Garin Wolf And Shelly Altman to Remain on General Hospital Writing Team

It appears Garin Wolf is a bit luckier than his former boss Jill Farren Phelps. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Wolf and Shelly Altman will be sticking around at General Hospital, they just won't be serving as co-head writers now that Ron Carlivati is in town. According to the magazine's Twitter page:

The latest from #GH: Wolf and Altman WILL remain with the show, just not in the headwriter slot.


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    I think GW actually really understands the GH canvas–IMO, he writes really meaningful scenes and has a command on a lot of the characters . . . and I most appreciate that interaction has become really diversified under him. And sure, there are total blunders–Sonny/Kate and JaSam . . . but on the whole, I think his GH is really nuanced and history-rich. BUUUTTT, poor GW clearly has no clue how to write a PLOT . . . every ‘story’ he’s been responsible for has been ill-paced and mostly irrelevant. After a really strong first few weeks (which was Guza wrap-up) he just started FLOUNDERING. However, the scenes and interactions between characters are usually really spot-on, IMO.

    I know many criticize his gloominess, but IMO, since Claire L., GH has been an incredibly dark show. I think people should embrace it because GH isn’t supposed to be a glamor soap like AMC or the kind of satirical, in-joke show like OLTL (which has been traditionally dark, too incidentally). Even when Sonny hadn’t completely monopolized the serial yet, rape was a central issue, the Qs were plagued by really, really serious dysfunction (drug addiction, abandonment, hatred, infidelity, infinite etcetera’s), and the heroines were always tragic (Laura, Felicia, Robin, Liz, etc.). IDK, I think that’s why 90’s GH was so cool–it embraced its darkness and was edgy and reinvented itself from the highly formalistic romance/adventure stuff from the previous decade.

    I love Ron C. and am thrilled he’s signing on as HW (one of Frons’ only smart moves), but I just think GW has gotten an unfairly bad wrap.

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    as soon as Ron and Frank take over, they better write some storyline where Alan, Emily, Justus, AJ, Tony, Jake, and Georgie are all alive and being kept in some lab.

    then they reunite with their families in Port Charles.

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    I just wasn’t impressed with Garin Wolf he had plenty of ops to do something” different and I didn’t see it. I also have issues with the script writing yes in places it is good but more times for me dialog is awful. “GH audience has repeatedly requested what they would like to see; yet this show “refuses” I’m not talking about these couples…but the type of stories, writing style, women driving even a few stories yet the good ole’ boys won’t allow this including Gagin…..Loseza lite….and it screams Brian….

    They won’t even consider giving what fans ask for they won’t even try it so I just don’t know they have destroyed most of GH history so a command of the show really isn’t needed what is there to command they’ve decimated, killed off, mocked made a parody of GH history so what difference does it make. Just start fresh IMO I’ll never get the richness the intricate layering of old GH that’s gone. These guys are just rapping up the show its said that it’ll be Fall 2012 (some say two years) whatever…

    GH needs something what it is I really don’t know anymore because whatever it is Frons won’t allow them to do it…so what is this about…his buddies gettin’ paid. Carlivati/Valentini is on contract w/ABC so its some political mumbo jumbo for sure.

    As for Altman wow! that was quick

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    They have to be able to make major changes. I would backburner Sonny/Jason and Carly. Make TG work for his money. He has gotten away with a lot the last couple of years. They write material to submit and then he slides. I would look at complete canvas and do some recasts. The show is in such bad shape I don’t know…

    I watched an old one on tv last week better characters/actors three years ago. To me it is impossible task. Good luck.

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    Do I recall correctly that Valenti and Carlivati signed multi-year contracts with ABC not so long ago? At the time it was viewed as a vote of confidence in the future of OLTL. Perhaps the contract included something that guaranteed both gents pay/gig even if OLTL concluded its broadcast run.

    The move to GH could be that playing out in addition to being a good creative move to make the show more watchable as it winds down and bows out. As someone else suggested, keeping Gavin Wolf on, gives the incoming team someone who knows the canvas (but who has some writing weaknesses) to guide to keep the stories in the realm of being “right” for GH canvas of characters.

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    Garin has proven himself to be as useless as a penny with a hole in it.

    As I always say, I want to become a soap writer b/c it seems to be one of the FEW industries where you have GUARANTEED job security, regardless of how inept, incompetent, foolish, creatively-bankrupt or just overall damaging to your show you happen to be!

    Let me screw up on the job, ignore history and run legacies into the ground……….and then promote me. Demote me again but allow me to stay on the payroll, STILL making SIX (or maybe even SEVEN!) figures a year?

    Where do I sign up?

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    [quote=The_Moustache]as soon as Ron and Frank take over, they better write some storyline where Alan, Emily, Justus, AJ, Tony, Jake, and Georgie are all alive and being kept in some lab.

    then they reunite with their families in Port Charles.[/quote]



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    Frons is out at ABC…

    Vicki Dummer will take over duties through a new integrated division called Times Square Studios. (hollywood reporter)

    After steering ABC through the cancellation of long running daytime soaps All My Children andOne Life to Live, ABC daytime president Brian Frons is leaving the company. He’ll be replaced by Vicki Dummer, senior vp of current series and specials.

    Dummer will preside over a new integrated current entertainment and programming division called Times Square Studios. That division will focus on non-scripted lifestyle and health programming for daytime and syndication. The View, General Hospital, The Chew, The Revolution, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Katie Couric’s upcoming talk show will come under that umbrella.Live! with Kelly will remain part of the ABC Owned Television Stations Group division.

    Frons will stay on to assist with the transition and depart at the end of his contract in January 2012. remains part of the ABC Owned Television Stations Group division.

    Frons made the decision to depart, say ABC sources, though it’s unclear where he’ll go next. He was on the receiving end of much of the ire of soap fans who inundated him with thousands of protest emails. They also launched web sites and even picketed the network’s upfront presentation in New York last May.

    The move comes at a busy time for ABC daytime which this year launched the daytime lifestyle and cooking show The Chew and in January is set to bow a second lifestyle transformation show called The Revolution and featuring a panel of experts including Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, Home Edition’s Ty Pennington, Harley Pasternak, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry.

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