

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