Is Bryan Dattilo Returning to DAYS?

Could Bryan Dattilo be returning to Salem as Lucas Horton? That is the question Soap Opera Digest is asking, when reporting the actor was spotted on the Days of Our Lives set. 

In light of Will’s (Chandler Massey) coming out storyline ramping up, it would be great to have Lucas back in town.

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    Sami belongs with Lucas! This is amazing news! Lucas is so needed on the canvas, especially with Will’s coming out story and Carrie and Austin being back.

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    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for Lucas to return. I’ve wanted him back for ages now, and I can’t help it, I will always be a Lumi fan. I was so upset when DOOL wrote Lucas out a few years back, he’s a Horton, and he’s truly needed (I would’ve rathered Lucas and Bill come back than Carrie and Austin, to be perfectly honest, as I felt that nuBill, who came home for Alice’s funeral, and Kate had some interesting chemistry)

    I actually like Rafe, but I hated how the Lucas/Sami/EJ triangle ended, as I felt there were years worth of story between the three of them, utterly wasted when Lucas was elimated completely

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    I don’t think the character of Lucas is necessary, but if he has to come back I would prefer a recast. And if the character is coming back, I hope it’s just for a visit during Wills coming out storyline and not a permanent return. Lucas has always been one of the most obnoxious characters in Salem. Can’t we just leave him in Asia and have him call instead?

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    ^^ No. Many of us love Lucas and what he adds to the show. In addition to Sami and Will, Lucas has great relationships to mine with Kate, Austin, Jennifer, Carrie and Maggie. I would love to see him use his business prowess to run the Horton Foundation.

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    I’m OK with Lucas coming back. I just don’t want Days to become so cast-heavy that some of the stories lose focus as they try to give airtime to everybody. Y&R should serve as a great cautionary example of what not to do.

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    they need Lucas on canvas for Will’s story, support Sami when Rafe boinks her sister Carrie. When EJ starts blackmailing Will Lucas needs to be there because those two as enemies has so much story to mine from including Sami and the children each man shares with her. I’m happy about this if true.

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    Rafe and Carrie are not going to have sex. These writers are smart enough not to bring back fan-favorite supercouple Carrie and Austin only to destroy them like that. OH HELL NO!!!

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    ITA Katiebug9624, Abby’s crush on Austin is troubling and leading to something.

    Lucas MUST be in the picture when everything involving Will and Sami comes to a head or part of the story will be lost.

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    Restless Vixen

    OMG, I hope this is true! I have recently started watching Days after a brief return 4 years ago following a very, very long reprieve back in 1997. I have been loving the reboot, but Lucas has been the one missing ingredient. Brian Dattilo needs to return ASAP, especially with the Will SL. I don’t have a dog in the hunt between Lumi and EJami, I just miss the dynamic between Sami and Lucas. Nobody knows Sami better than Lucas, and vice versa.

    I hear you SoapArmaggedon about concern over a bloated cast. Very valid point, especially with Y&R as an example. But I’d gladly lose some of these characters like Gabi, Dr Dan and some of the others I have no clue about to get back Lucas.

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    According to Chandler Massey, Will won’t be openly gay until around May sweeps next year.

    Lucas, who is an alcoholic, might play into the storyline where Will develops a drinking problem of his own.

    (BTW, I wish Days wouldn’t allow so many spoilers to get out. I love knowing what’s going to happen, but I don’t NEED to know. Just tell the actors to zip it.)

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    I hope Lucas comes back to town. Sami could use a friendly face about now. One that understands her. He would also be useful in helping his son come to terms with his feelings and help him transition from teen to adult. Right now Will is the “good boy” who wants this dream life that he never got as a kid. I think Lucas could help him aim for more realistic goals that would service Will better in the future.
    As far as breaking up Carrie and Austin (yawning), please you have my blessing. Carrie and Rafe seem to be perfect together. They are both bleeding heart do gooders. And Abby making goo goo eyes at Austin, she seems to be the kind of girl I honestly think Austin would be into (this Austin, not the stickboy Austin Peck).
    And the only way Days is ever gonna stop with all the bleeding the story lines out to the press is by stop taping so far ahead. Ok if they want to make 8 eps in 5 days then do so then have five days off then do it again…..

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    Austin and Carrie are a fabulous couple and basically the only reason I am watching Days again. I quit watching full time when they left in 2006 and only tuned back in for the episodes surrounding Alice’s funeral when Carrie returned. They are the only new supercouple to come out of the 90s on Days. I think Abby will have a “Fatal Attraction”-esque stalker thing for Austin. He will reject her advances because his heart and soul belong to Carrie, and she will go crazy. It could be a fun storyline. Abby will be to Austin and Carrie in the ’10s what Sami was to Austin and Carrie in the ’90s.

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    Oh how I hope that this is true! I have been missing Lucas (& BD) since he left!
    I FLOVE Lumi however I can get them, b/c they worked great both romantically & as BFFs

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